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May 22, 2016

Cassandra Oosterhof Seeks “Extreme Huntress” Title

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Cassandra OosterhofCassandra Oosterhof needs your help. Her quest is to win the title of Extreme Huntress 2017 but she cannot fulfill her dream on her own. She needs your help.

What is Extreme Huntress? It’s a competition where women from all over the world are invited to submit a 500 word essay on why they are “the most hardcore Extreme Huntress.”

The essays from every participant is scored and the public is invited to vote for their favourite online, which is the contest’s current stage.

Given only the top 6 finalists move on to the next stage it is critical to get the required votes, which is why Cassandra is asking for your help.

The Extreme Huntress website explains further.

The Extreme Huntress™ Competition is about preserving our outdoor heritage. Our goal is to create positive role models for women who want to participate in hunting.

With a 50% divorce rate among parents and kids becoming invested in other sports at a younger and younger age, kids may not have the role models or opportunity to start hunting when they reach the legal age to hunt (12 or 14 depending on the state). If mom goes hunting, so will her children, thus preserving our outdoor heritage for future generations.

Now in its 8th year, the competition is wildly popular among contestants and fans. The Extreme Huntress Competition continues to set the bar for serious outdoors women, while at the same time providing positive role models for women who are new to hunting, shooting and other traditional outdoor sports. In addition, by preserving our outdoor heritage for future generations, we ultimately create more conservation stewards for wildlife and their habitat.

Cassandra Oosterhof's Ultimate Goal - Extreme HuntressThe primary goal of the Extreme Huntress Contest is to preserve our outdoor heritage. The secondary but no less important goal of the contest is to create positive female role models for women who want to learn how to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

These are goals we can all get behind.

Cassandra Oosterhof is precisely that kind of role model. She easily embraces the goals of this competition because they are simply her way of life.

Through my experience as a huntress I have I learned that a successful hunt isn’t just about going out and harvesting an animal, although that is the ultimate reward, it is about everything that happens along the way. It is about spending time in the outdoors away from the hustle of everyday life. It is about the time spent with loved ones. It is about the connection to nature. I have learned to respect animals more than I ever thought possible.”

What a great attitude from a young woman who is clearly passionate about hunting and being a role model for other young women. To learn more about Cassandra’s passion for hunting and her dream of being named Extreme Huntress 2017 read her essay at

To me an extreme huntress is a woman who has a passion for the great outdoors and the wildlife that inhabits it. She cares greatly for the conservation of green spaces and animals so that they can remain abundant for generations to come.

An extreme huntress is a woman who stays physically fit and conditioned so she can take on all that the elements and landscapes throw at her. An extreme huntress is a woman who is mentally tough so she can withstand all hunting situations. An extreme huntress hunts so she can eat and provide organic food and have pride it in. She hunts so she can enjoy quality time with family and friends. She hunts because it is instilled in her; it is a part of her human nature.

I hunt for all of these reasons. I hunt not just for something to do, but because it is a part of who I am.

I am an extreme huntress.

Eric Welsh wrote an excellent article on Cassandra’s quest in Friday’s Chilliwack Progress newspaper. I highly recommend you read that article in its entirety.

Cassandra Oosterhof wants to win the Extreme Huntress Competition, and she needs your help. The Chilliwackian is one of 21 semi-finalists in a world-wide challenge, up against outdoors-loving women from Canada, the United States and as far afield as South Africa and Australia.

Oosterhof and the others are gathering online votes between now and June 1, hoping to be near the top when voting closes. The top six will compete in a series of skills challenges at a hunting ranch in Texas, and their exploits will be filmed and aired as a reality show on

Right now Cassandra has only 499 votes. That will NOT get her to the next round of the Extreme Huntress competition. The current leader has 1,070 votes, which means she has a lot of catching up to do. Cassandra is confident the people of Chilliwack can help catapult her into the top 6 though, so she is officially asked for your help!

At the moment she trails 6th place contestant and RCMP Constable Candace Knudsen of 100 Mile House, BC, by 58 votes and those 58 votes prevent Cassandra from moving forward in the competition. Cassandra must overtake at least 6th position or her dream is dead.

Please help Cassandra Oosterhof make it to the next round of the Extreme Huntress competition. Vote for her today at

Cassandra Oosterhof Wants The Extreme Huntress Trophy!When you go to the voting page enter “Cassandra” in the search box, click the box to receive email updates from her, if you like, and then enter your email address and click the green “Vote” button. Click on the link that says ‘send confirmation email’ and then check your email for that confirmation and finally click the link inside that email.

Yes, it’s a few steps that will take a minute or two, but isn’t that time well spent when it’s in the service of a young woman with such an awesome goal?

“You get the adrenaline from the hunt, you work hard to provide organic healthy food, you donate to conservation, you spend quality time with loved ones out in the field and you build a strong connection to nature and the outdoors.”

It’s deeply gratifying to see a young woman “get it” when it comes to hunting and conservation, and that’s really what the Extreme Huntress Competition is all about.

To recap…

Cassandra Oosterhof needs your help. Her quest is to win the title of Extreme Huntress 2017 but she needs your help to fulfill her dream. If she is to make the next round of the Extreme Huntress competition she needs you to vote for her today at

When you go to the voting page enter “Cassandra” in the search box, click the box to receive email updates from her, if you like, and then enter your email address and click the green “Vote” button. Click on the link that says ‘send confirmation email’ and then check your email for that confirmation and click the link inside that email.

Yes, it’s a few steps that will take a minute or two, but isn’t that time well spent when it’s in the service of a young woman with such an awesome goal?

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May 15, 2016

Entitlements – A Complete List of What The World Owes You and Why


This commentary was sparked by an image someone sent me on Facebook. It’s perfect and is displayed at the end of this article.

Our world is filled with whining crybabies who believe the world owes them simply because they waste oxygen. It’s a sad reality and the list of what the crybabies of the world believe the world owes them is shockingly comprehensive. Abusive, really, when it is applied to those willing to actually get off their butts and earn their own living.

Job-Is-A-Human-RightA Job is a RIGHT.

No, it’s really not. A job is many things…. good, helpful, sustaining… but it is NOT a right. If you are unwilling to work I have no sympathy for you. If you’re willing but unable to find a job that’s an entirely different animal. I will gladly help you find gainful employment, but that offer of help, like a job, is not a right either. It’s just what decent people do. They help their neighbours in times of need. says this:

You need a job to keep a roof over your head, feed yourself and your family, and pay the bills. Everyone needs a job or other source of income to survive.

Having a job is a basic necessity. It’s a simple human right.

They are completely correct… right up until that last sentence. Yes, a job is necessary to support yourself and your family but that does NOT make it a “right”.

housing-is-a-human-rightHousing is a RIGHT.

Like a job, a place to live is really really good. But if you don’t want to work guess what? You are not entitled to someone else’s property just because you want a roof over your head. You’ve got to pay for that with the fruits of your labour, or what is otherwise known is a “job”.

It is not the responsibility of others to ensure you have a roof over your head.

Education is a RIGHT.

