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August 24, 2012

BC’s RCMP Despise Your Right to Privacy

Cst. Jamie Weber of East Kootenay Traffic Services stands beside an RCMP vehicle equipped with an Automatic License Plate Recognition system.

Most people believe they have a right to personal privacy and that the government doesn’t need to know their whereabouts every moment of every day.

Most people would be wrong.

Cst. Jamie Weber of East Kootenay Traffic Services stands beside an RCMP vehicle equipped with an Automatic License Plate Recognition system.

Take, for example, the BC RCMP’s plan for using license plate recording scanners to build a database of the movements of citizens who have done absolutely nothing wrong just because you might do something wrong in the future.

In other parts of the world we would decry the violation of civil rights and be aghast at the police state antics of those nations;  here at home it’s just yawn… nothing to see here… business as usual as the Thought Police set up shop across the province.

Sounds ridiculous?  If you believe so then you really need to pay a lot closer attention to what the RCMP is saying.

It can be used to either validate an alibi, or it can be used to find information on a suspect,” said Supt. Denis Boucher, head of the provincial E-Division traffic services.

So you just happened to be driving by a crime scene at roughly the time a crime is committed.  You’re now automatically a suspect even though you had nothing to do with the crime and were, in fact, driving home for an afternoon with the wife because you got off work early.

Hmmm… sounds pretty darned suspicious… and a huge waste of police resources tracking down and questioning people who have done nothing.

The list could help to check the whereabouts of suspects, Boucher said. “We’re interviewing a suspect in a homicide and he says, ‘I was nowhere near that crime scene,’ and we run his plate and lo and behold, we have a picture of him two blocks from a crime scene,” he offered as an example.

Is that really the best you’ve got, Supt. Boucher?  You need to build a database of every citizen just in case it might help you solve a crime, some day?  Didn’t we just waste $2 billion based on that very premise?  It was called the long gun registry, and it never once helped solve a crime according to government sources.

Sounds like a mighty fine reason to waste a ton more of taxpayer dollars, don’t you think?

Don’t you just feel so much better knowing the RCMP is tracking the whereabouts of every law-abiding citizen in the province?


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May 25, 2012

Constable Lee Douglas, facing theft charge, gets rewarded for his crime with a paid vacation


Constable Lee Douglas must be thinking it’s great to be a cop in Oshawa, Ontario… He [allegedly] broke the law and is now being rewarded for his thievery with a paid vacation.  What other career gives benefits like that?

Any normal business would fire an employee for theft or at least make it clear they will resign or face criminal charges, but not police forces in Canada.

Nope, here we prefer to reward thieving cops like Constable Douglas with a paid vacation until such time as they come to trial.  Sure, police forces call it a suspension, but they still pay him his full salary while he sits on his behind and ponders what he will do once he’s back on the job.

Constable Douglas’ criminal charge stem from a case about 5 years ago, where a family member passed away.  That family member owned a shotgun at the time of his death, so the family contacted police to have it disposed of.

Constable Lee Douglas was the policeman who took possession of the shotgun.  Only instead of taking it to the police station to be destroyed, he kept it for himself.

Ironically, if it weren’t for police efforts to crack down on those “evil, horrid gun owners” who let their firearms licenses expire (gasp!) Constable Lee Douglas would have gotten away with it.


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May 23, 2012

Staff Sgt. Don Ray: the latest RCMP sex scandal


Staff Sgt. Don Ray is the latest in a long line of high-ranking RCMP members to be reprimanded for sexual misconduct on the job.

While stationed in Edmonton and in charge of the RCMP polygraph unit Staff Sgt. Don Ray regularly held parties, got subordinates drunk, made sexual advances and had sex in RCMP offices.

He has since been transferred to British Columbia.

An internal report that has not been made public yet was quoted saying Staff Sgt. Ray “exhibited a ‘serial’ pattern of ‘disgraceful’ conduct.”

The Edmonton Journal article about Staff Sgt.Ray said:

Sgt. Ray admitted to all allegations, expressed remorse and apologized in writing. The RCMP docked him 10 days pay, demoted him by one rank to sergeant, and recommended that he be transferred.

“It goes without saying that should similar misconduct occur, dismissal would be a very likely option for a future board to consider,” the disciplinary panel said.

Sgt. Ray also had “inappropriate and unprofessional” interactions with prospective female employees.

He sent them “disgraceful” emails, took them out for drinks during the hiring process and once falsified security clearance forms for one woman, exaggerating the number of years she’d known one of her character references.

The discipline board said Sgt. Ray’s conduct was “disgraceful because (it) compromised the integrity of the RCMP’s hiring process.”

Sgt. Ray’s “disturbing pattern of activity” dates back to 2006, when he would book a polygraph suite for lunchtime sex with a female subordinate.


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March 24, 2012

Assistant Pastor Malcolm John Fraser is in need of some Sound Doctrine


Enumclaw is a small community (population 10,699) located roughly 45 miles southeast of Seattle, Washington, and is known as the gateway to Mount Rainer National Park. To quote the City of Enumclaw website:

Enumclaw has a current population of 10,669 with retail service, medical, cultural, educational and recreational facilities for convenience and enjoyment. Our City is within one hour of any activity imaginable: skiing, hiking, beaches, professional sports, and big city culture.

Assistant Pastor Malcolm John Fraser has been charged with two counts of first degree child rape after police investigated reports dating back to 2005 and 2006.

According to charging papers made public Thursday, Fraser is alleged to have had repeated sexual contacts with a girl during 2005 and 2006. While it was noted intercourse did not occur, other sex acts have been alleged. Papers filed by the King County Prosecutor’s Office state that Fraser forced the young girl to engage in certain sex acts.

Sexually violating the trust of a child is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable.  It is even more heinous when the violator is supposedly a Godly man, as in the case of Assistant Pastor Malcolm John Fraser of Enumclaw, Washington.

The primary complainant in the case is now 17 years old, and would have been only 10 years old when Fraser’s [alleged] sexual abuse began.  During the time frame in question (2005-06) Malcom Fraser lived with the family of the girl.

I find it very ironic and more than a little horrifying that the name of the church where the [alleged] pedophile ministered is named Sound Doctrine Church, since this Malcolm Fraser clearly wasn’t paying attention to his Bible or any of its sound doctrines.  Nowhere in the Bible is sexually molesting children acceptable. (more…)

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