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Entitlements – A Complete List of What The World Owes You and Why

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This commentary was sparked by an image someone sent me on Facebook. It’s perfect and is displayed at the end of this article.

Our world is filled with whining crybabies who believe the world owes them simply because they waste oxygen. It’s a sad reality and the list of what the crybabies of the world believe the world owes them is shockingly comprehensive. Abusive, really, when it is applied to those willing to actually get off their butts and earn their own living.

Job-Is-A-Human-RightA Job is a RIGHT.

No, it’s really not. A job is many things…. good, helpful, sustaining… but it is NOT a right. If you are unwilling to work I have no sympathy for you. If you’re willing but unable to find a job that’s an entirely different animal. I will gladly help you find gainful employment, but that offer of help, like a job, is not a right either. It’s just what decent people do. They help their neighbours in times of need. says this:

You need a job to keep a roof over your head, feed yourself and your family, and pay the bills. Everyone needs a job or other source of income to survive.

Having a job is a basic necessity. It’s a simple human right.

They are completely correct… right up until that last sentence. Yes, a job is necessary to support yourself and your family but that does NOT make it a “right”.

housing-is-a-human-rightHousing is a RIGHT.

Like a job, a place to live is really really good. But if you don’t want to work guess what? You are not entitled to someone else’s property just because you want a roof over your head. You’ve got to pay for that with the fruits of your labour, or what is otherwise known is a “job”.

It is not the responsibility of others to ensure you have a roof over your head.

Education is a RIGHT.

This one is quite silly, you must admit. Education is really nice and can help with that whole “job” thing, but it’s a very long way from a human right.

Welfare is a RIGHT.

Welfare-is-a-RightThis is my favourite. Driving through downtown Vancouver one day I saw this protest where some loser held a sign saying “Welfare is a RIGHT.” I wasn’t sure whether I ought to vomit or laugh.

What on earth makes that pathetic and lazy turd believe he is entitled to the contents of yours and my wallet? Since we are willing to work it’s our duty to pay for him? Not a chance.

Perhaps if the lazy slob put half the effort into finding a job instead of waving that retarded sign in the air he might get somewhere in life.

Right-Not-To-Be-OffendedAnd on it goes… every little thing under the sun is called a human right, including the most ludicrous of all, the “right” not to be offended.

We as a continent have become so thin-skinned that the slightest thing sets us off. But instead of dealing with the person you feel offended you directly we run crying to “daddy” to “save” us.

“Daddy” in this case is, naturally, big government and the bureaucrats who infest it. Our human rights commissions across the land are bombarded with claims that should be laughed out the door yet are taken seriously for reasons I will never fathom.

Take the case of Guy Earle, the Vancouver stand-up comic who offended a couple of lesbians at a comedy club. As I wrote at the time,

The mere fact that you’re pissed off about what the guy on stage says, it’s not a violation of your human rights. Tossing a couple of drinks in his face certainly doesn’t make you the “bigger woman”, either.

What is completely laughable and frankly, insulting to every man and woman who has ever been in a combat zone, is that this ditzy bitch dares claim she has suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the incident.

Yes, Lorna Pardy actually had the nerve to claim in court that she now suffers from PTSD. I submit she has no clue what the term even means. She surely doesn’t suffer from it, that much is a given.

She is an insult to all the brave men and women who have served their country, past, present and future, and one would hope that she will eventually be ashamed of her disgusting actions.

That’s just one in a long line of stupidity emanating from our human rights commissions.

There is a single truth, however, that these crybabies do not want to hear. In fact they will probably haul you before a grossly misnamed “human rights commission” merely for suggesting it.

“Needs” or “Wants” are not rights.

Just because you need or want something it does NOT mean you can demand someone else give it to you, be it your community, your church, your government or anyone else.

The ongoing fad of punishing the successful for the imagined crime of working hard to earn what they have is pretty darned repulsive.

Cut to its core this fad is the sins of envy, jealousy and sloth combined… folks too lazy to work their butts off to amass wealth while overtaken by envy and jealousy that someone else did.

You have the right to life. What you make of that life is entirely up to you.

Should you choose not to be a productive human being it most certainly is not your right to the contents of anyone else’s wallet. Deal with it.

The Complete List of Entitledments


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