This one is quite silly, you must admit. Education is really nice and can help with that whole “job” thing, but it’s a very long way from a human right.

Welfare is a RIGHT.

Welfare-is-a-RightThis is my favourite. Driving through downtown Vancouver one day I saw this protest where some loser held a sign saying “Welfare is a RIGHT.” I wasn’t sure whether I ought to vomit or laugh.

What on earth makes that pathetic and lazy turd believe he is entitled to the contents of yours and my wallet? Since we are willing to work it’s our duty to pay for him? Not a chance.

Perhaps if the lazy slob put half the effort into finding a job instead of waving that retarded sign in the air he might get somewhere in life.

Right-Not-To-Be-OffendedAnd on it goes… every little thing under the sun is called a human right, including the most ludicrous of all, the “right” not to be offended.

We as a continent have become so thin-skinned that the slightest thing sets us off. But instead of dealing with the person you feel offended you directly we run crying to “daddy” to “save” us.

“Daddy” in this case is, naturally, big government and the bureaucrats who infest it. Our human rights commissions across the land are bombarded with claims that should be laughed out the door yet are taken seriously for reasons I will never fathom.

Take the case of Guy Earle, the Vancouver stand-up comic who offended a couple of lesbians at a comedy club. As I wrote at the time,

The mere fact that you’re pissed off about what the guy on stage says, it’s not a violation of your human rights. Tossing a couple of drinks in his face certainly doesn’t make you the “bigger woman”, either.

What is completely laughable and frankly, insulting to every man and woman who has ever been in a combat zone, is that this ditzy bitch dares claim she has suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the incident.

Yes, Lorna Pardy actually had the nerve to claim in court that she now suffers from PTSD. I submit she has no clue what the term even means. She surely doesn’t suffer from it, that much is a given.

She is an insult to all the brave men and women who have served their country, past, present and future, and one would hope that she will eventually be ashamed of her disgusting actions.

That’s just one in a long line of stupidity emanating from our human rights commissions.

There is a single truth, however, that these crybabies do not want to hear. In fact they will probably haul you before a grossly misnamed “human rights commission” merely for suggesting it.

“Needs” or “Wants” are not rights.

Just because you need or want something it does NOT mean you can demand someone else give it to you, be it your community, your church, your government or anyone else.

The ongoing fad of punishing the successful for the imagined crime of working hard to earn what they have is pretty darned repulsive.

Cut to its core this fad is the sins of envy, jealousy and sloth combined… folks too lazy to work their butts off to amass wealth while overtaken by envy and jealousy that someone else did.

You have the right to life. What you make of that life is entirely up to you.

Should you choose not to be a productive human being it most certainly is not your right to the contents of anyone else’s wallet. Deal with it.

The Complete List of Entitledments


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November 11, 2014

Lest We Forget




It’s a small word meaning

esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability.

That definition perfectly describes why we ought to set down our own petty lives for an hour a year and honour the brave men and women who came before us and lay down their lives to protect our precious Rights and Freedoms.


We ought to esteem the worth, the excellence even, of those brave heroes who made a conscious choice to put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf.

We really ought to esteem those fallen men and women.  They were better than we are.  They thought of others before themselves.  They believed in a better world than what they had then and there, and were willing to do whatever it took to ensure their children and grandchildren would have a better world, than they did.

Those who wear uniforms at today’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, no matter their age, rank or branch of service, are selfless to a degree most don’t fathom and cannot comprehend.

After you attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in your city or town try on a little of that braveness, that selflessness and do one simple thing.

Walk up to one of those brave veterans and simply say,

“Thank you for your service.”

You will be astonished by their response, that I guarantee.

And you will be a better person for the experience.  I guarantee that too.

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November 10, 2014

November 11 – Remembrance Day is NOT a National Holiday

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November 11, Remembrance Day is not a national holiday, despite being listed in the Holidays Act. The Holidays Act lists three holidays, Canada Day, Victoria Day and Remembrance Day. Canada Day and Victoria Day are “legal holidays” while Remembrance Day is “a holiday”. This small distinction means it is not treated as a statutory holiday across the nation as the other two are.

Provinces are not required to treat November 11 as a paid statutory holiday, and I was shocked to learn it was not a holiday in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Even in those provinces, however, federal government workers still get the day off.

Here in British Columbia November 11 has always been a holiday so it never dawned on me that other provinces would not value the sacrifice of our veterans the same as we do.

Dan Harris introduced his private member Bill C-597, An Act to Amend the Holidays Act (Remembrance Day) to establish a resolve this problem.

“Our veterans risked and lost their lives in service to our country. It’s important to honour them for protecting and fighting for the freedoms we value today. When families attend ceremonies together, they are able to teach their children about the sacrifices and bravery demonstrated by our veterans and military. Having November 11th made into a statutory holiday will allow every Canadian an opportunity to attend their local Remembrance Day ceremonies and participate in this important day.”

His private members bill has wide support from all parties but that support is not, as the mainstream media insists, “almost unanimous“, unless you count the 42 MPs who refused to vote on the bill as “support.”

Not everyone wants Remembrance Day turned into a national holiday, however. “Jason” wrote the following on

“Please DO NOT make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario. Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families in the heart of the long cold depressing winter. Remembrance Day is better observered in a ceremony at your school, community centre or place of work.”

Jason’s lack of spelling skills are matched only by lack of respect for the veterans who gave their lives so he could spout such drivel. I’m sure “Jason” would be shocked to learn over 100,000 Canadians gave their lives in just the two World Wars alone, not that it would matter to him, of course.

If you thought nothing could be more appalling than that, look at the list (below) of who refused to vote on Private Member Bill C-597, An Act to Amend the Holidays Act (Remembrance Day).

The only two “No” votes were recorded by conservative MPs Gary Schellenberger and David Tilson, but it was the list of MPs without the courage to vote at all was most shocking.

While I would fully expect nitwits like Adam Vaughan to live up to their spineless reputation by abstaining from such a vote, I am horrified that our current Minister of Veterans Affairs, Julian Fantino, refused to vote.

I cannot fathom why the Minister of Veterans Affairs would show such disdain for the very men and women for whom he is supposedly responsible. Clearly he does not believe the words he so proudly publishes on the Veterans Affairs Canada website:

We owe a tremendous debt to those who have served the interests of our country, in preserving our freedoms, ensuring our prosperity and securing our future. They warrant our support and assistance and we are committed to delivering for them.”

The Honourable Julian Fantino is anything but honourable as far as his vote on Bill C-597 is concerned. Apparently the “tremendous debt” we owe does not include honouring them one day a year.

Some Conservative MPs, such as Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino, have said they did not believe Nov. 11 needed to be a formal holiday to mark its importance and have Canadians pay their respects, as long as the day remained dignified.

I see.

That our Prime Minister would abstain from this vote shows a shocking lack of leadership and an equally shocking lack of respect for our veterans. It’s not a financial issue, since all federal government employees already get the day off with pay.

Conservative MP David Tilson had the courage of his convictions to vote “No” on the bill, even though he is thoroughly misguided on the issue.

