March 6, 2011

An awesome way to honor a WWII military sniper!

Don Laird, who sometimes contributes articles here on the blog, sent me a link to a really neat video this morning.  It’s the story of how the US Army Marksmanship Unit honoured 86-year-old Ted Gundy for his service.

After being presented with the prestigious Black Hat, the old guy is visibly touched, his voice cracking with emotion.  Then he was taken to the range to do an “impossible shot”.  He’s coached by a two-time international sniper team to get him back into the old mindset, and begins by using a replica of his military sniper rifle from the war.

Then he uses current technology to go for a 1,000 yard shot.  He jokes in the video

I hope that I can hit the target. But if I was betting money, I’d bet nine to one that I don’t!

Well, it’s safe to say that someone should have taken Ted up on that bet.  Watch the video to see the amazing shooting skills of this very interesting gentleman.

Thanks for sending the link Don.  It’s an amazing and wonderful story of honouring our veterans… something we really need to do more of.  It’s not just for Remembrance Day, after all.

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