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October 12, 2012

Pastor Terry Jones Barred Entry. So Much for Freedom of Speech in Canada…


Florida Pastor Terry Jones is best known for his outspoken opposition to islam.  He made international headlines when he burned a Koran two years ago on the anniversary of 9/11.   He also created and promoted “International Burn a Koran Day” as a way of protesting against radical islam.

Terry Jones was scheduled to debate Toronto imam on the film Innocence of Muslims outside Ontario’s legislature Thursday evening, but instead spent over 4 hours being searched and interrogated by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) agents before being denied entry into the country.

Eventually both Terry Jones and his assistant, Wayne Sapp, were handed letters from CBSA explaining they would not be allowed into Canada.

“Dr. Jones’ letter said they were denying him entry to Canada because years ago in Germany, when he lived there, he was fined by the German government for using the title doctor,” said Fran Ingram of Stand Up America Now, the U.S. organization that promotes Mr. Jones.

The CBSA letter also demanded that Mr. Jones provide a criminal records check before attempting to  enter into Canada again.

While the CBSA is arguing they had valid reasons for keeping Pastor Jones out of Canada it just doesn’t pass the smell test.

CBSA cited a note from German officials who were upset that Jones used the designation “Dr.” from an institution they refused to recognize and a claim that they didn’t have enough information about an alleged breach of peace bond against Mr. Sapp as the reasons why they were not allowing the two into Canada.

Yeah, okay.  That’s sketchy at best, and disingenuous to say the very least.

For reasons unknown, the Canadian government was not interested in allowing a Christian Pastor to debate a muslim imam in Ontario.

Odd, since they were perfectly willing to allow radical muslim Dr. Bilal Philps to speak at an islamic conference in Calgary earlier this year. Philips has been kicked out of two countries (Germany & Kenya) and banned from two others (Britain & Australia) for his outspoken views on homosexuality, among other things.

But since Philips was born in Canada it’s completely okay for him to speak, right?  But an American Christian pastor? Forget about it.

I guess that means that Ann Barnhardt is also unwelcome in Canada since she is

1) a Christian, and
2) burned a Koran and posted the video on YouTube.

It would seem that Freedom of Speech is based, not on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but on which religion you happen to preach.

Islam 1, Christianity 0.

How very open-minded of the Canadian government…

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September 14, 2012

Freedom of Speech and Marriage Fraud: How can they possibly be connected?

Lainie Towell cover

Actually, quite easily, unfortunately.

Meet Lainie Towell.

Yes, the photo looks a little weird, until you understand why this woman is wearing a wedding dress and carrying a full-size door, white on one side and red on the other, with the words “Mr. Immigration Minister, it’s getting heavy” emblazoned on the back of it.

To quote the Ottawa Life magazine story about her plight (which I encourage you to read in its entirety):

The story begins in 2004, when Ottawa dance artist Lainie Towell traveled to Guinea West Africa and fell in love twice. First with the country’s dance, and then with a Guinean drummer named Fodé Mohamed “Akra” Soumah.

After several trips to Conakry, a few bouts of malaria, countless hours apprenticing in an African ballet, and some visits to a witch doctor, Towell and Akra got married. She then sponsored him to come to Canada.

Twenty-nine days after he arrived in Canada, Akra disappeared. It seemed he had gotten what he wanted from the marriage – his Canadian permanent residency status.

Refusing to remain a victim, Towell took matters into her own hands. She launched what would become an international media campaign and exposed her broken heart – along with Canada’s lax immigration laws – to the public. When a Canadian Border Services Agency enforcement officer saw her story in the news and launched an investigation, Towell discovered first-hand that one woman’s courage and tenacity can help change the system.

Lainie Towell is a very courageous woman, from what I can tell.

She has single-handedly put the issue of immigration fraud onto the national and international stage with her very visual one-woman protest march on Canada’s Parliament Hill.

The decision from the Immigration folks that removed this “man” from Canadian soil is available at

Reasons and Decision — Removal Order Appeal

Fodé Mohamed SOUMAH

October 19, 2009

[3] The ID came to the conclusion that the appellant did not declare that he was the father of a child, prior to or at the time of his landing on December 21, 2007.  The ID did not come to the conclusion that the appellant had misrepresented the nature of his marriage to his sponsor, Helen Margaret Towell, who testified before the ID that she had been duped into marrying the appellant. The Minister did not appeal from that decision.

Lainie never knew about the child from a previous relationship when she married Soumah.  He never disclosed this to her.  Nice guy… (more…)

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August 7, 2011

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney quietly launches public consultations on immigration policy

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney has quietly launched what he’s calling “consultations” on the Canadian immigration system.

I say quietly because unless you followed the press releases on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, you’d likely never have heard about it.

Here’s a sample of what you can read in the press release:

The purpose of the consultations is to seek feedback on immigration levels, including the appropriate level of immigration for Canada, and the most suitable mix between economic, family class and protected persons.

In true government fashion, there is no actual link to a survey for Canadians to actually use to provide their feedback.

A search through,which the press release points us to also comes up empty.  There’s a lot of surveys there if you’re willing to wade through the listings, but none about immigration.

It wasn’t until the good kitty over at Blazing Cat Fur sent a message directly to Minister Kenney that a link to actually sign up to be included in the consultations was forthcoming.

If you have concerns or thoughts about our current immigration policies, then I would urge you to sign up to be notified when these consultations will actually begin.


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