Having previously served as a school trustee at a time when schools would close for Remembrance Day, Tilson said, “I found that students just went home.”

His claim that making Remembrance Day a national holiday would somehow lessen its significance is ridiculous in the extreme. By that bizarre rationale we ought to remove Canada Day from the list of national holidays too. After all, we wouldn’t want to “lessen the significance” of the nation’s birth, right?

Here is the full list of MPs who did not vote on Bill C-597, An Act to Amend the Holidays Act (Remembrance Day) by NDP MP Dan Harris. If one of these people is your Member of Parliament, please contact them and express your concern about their lack of respect for our veterans.


Bloc Quebecois

  • Louis Plamondon


  • Rob Anders
  • Keith Ashfield
  • John Baird
  • Steven Blaney
  • Patrick Brown
  • Julian Fantino
  • Ed Fast
  • Peter Goldring
  • Stephen Harper
  • Kellie Leitch
  • Chungsen Leung
  • James Moore
  • Lisa Raitt
  • Greg Rickford
  • Gerry Ritz
  • Andrew Scheer
  • Bernard Trottier
  • Mark Warawa
  • Alice Wong
  • Wai Young
  • Forces et Démocratie
  • Jean-François Fortin
  • Jean-François Larose



  • Irwin Cotler
  • Stéphane Dion
  • Adam Vaughan



  • Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe
  • Ryan Cleary
  • Fin Donnelly
  • Rosane Doré Lefebvre
  • Jonathan Genest-Jourdain
  • Yvon Godin
  • Claude Gravelle
  • Sadia Groguhé
  • Pierre Jacob
  • Pat Martin
  • Élaine Michaud
  • Christine Moore
  • Jamie Nicholls
  • Jean Rousseau
  • Peter Stoffer



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November 9, 2014

Andrew Drescher Fails Humanity Test, says Nathan Cirillo is “no hero”

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Canada watched in horror as the man standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lay dead on the ground, gunned down in cold blood by a radicalized Muslim nutcase.

While a nation mourned the death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo others just couldn’t help themselves. They had to dance in the blood of the dead man, seizing the opportunity to denigrate Corporal Nathan Cirillo and by extension every man and woman who’s ever donned a Canadian military uniform.

One such insensitive douchebag is Hamilton Spectator writer Andrew Dreschel.

On October 31, 2014 Dreschel published an article titled “Cpl. Nathan Cirillo an Accidental Hero”. In that article Dreschel writes that Corporal Cirillo is not a hero, just an unlucky man gunned down by “a homeless crack addict with terrorist notions”. Cirillo’s death is no big deal, Drescehl opines, since Nathan Cirillo was merely “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Where is my barf bucket?

It is appalling that mere days before Canadians honour our military veterans and our fallen dead for the sacrifice they made to protect our precious Rights and Freedoms that a writer and a newspaper could be so ignorant of who protects and defends those rights.

Nathan Cirillo (and Patrice Vincent just days before him) died in the service to our nation. They died specifically and only because they chose to defend Canadians’ precious Rights and Freedoms.

I fail to grasp how performing the sacred duty of honour guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is ever the “wrong place” to be, but then I actually comprehend what a sacred duty that task is, unlike the ignorant Hamilton Spectator editorial writer.

It is soldiers in uniforms, carrying guns into battle and giving their lives, who ensure others may live free and unencumbered by tyrants, not keyboard cowboys hiding behind computer screens.

While the argument can easily be made we aren’t as free as we ought and our tyrants simply more sophisticated than Hitler or Pol Pot, the fact remains that brave men and women in uniform are our last line of defense against tyranny.

That last line of defense comes at a price; a very steep price for those who die as well as for those who live. Those who gave their lives so the likes of Andrew Dreschel can spew his drivel get off easy. They don’t have to live with his mindless and insensitive words; only the living must suffer that indignity just days before we as a nation honour our veterans.

Freedom is NOT free.

Andrew Dreschel, Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton and the entire Hamilton Spectator newspaper fail the Humanity Test, and in spectacular fashion.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press come with a price. Clearly that price is one Andrew Dreschel and the editorial staff at the Hamilton Spectator, including Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton, cannot fathom.

Claiming that Nathan Cirillo died “unprepared and unarmed” and therefore is not a hero is the stuff that fills vomit bags. It should be left out of mindless editorials.

Dreschel goes on to question military service in its entirety.

“Does that mean anyone who dies while in uniform is automatically a hero?”

The affirmative answer to that question is obvious to almost any human being with a pulse, but as I stated earlier, Andrew Dreschel failed his humanity test in spectacular fashion.

Yes, anyone who has the courage to put on a uniform and serve their nation is a hero, regardless of what function they perform. When a man is senselessly gunned down by “a homeless crack addict with terrorist notions” while guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier yes, Andrew Dreschel, that man is a hero.


Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a sacred duty. It is an honour few Canadians can claim. Paying tribute to the men and women who gave their lives so douchebags like Andrew Dreschel and Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton can denigrate them with his drivel is what our Military men and women do.

Dreschel reveals his own shallow nature when he claims the rest of the nation only gives a damn because Cirillo was photogenic.

“Would the emotional outpouring have been as strong if Cirillo hadn’t been so photogenic? We don’t know, of course. But there’s little doubt his physical attractiveness gave poignancy to the tragedy, as did the fact he was a young single father.”

Throughout our history Canadian soldiers traveled to foreign lands to ensure the battle for freedom would never be fought on Canadian soil. Our military history is replete with examples of Canadians doing what others could not. Our military was both feared by the enemy and admired by allies for their bravery in such places as Vimy Ridge, Dieppe, and Juno Beach, to name but a few.

Corporal Branden Stevenson, both friend and fellow army reservist of Nathan Cirillo, released a poignant statement on the day he resumed his duty standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where his friend died.

In the coming days, I’ll be resuming my duties at the National War Memorial. It will not be an easy task, but I am resolved to do it in honour of Nathan, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, and all those who stood, and continue to stand, on guard for Canada.”

The fine men and women proudly wearing Canadian military uniforms “stand, on guard for Canada.”

Yes, even for mindless and insensitive jerks like Andrew Dreschel, Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton and the entire editorial staff at the Hamilton Spectator, who owe their very Right to Freedom of Speech to the men like the one they denigrate so easily, Corporal Nathan Cirillo.


“It is not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”
— The Declaration of Arbroath 1320.


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October 26, 2014

William Coleman III – “Situational Awareness of a Pickle”



It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so predictable.

William Coleman III buys a gun but has no idea how to use it. He has no concept of situational awareness and believes, wrongly, that because he carries a gun he will be safe.

He straps on his new handgun and carries it publicly, all perfectly legal in Oregon, and then finds himself at the mercy of an actual criminal.

That criminal puts his own gun in the face of the new gun owner and asks a simple question.

Wanna give me your gun or you wanna die?

With the muzzle of a handgun pointed in his face the man with his open-carry handgun does the only sane thing… he lets the criminal steal his brand new toy.

If you’re going to carry a gun, know how to use it AND be aware of your surroundings.

