individual human rights, the right of free speech and the right of self defense, which includes the corollary right to acquire, possess and use the tools necessary to exercise those rights." />


Christopher di Armani is a freelance writer and filmmaker who resides in Lytton, BC, Canada, with his wife Lynda, their two dogs, Koda and Tuco, and their cat, Goofball.

Christopher is a strong believer in the most basic of individual human rights, the right of free speech and the right of self defense, which includes the corollary right to acquire, possess and use the tools necessary to exercise those rights.

Christopher strives to awaken the passion for liberty that exists inside every person. It is this passion that motivates him in every aspect of his life.

Christopher know about how to get rid of pain has produced three independent documentary films on Canada’s Firearms Act and its implementation, as well as the promotional video for the Bruce Montague case:

  • Good Men vs Bad Law is the story of CUFOA and their Jan 1, 2003 Ottawa demonstration against the Firearms Act.
  • Illegal Acts chronicles the Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association’s 2003 cross-country Protest against Canada’s Firearms Act, where members dared the federal government to arrest them for violating Canada’s Firearms Act, and
  • Shootout at Rock Creek.  This is the story of the Gordon Hitchen Memorial Skeet Shoot held in Rock Creek on October 31, 2004. Event organizer Willy Floyd and others explain why they held this event in Gordon’s honour, and why they were using this event and Gordon’s name to protest Canada’s Firearms Act.


His first dramatic short film, completed in 2007 is titled  System Failure, and was both a challenge and a joy to produce. The tag line for System Failure is simply “When your family has fallen apart and the justice system fails you, how do you protect your children?” is about restraining orders and how ineffective they are.

He currently has three feature-length scripts written (1 vampire and 2 serial killer scripts) and he is seeking avenues for getting them produced.

He was the editor of the National Firearms Association member magazine “Canadian Firearms Journal” for two years, and used that position to focus on the inherent rights we have, not only under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but all those rights that flow down to us through history through documents like the Magna Carta and the 1689 English Bill of Rights.

As a civil rights activist, Christopher was instrumental in raising both awareness and money for the Allan Carlos case in 2000.  Fighting for our civil rights cost money, sadly, and this is where he has chosen to devote much of his time and talent.

Christopher was a director of the Bruce Montague Court Challenge for Liberty and Rights ( and was instrumental in raising awareness of that case through his many articles and video documentaries.

He also helped, through working with Katey Montague (Bruce’s daughter), raise over $250,000 in legal defense funds for Bruce Montague’s case by creating and developing her series of Rights Awareness videos, available on YouTube at

Christopher’s latest project is, a site that will bring together as much information and as many tools to help citizens become more politically active in the Internet Age.  His is also the publisher of Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin, a free weekly electronic publication.  You can sign up to receive it for free at

The Freedom of Speech cases of Marc Lemire and Arthur Topham are Christopher’s most recent focus.  Please follow the links for more information about their cases and how you can help them win these critical legal battles. If we cannot freely speak our minds on topics of public debate then we simply do not live in a free country.  Any nation that supports “Approved Speech” over FREE Speech is not a free nation… it’s really that simple.

Fundraising is an important part of the equation. Defending our Rights and Freedoms costs money, sadly, and as  one friend recently said, “Name me one high-profile gun case in Canada that you HAVEN’T raised money for?”

Christopher is also an avid IDPA and IPSC shooter with a few 1st Place trophies on the wall, and loves to hunt whenever his schedule allows.

He can be contacted at writer[at],,  or through his current events blog where he writes daily, .

If you enjoy the articles I write here on, how about buying me a coffee to show your appreciation?

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