According to Gresham police, William Coleman III was talking to his cousin near 172nd and Glisan at about 2:10 a.m. on Saturday while openly carrying the gun he had purchased on Friday.

Coleman said a man, about 19- to 23-years-old, approached them, asking for a cigarette. Coleman said the man then inquired about Coleman’s weapon, then pulled a pistol from his own waistband and said, “I like your gun. Give it to me.” Coleman handed over his new handgun and the suspect left on foot.

Coleman described the man as 6-foot-1, clean cut with a small patch of facial hair on his chin and short black wavy hair. He was wearing grey sweatpants, a white t-shirt and flip-flops during the incident.

The stolen gun was a black Walther P22 semi-automatic designed to take 22-long ammunition.

The issue here is not whether carrying a firearm openly is a good or bad idea. The issue here is that if you are going to openly carry a firearm you are obligated to be aware of your surroundings every single second.

It’s called Situational Awareness, and Oregon handgun owner William Coleman III clearly had none.

One commenter on this story described this case perfectly.

Luckily, one idiot is now without his sidearm. Sadly, another idiot now has two.

Bob Owens wrote on

Open carry announces to the world that you are armed. That makes you a primary target in almost any conceivable situation, especially if you have the situational awareness of a pickle.

Presumably, the suspect was last seen laughing his butt off at a friend’s crib, as he told them about the look on Mr. Coleman’s face as Coleman handed over his new gun.

I’d suggest that before Mr. Coleman even thinks about purchasing another firearm that he find a reputable shooting school in the Gresham area. He needs to learn not only know how to shoot, but how to carry a firearm concealed, how to select a decent firearm and holster for self-defense, and most importantly, how to stay out of dangerous situations. He set himself up for failure spectacularly, and the results are hardly surprising.

Buying a gun no more means that you know how to use it than buying a car means you know how to drive. Self-defense knowledge is the real weapon in your arsenal. A firearm is merely a tool that allows you to apply that knowledge in worst-case scenarios.

Then of course there are the stupid people, like commenter Mike Lowry, who said:

Wow, what a surprise, a snarky comment. Would you have preferred that the guy shoot the robber? I personally think he made the right decision by handing it over and leaving no dead bodies unnecessarily. Guns should only be fired in order to save lives, not to stop property theft.

Mike Lowry is willing to bet his life that a criminal willing to pull a gun and steal from him won’t be willing to kill him too.

How progressive

Me? I’m unwilling to trust my life to the good intentions of a bad man, whether he just wants my property or not.

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October 10, 2014

You WANT to shoot your alarm clock every morning, right?


Don’t deny it. You’ve always WANTED to shoot your alarm clock, right?

Well, now you can with this unique offering on Groupon.


I was tipped to the shootable alarm clock by a co-worker who knew I want to shoot mine every morning.

I like that it is both the clock and gun are battery-powered. I don’t know why but I’ve always preferred battery-powered alarm clocks to the plugin kind. It’s not that the power goes off very often but when it does… it’s just not good, right?

When I checked out the listing I was greatly dismayed to learn the battery-powered shootable alarm clock is not available in Canada through their Groupon sale. I’ve not yet been able to find it elsewhere online, at least not at the low price offered on Groupon.

I’m including it here in case any faithful Canadian readers have access to a US mailing address and want to take advantage of the sale. Any of my American regulars can, of course, immediately take advantage of this sale if the mood strikes.

And to be clear, I have no connection to the company or Groupon, nor to I make any kind of commission if you buy it… I just think it’s a cool item and wish it was available here in Canada.

From the Groupon listing:

In a Nutshell

Infrared gun with 18 ft. range lets you shoot your alarm-clock target each morning, focusing your attention so that you wake up in time.

Target Recordable Alarm Clock

Though they were once heralded as a ground-breaking invention, alarm clocks are now the object of scorn for many who wish for only one thing—to sleep in.

This two-piece target clock lets you act out the fantasy of destroying it while still fulfilling its duty and waking you from your slumber. Every morning when the alarm sounds, just pick up the plastic toy gun that comes with the clock and fire off a few rounds to silence the piercing alarm or your self-recorded wake-up message.

Two alarm modes let you decide how much effort you put into getting up.

Normal requires just one shot to deactivate, but hard mode gives you an added mental challenge, taking five accurate shots to quiet down.

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June 20, 2014

One Miami-Dade Police Officer’s Negligent Discharge

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I’m sure it’s every cop’s worst nightmare.  Handling a firearm and it “just goes off”.  Except that’s not what happens.  A firearm doesn’t “just go off”.  Someone puts their finger on the trigger and pulls it.  Then the gun “just goes off” precisely as it is designed to do.

When this happens unexpectedly it is called a negligent discharge.  Someone was negligent in their attention to safe gun handling practices.  It is NOT an accident.

A police officer mistakenly fired his rifle Wednesday morning while in a Miami courthouse in front of a judge.

A Miami-Dade Police Officer, according to police, was demonstrating a scenario to a judge during a training exercise on the 30th floor of the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday when he accidentally fired a single shot from his department-issued rifle, an AR-15.

The bullet hit the floor, leaving a hole about the size of a fingertip in the carpet near a sofa in the hallway.

I’m sure everyone in the courtroom at the time this cop negligently discharged this rifle needed a change of underwear shortly afterward.

I’m not saying cops are the only ones who negligently discharge their firearms.  Far from it.

I’m simply pointing out that those who believe police are endowed with magical powers are thoroughly out to lunch.

A negligent discharge can happen to anyone, anywhere at almost any time.

That’s why we firearm owners insist on the basic rules of safe gun handling…. so that, as in this case, when things go horribly wrong due to our negligence nobody is injured or killed.

Thank God for that.


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June 17, 2014

Zombie Spaceship ISEE-3 Returns To Earth?


In 1978 NASA launched the International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3) into orbit between the Earth and the sun. Designed to give scientists a look at “solar wind” before it reached earth, the ISEE-3 was abandoned 17 years ago by NASA. It’s wandered the interior of the solar system alone ever since.

From the NASA website’s page on the ISEE-3:

miss-iseeiceGoals: International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3) was to investigate the solar wind and its interaction with Earth’s magnetic field, among other phenomena in interplanetary space. It was later renamed International Cometary Explorer (ICE) and used to study two comets during an extended mission.

Accomplishments: ISEE-3 was the first spacecraft to orbit the Sun at L1, a location in space where an object remains directly between Earth and Sun throughout its orbit. Coordinated with the two Earth-orbiting satellites in the International Sun-Earth Explorer (ISEE) program, ISEE-3 enabled scientists to measure solar and geomagnetic phenomena from different points in time and space. It was the first spacecraft to monitor the solar wind approaching Earth, and continued the investigation of cosmic rays and solar flare emissions in the interplanetary region near Earth’s orbit.

On August 10, 2014, the ISEE-3 will catch up to and then pass the Earth precisely as its flight designer intended. Robert W. Farquhar is the brilliant mind who designed a way for ISEE-3 to end up near Earth, passing just 30 miles above the surface of the Moon.

The year Robert Farquhar sent the last command to the spacecraft to set on its current path?

Using the gravitational pull of the moon, Farquhar envisioned a space shuttle could retrieve the ISEE-3 and bring it back down to earth. Clearly a man with long-term vision, Farquhar couldn’t know he would still be alive when the spaceship completed the journey he set it upon almost 3 decades ago.

Still in good working order after an astounding 36 years in space, a group of civilian scientists are determined to bring the “zombie spaceship” home.

So while the spacecraft itself was never “turned off” our ability to communicate with it was.

In 2008 NASA trained its Deep Space Network on the distant location of ISEE-3 and heard its carrier frequency. The ancient spacecraft was still alive, but in 2010 NASA decided reviving its ability to communicate with the space vehicle would not be worth the time and money required.

A Facebook page promoting the ISEE-3 noted that while building new transmitters was quite possible, nobody at NASA was willing to spend the money.

It was that line that caught the attention of Dennis Wingo, an engineer and entrepreneur whose passion is reviving projects long given up on by NASA.

We call ourselves techno-archaeologists. Not only is it not impossible,” Dennis Wingo said, “I think it can work, and I know how to do it. No one else was going to do it and it seemed like the right thing to do.”

This team of “techno-archaeologists” led by Dennis Wingo are working out how to command the space vehicle but this is not without substantial difficulties, as you might imagine. There is no operating manual any longer, and the fragments they’ve pieced together sometimes contradict each other.

This is hampered by the fact that in 1999 NASA updated its Deep Space Network. This is a series of radio telescopes used to communicate with distant space probes. Part of this upgrade meant they tossed away all the transmitters capable of talking with ISEE-3.

With the deadline for the craft passing earth upon them, Dennis and his team had, by the end of May, communicated successfully with the space vehicle, making his company Skycorp the first private company to command a spacecraft outside Earth’s orbit.

That’s pretty exciting stuff, and I can’t wait to learn whether Dennis Wingo and his team are successful in their bit do control it and bring the “zombie spacecraft” home.


NOTE: Follow the progress of Dennis Wingo and his team’s revival of the ISEE-3 at

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June 15, 2014

Take a Wrong Turn – Go Directly to Jail


Right now Mexico is at the center of a huge controversy over their arrest and imprisonment of U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi for taking a wrong turn that led him to a border crossing.

The trouble with border crossings is that once you’re on the path you cannot turn around.

The issue at hand is the detention in Mexico of U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, 25, who has been in prison since his arrest April 1 after he took a wrong turn and ended up over the border with his guns, which are legal in the United States but not in Mexico.

In the wake of trading 5 terrorists for 1 Army sergeant-turned-Taliban-supporter while leaving U.S. Marine Tahmooressi to rot in a Mexican prison, Obama’s inaction has many upset, and rightfully so.

“We’re proclaiming that the occupant of the White House … no longer speaks for us. The American people will speak for themselves,” John Harrington, president of gun seller Shield Tactical, told WND Friday.

While Obama plays golf a U.S. Marine is imprisoned in Mexico, abandoned by the nation he faithfully serves. It’s no surprise why John Harrington and others dislike the current President. His disdain for America’s service men and women is… distasteful… to be polite.

This border stupidity is not just a Mexico issue, however. The Canadian border is no friendlier to Americans who make a wrong turn and end up at our gates.

Retired U.S. Army sergeant major Louis DiNatale and his wife learned first-hand just how absurd Canada can be when a wrong turn lands a US citizen at a Canadian border crossing.

GPS units are neat toys but they really don’t comprehend how we travel. Ask for the shortest distance and your GPS will happily take you on a wild goose chase you could complete in half the time if you didn’t follow its directions.

Such is the tragic accident that landed Louis DiNatale on Canada’s doorstep. Their GPS directed the couple through Canada as if that was the best way to get from Kentucky to Vermont. When DiNatale finally realized he was headed for the Canadian border it was too late to turn around. There were no off-ramps.

Instead of simply letting DiNatale and his wife turn around and be on their way as the couple requested our faithful servants at the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) decided a much harsher response was necessary.

DiNatale was, you see, the worst kind of American. He is a gun owner.

CBSA agents arrested Louis DiNatale on charges of gun smuggling because he had forgotten one of his pistols was inside the vehicle.  He explained what happened, showed them his reservations in Vermont and his wife corroborated every word he said.

His word clearly isn’t enough despite, as DiNatale says,

“There’s not even a traffic ticket in my background. Why would I come to Canada to bring a small weapon to smuggle in?”

Common sense has no place at national borders. These invisible are far too sensitive to take a retired Army sergeant major’s word. He is a gun owner, and therefore a liar.

Bruce Engel, DiNatale’s lawyer in this case, made perfect sense when he said

They could have done their homework and looked at his background and seen he’s a professional. They could have accepted the word of his wife and released him on his own recognizance.”

Accepting the word of Louis DiNatale, a career military man, is just not the Canadian way. Making an example out of that military man, disgustingly, is the Canadian way.

While U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi sits in a Mexico prison cell awaiting trial DiNatale is slightly better off. He was eventually able to post bail and return home.

He vows to fight the charges and I’m very glad he is a man dedicated to common sense.

Owning firearms is legal in America.

That Canadians’ sense of nationhood insists we must be disarmed ninnies should not land our American cousins in prison simply for taking a wrong turn with a gun in their vehicle.

Like Canada, Mexico ought to do the right thing and release U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

Then both nations ought to drop the criminal charges against the men who simply took a wrong turn. They had no criminal intent. That is obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Unfortunately that description doesn’t appear to apply to anyone at the Crown Prosecutor’s office handling Retired U.S. Army sergeant major Louis DiNatale’s case.

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June 9, 2014

Deadly Albino Mountain Attack Spider Terrorizes Residents

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The deadly albino mountain attack spider is a creature feared not for its size, but for its ferocious nature. It fears no man or beast alive and it has only one way of dealing with intruders in its territory. Like the words on the Claymore Mine say, “Front Towards Enemy”.

My mistake was not paying attention. My fear was I would pay for that mistake with my life as this 8-legged beast stared me down.

Whichever way I turned made no difference.

He relentlessly tracked my every movement and his fearsome jaws pointed directly at me no matter which way I went.

Only once I stepped back to a safe distance did this monster return to his normal business, whatever that may be.

Okay, there is no such thing, at least as I know, as a “deadly albino mountain attack spider” but this little guy gave me a good laugh the other day as I walked past one of the many flowers my wife plants around our property.

Catching a glimpse of something out of place as I wandered around looking at all the lovely tulips sprouting up everywhere I stopped and looked closer. Fully aware of my attention, this little guy reared onto his hindmost bits, raised his forearms and teeth and taunted me mercilessly.

C’mon mister. I dare you!” he cried. “I’ve taken down better than you before and I’ll do it again!

I suppose I’d take his ferociousness far more seriously if he wasn’t sitting atop a purple tulip, the breeze gently waving his newfound home before me.

You’ve got to admit though, nature is pretty amazing and the things you see if you stop for a moment to “smell the roses“, as they say, are as astounding as they are amusing.


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June 7, 2014

BC sends untrained child hunters into the woods. With Guns.

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BC sends untrained child hunters into the woods with guns. Have they gone mad?

That’s a more appropriate title for the misinformation piece printed in The Province newspaper titled “Seasoned hunter aghast at B.C. government’s move to delay safety training for beginners“.

If all you read was The Province‘s so-called “news report” you would conclude BC dropped all hunter safety training requirements and now happily sent children into the woods with loaded guns, no training and no supervision.

“Kids running wild in the woods with loaded guns!”

Can’t you hear the screams now?

Quoting extremely selectively from the BC Hunting Synopsis the article says this.

“These changes will give youth and other new hunters an opportunity to find out if they enjoy hunting,” Forests and Lands Minister Steve Thomson writes in the government’s Hunting and Trapping Synopsis 2012-14, “before requiring them to go through the time and monetary commitment of taking hunter safety training.”

Langley resident Phil West is identified in the article as “an experienced hunter.”

ARE THEY INSANE?!” he wrote The Province after reading about the policy shift.

Giving a hunting licence to someone with no training or education in the sport and sending them into the forest with a loaded rifle!

Phil West is quoted because his identification as a hunter and his uninformed outrage give Ian Austin’s anti-hunting screed the one thing it lacks: legitimacy.

That Phil West didn’t know what he was talking about is irrelevant. His usefulness was his identification as “hunter“. His uninformed opinion merely a bonus.

The idea he”ll be sharing the woods with untrained kids as young as 10 scares the hell out of him.

It boggles the mind to think that the government values revenue from licences over safety. So next season I guess I’ll be watching my back as well as the wildlife.

Phil West ought to get the facts instead of listening to biased drivel spouted in The Province. There are no kids as young as 10 running around the woods alone with guns.

What alleged reporter Ian Austin failed to include in the screed he passes off as reporting are those pesky little facts that make all the difference.

BC’s government, whatever its faults may be, rightfully views hunters and their commitment to responsible game management as a valuable resource. That is a good thing. A very good thing.

The BC government wants to ensure we have more hunters. That’s also a good thing. The logical way to accomplish that goal is to make it easy for someone to decide if hunting is for them by experiencing it firsthand.

Oh, the horror!

Below is the entire page devoted to the changes in the latest BC Hunting Synopsis, but here are the relevant facts Ian Austin and The Province don’t want you to know, and were pleased to discover hunter Phil West didn’t know either.

  • An acknowledgement of responsibility signed by a parent or guardian is still required for all youth under 18 years of age. The youth licence is issued on behalf of the youth, but held by the parent or guardian.
  • All youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an experienced supervising hunter.
  • It [the Initiation Hunting License] is a one-time-only licence and requires that the person be accompanied by an experienced supervising hunter.
  • Accompanying Hunters Are Mentors
  • Both a youth licensed hunter and an initiation licensed hunter are required to be accompanied by an adult licensed hunter.
  • These proposed requirements for an accompanying hunter will be slightly more stringent than previously, however they aim to improve safety, facilitate an ideal learning environment, improve the chances of a successful hunt, and attract more seasoned hunters to mentor the new hunters. They are not intended to create barriers for participants.
  • Numerous studies have shown that it takes a hunter to make a hunter. Most people that become hunters do so under the tutelage of an older relative, usually their father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, or uncle or aunt.
  • The changes aim to increase recreational opportunities for you and others to hunt in BC, to keep hunting affordable for families and to increase hunter recruitment and retention.

Every person learning about hunting under this program MUST be accompanied by an experienced hunter. That experienced hunter is RESPONSIBLE for the individual they take into the woods. That means the experienced hunter MUST teach their charges about safe handling of firearms, game identification and all that goes along with the hunting experience.

Does that sound like Phil West’s nightmare that he will “be sharing the woods with untrained kids as young as 10“?

No, it really doesn’t.

But who cares about facts. All they do is get in the way of a good propaganda piece, don’t they?

For those interested in learning those facts here is the relevant page of BC’s Hunting Synopsis, page 15.


British Columbia boasts a greater variety of game species than anywhere else in Canada and many of our opportunities are world class. Hunting is a popular and healthy recreational activity for many in the province.

Some upcoming changes to the hunting licensing program will make it easier and more affordable to start hunting in BC. These changes will give youth and other new hunters an opportunity to find out if they enjoy hunting, and to begin the social and participatory process of actually becoming a hunter, before requiring them to go through the time and monetary commitment of taking hunter safety training – the Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) course.


The $7.00 junior licence currently available for youth aged 10 – 13 will be expanded soon to include youth aged 14 – 17 and will be renamed a “youth licence”. This change will provide youth with the opportunity to try hunting without the requirement to take CORE. An acknowledgement of responsibility signed by a parent or guardian is still required for all youth under 18 years of age. The youth licence is issued on behalf of the youth, but held by the parent or guardian. As always, any youth who wants to take CORE and get their own regular hunting licence and bag limit entitlement can still do so. All youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an experienced supervising hunter.


A new initiation hunting licence is planned to be introduced in the near future. This new licence will allow a person 18 years or older who has never previously held a hunting licence in B.C. to try hunting for a period of time. It is a one-time-only licence and requires that the person be accompanied by an experienced supervising hunter. The cost of the initiation licence is still under review.


Both a youth licensed hunter and an initiation licensed hunter are required to be accompanied by an adult licensed hunter. An accompanying hunter must be a BC resident hunter 18 years of age or older who meets certain qualifications. Persons hunting under the youth licence or initiation licence will not have their own bag limit. Any wildlife killed by a youth hunter or initiation hunter will be included in the bag limit of the accompanying hunter. A maximum number may be set for either youth or initiation hunters, or both, that may be accompanied at the same time by one mentor hunter. These proposed requirements for an accompanying hunter will be slightly more stringent than previously, however they aim to improve safety, facilitate an ideal learning environment, improve the chances of a successful hunt, and attract more seasoned hunters to mentor the new hunters. They are not intended to create barriers for participants.

Numerous studies have shown that it takes a hunter to make a hunter. Most people that become hunters do so under the tutelage of an older relative, usually their father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, or uncle or aunt.

Those that come to hunting outside of a family setting usually do so in a manner that simulates the same path, such as befriending a hunter and becoming their protégé. People that are new to hunting need mentors and advice on how to safely pursue their new interest. Simply going hunting does not make an individual see themselves as a hunter. Becoming a hunter is a protracted learning and social process.

Advice on where to hunt and how to hunt can be difficult to obtain. New hunters need advice on where to hunt both in a general geographic sense and in the sense of being shown what type of habitat and terrain they should investigate for the species they seek.

The actual techniques of hunting must also be learned. Fundamentals of firearms care and use, wilderness survival and orienteering, hunting ethics, basic equipment, first aid and care of game meat must be understood in addition to the various techniques for stalking game.

These matters are covered in mandatory hunter education courses (e.g. CORE), but further study, especially under field conditions, is necessary in order to truly become a hunter. Generally, the acquisition of such skills requires a mentor.

The new initiative related to the licensing of youth and new hunters, including requirements for the accompanying hunter, are still being finalized. The changes aim to increase recreational opportunities for you and others to hunt in BC, to keep hunting affordable for families and to increase hunter recruitment and retention.

The new licences are expected to be available by April 1, 2013. Please check the Ministry website for updates


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May 22, 2014

Facebook Photo Equals Child Abuse? When a Firearm is Visible… Absolutely!

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Imagine the scenario.

You post an innocent photo of your son holding a rifle on Facebook. Your son is 11 years old. He is well trained in firearm safety by you. His finger is off the trigger in the photo, just as it should be.

Some pathetic crybaby sees the photo online and calls the New Jersey Department of Children and Families who, in turn, contact the police.

Both agencies raid your home and attempt to search it. They demand to see your gun safe and all your firearms for “inspection”. When you refuse to accede to their ridiculous demands because they don’t have a search warrant these so-called authorities label you “unreasonable” and “uncooperative” and say you act “suspiciously”.

Imagine that.

Stand up for your rights and you are “unreasonable”.

Demand police respect your rights and you are “suspicious” and “uncooperative”.

Rights are inviolate. Police thugs hate that. Good cops don’t, of course, because they respect your rights but those aren’t the type of police at your door late this night.

However, the police finally do leave, but not before threatening to take your children away from you.

This is no fable; no mere story.

This is precisely the violation Shawn Moore, an NRA-certified firearms instructor and range safety officer, faced last year when some whining little ninny saw a photo on Facebook of Shawn’s son holding a rifle.

In their rush to abuse a law-abiding firearm owner these police state thugs failed to obtain a search warrant. Actually, the more likely scenario is no judge with functional brain cells would issue a search warrant based on such flimsy and absurd “evidence.”

Clearly all common sense vacated the puny brains of the minions at the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and their counterparts in the police department.

Nanny State Minion Kristen Brown, aka spokesperson for New Jersey Department of Children and Families, parroted the usual tripe about “duty” while not comprehending the meaning of the word.

“The department has a child abuse hotline for the state of New Jersey and anybody can make a call to that hotline. We are required to follow up on every single allegation that comes into the central registry. In general our role is to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect.”

An anonymous phone call complaining of a Facebook photo of a child holding a rifle is considered an allegation of child abuse?

How absurd.



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May 20, 2014

Thomas Harding and the Heavy Hand of Surete du Quebec’s Police State Thugs



Thomas Harding, as you may know, is the engineer of the train carrying oil that derailed in Lac Megantic, Quebec, leveling the town with the resulting explosion and fire. From the date of that terrible tragedy Thomas Harding avoided public comment at every turn. He cooperated with police and accident investigators fully and completely.

Through his lawyer he even made it clear if he was charged with a crime he would turn himself in willingly.

Such willingness to face the music, to be accountable for one’s actions in such a horrific case as this shows me Thomas Harding must be a man of great character. Whatever his role in the disaster, his steadfast and unwavering determination to be held accountable for his actions that fateful day is to be respected and admired. Few have such courage.

That is precisely the kind of principled man Surete du Quebec thugs humiliated with their high-profile SWAT takedown on May 12th, 2014, at his home in Farnham, Quebec.

Over-compensating for their incredible lack of humanity and armed with both delusions of grandeur and fully-automatic weapons, Surete du Quebec thugs tossed Thomas Harding, his son and a visitor to the ground before they handcuffed him and hauled him off to jail.

It’s no wonder police get stonewalled by actual criminals when they treat a citizen cooperating fully with investigators this atrociously. What incentive is there when no matter how properly you conduct yourself you are still subjected to a heavy-handed, make that obscene display of police power?

Through the media, Surete du Quebec thugs gave a pathetic rationalization for their appalling behaviour, as though they were actually in the right. They were not.

Claiming Mr. Harding unlawfully possessed firearms and spoke of suicide, they acted.

What they conveniently failed to explain is why, if they truly believed Mr. Harding possessed firearms illegally, did they not obtain a search warrant and remove those firearms instead of leaving them in his possession for months?

Most days I feel pretty good about being a Canadian citizen but, upon reading of the treatment of Thomas Harding at the hand of Surete du Quebec thugs carrying their badges and guns, I must confess today is not one of those days.

I am revolted, seeing police resources abused so callously in the name of “public safety” and “concern” for Mr. Harding.

Concern for a person’s well being isn’t usually expressed by pointing a fully-automatic rifle into his face, handcuffing him and hauling him off to jail for a 10-hour interrogation. At least not by my dictionary, and I hope not yours either.

The most troubling aspect of the very public and theatrical arrest of Thomas Harding is that it wasn’t about Thomas Harding at all. This very public shaming and humiliation, while Thomas Harding was the recipient of this abuse, it was not intended for him.

It was intended for you and me, the mere citizens of Canada.

Step out of line and thugs with badges and guns will do the same to us.

Am I over-reacting? I doubt it.

I’m sure some will not agree, however. If you’re one of those people I would ask you to ask yourself one simple question.

Put yourself in Thomas Harding’s shoes.

After you’ve made it clear to police you will turn yourself in whenever you are asked, is it reasonable for authorities to order a “high-risk takedown” by SWAT instead of simply calling you on the phone and saying, “Hey Mr. Harding, would you please come down to the station so we can process your arrest?

If you answer in the affirmative, then I must seriously question your humanity as I have already questioned that of the badge-wearing thugs of the Surete du Quebec.



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May 16, 2014

Gun Ownership Leads To Gun Violence but only if you add the Medical Lobby and completely twist the facts



To paraphrase Eric Rauch’s eloquent article from 2012, Do More Guns Lead to More Violent Crime?, gun ownership leads to gun violence the same way car ownership leads to drunk driving. It just isn’t so.

Rauch’s article came in response to doctors claims they discovered something new about gun violence, namely that gun ownership leads to gun violence, when in reality they merely twisted the facts to meet their own preconceived notions.

Anti-gun activists are not interested in data that doesn’t support their case, so they twist the information instead, making it appear to say something that it most certainly does not. This is neither scientific nor honest. It is nothing but political propaganda, being delivered by a “trusted authority” in a white lab coat.

While I urge you to read Eric Rauch’s entire article, here is just a little of his response to these so-called experts.

Wow. In a nation of gunowners, where it is estimated that the number of guns is between 260-300 million (it is probably even higher than this), it is somehow statistically relevant that gun ownership precedes gun violence. This fact is about as helpful as the fact that car ownership tends to precede auto fatalities, or that home ownership precedes house fire deaths; one does not predict the other.

The FBI estimates that two-thirds of all homicides are committed with guns, yet only 9% of violent crimes actually involve guns. This is highly significant. A homicide is a violent crime where a death results. This would fall into the 9% category. However, attempted homicide, robberies, carjackings, domestic disputes, gang violence, etc, that involve guns also are a part of that 9%. This means that 89% of violent crime does not involve a gun.

In a nation where guns number almost 1:1 of the population, this lack of correlation is much more important than the miniscule relationship where they do seem to correlate.

It is significant that in a nation of over 300 million people guns are used in violent crimes only 9% of the time. That’s a far cry from the incessant wailing that America is drowning in “gun violence”, isn’t int?

If you dig deeper into those “gun crime” statistics a few other things are quite apparent. I will leave you to discover those facts for yourself, lest you feel a need to label me racist or hateful or some other derogatory name. (While you’re looking into such matters, take a look at “gun crime” in the greater Toronto area… you will discover the very same trend.)

Eric Rauch goes on to mock their “findings” with a few of his own, such as

Without seeing the data, I can confidently predict that 100% of violent crimes involve people. Of those 100%, every one of them had parents. This seems to be a much stronger predictor than gun ownership: having parents always precedes violent crime. In fact, having parents is a precursor to any kind of crime, not only violent ones. This is the real epidemic. Why can’t these doctors see this as the real problem?

A gun is simply a tool. It can be used for good or evil. It has no morality of its own. That morality is reserved for the human being, of which 100% are involved in “gun violence” and in fact in all violence.

Let me give you an example.

I can take a handgun out of my gun safe, load it, chamber a round, cock the trigger and put it down on my kitchen table. If I felt so inclined I could even point it directly at myself.

I am 100% confident my gun will not shoot me. In fact it will sit on that table pointing at me for the rest of my life unless some human being comes along and picks it up.

Whether that loaded gun will be used for good or evil depends 100% on that individual.

It’s so simple.

The gun has no power over that choice, just as the car has no power over whether a person drives drunk or not.

Cars cause drunk driving like spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat; like gun ownership makes “gun criminals”. One simply does not lead to the other.

People commit crimes, not inanimate objects.

Why is this so hard for so many to comprehend?

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May 15, 2014

Two Home-Invading Thieves Shot Dead and Who does Mom Blame?

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Two young criminals, Steven Crider (16) and Michael Sambrano (14), discovered the error of their ways in the early morning hours of May 4, 2012. Upon breaking into the Sacramento, California, home of an elderly woman in her 60’s they were both shot dead.

California homeowners are protected by legislation that protects their right to defend themselves and their property, often called “Stand Your Ground” legislation. Police ruled the shootings self-defense, not a stretch given both dead criminals were found inside the house.

Naturally Lisa Sambrano, mother of the dead 14 year old home invader, complained to the media,

I just don’t understand why they were shot multiple times.

Then you are a profoundly dumb woman, Lisa Sambrano. Your son broke into the home of an elderly woman whose home. He was a criminal who thought he could do as he pleased with no consequences for his criminal actions. He was wrong and paid for his stupidity with his life.

Christina Sambrano, slain criminal Michael Sambrano’s younger sister, whined to the press:

They were on their way out the door, and I just think it was wrong that they were shot.”

Given your younger daughter sees no issue with her brother’s criminal actions, Ms. Sambrano, only with his being shot dead because of them, you really ought to brush up on your parenting skills and teach your daughter the concept of “personal responsibility“. Clearly your daughter has no clue about this fundamental building block of character.

A couple of questions you may also want to ask yourself, Ms. Sambrano, are these:

1. What was your 14-year-old son doing breaking into a home after midnight on a school night?
2. Why was he not home in bed getting a good night’s sleep in preparation for school on Monday morning?

Let me guess… you have absolutely no idea.

Here’s how a rational and sensible people view the killing of your criminal son and his moronic friend Steven Crider.

Other residents in the neighborhood believe the teens got what they deserved for burglarizing homes in the area. Robert Robinson’s home was burglarized twice and he said:

Justice was served.

David Keck, another neighbor told the media:

He was not an innocent bystander. I’m sorry the little boys or teenagers were killed, but if it’s my family, my family comes first.

It is unfortunate that two young men lost their lives in the early morning hours of May 4th, 2014. However, I will not lose any sleep over their untimely deaths as both these young criminals got precisely what they deserved.

Thieves broke into this elderly woman’s home two times prior to May 4th as well, April 20th and April 29th. After the second break-in she called her brother, a man in his 70’s, to come stay with her for a while. She was naturally scared for her life after being broken into twice in the early hours of the morning in under two weeks.

Less than a week later Steven Crider and Michael Sambrano broke into her home. Fingerprint evidence showed that one of the two teens, although police did not specify which one, matched prints from the break-in on April 20th.

Yeah, good little boys these, right?

On the plus side of two dead home-invading criminals is the unintended consequence it provides… this area of Sacramento will likely be safe from robberies and break-ins for some time to come.

That’s a good thing.


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May 9, 2014

Former NFA President Jim Hinter, aka James Murray, Faces New Criminal Charges


James-Hinter-aka-James-MurrayIt took almost 10 years, but now there is an explanation for former National Firearms Association President Jim Hinter’s disappearance from the world.

Turns out Jim Hinter didn’t disappear at all; he simply decided using his first and last name might cause him problems, given the allegedly criminal nature of his demise from the NFA.

Hinter is currently listed as the president of a media website, NetNewsLedger.

NetNewsLedger is a website based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where Jim Hinter is listed as “James Murray, Chief Content Officer” as well as “James Murray, President” on their “About NNL” web page.

offers news, information, opinions and positive ideas for Thunder Bay, Ontario“.

NFA-logoWhile nobody from Canada’s National Firearms Association would say it on record, off the record Jim Hinter’s removal from the NFA presidency was shrouded in allegations of fraud. While he never faced criminal charges for those allegations, Jim Hinter left town so fast he forgot to remove one of his cowboy action handguns from of the gun safe at NFA’s Edmonton headquarters.

You may recall back in 2002 he faced a criminal charge of careless use of a firearm after he tried clearing a jammed handgun in his home, sending a bullet through the wall into his neighbour’s apartment. The gun jammed while he was at a shooting range and instead of dealing with the issue there, he took the still-loaded firearm home. After a lengthy trial Hinter was found not guilty of careless use of a firearm in a Calgary courtroom.

The negligent discharge was a black eye for both Jim Hinter and Canada’s National Firearms Association at the time.

Once again Jim Hinter, currently living in Ontario under the alias James Murray, faces firearm-related criminal code charges.

According to the CBC story that revealed Hinter’s whereabouts:

Thunder Bay police have charged a city man with firearms-related offences in connection with the seizure of weapons in September 2012. Police report they were called to an apartment in the 100 block of North Edward St. after a landlord discovered a number of firearms allegedly belonging to a former tenant. Officers seized 23 firearms, including eight handguns and a large quantity of ammunition.

On Tuesday police located and arrested 53-year-old James Murray Hinter as a result of their investigation. Hinter is charged with unsafe storage of six firearms, and unauthorized possession of all 23 of the seized firearms. He has been released from custody on a promise to appear in court on May 27.

We wish Mr. Hinter good luck as he faces this latest round of criminal charges. He appears to be doing good work in the Thunder Bay community and it would be a shame if that work ended with him in a prison cell.



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