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January 19, 2015

Racism Encouraged by Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Racism-Encouraged-by-Canadian-Museum-for-Human-Rights PFTR
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Racism-Encouraged-by-Canadian-Museum-for-Human-Rights PFTR

Of all the places one would expect all races and creeds to be treated equally it would be a museum dedicated to Human Rights, yet that supposedly august institution is, shockingly, the very place instituting racist admission policies.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, racism is defined as

  1. poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race
  2. the belief that some races of people are better than others

The “poor treatment” is applied to anyone who cannot prove First Nations heritage. The “belief that some races are better than others” appears to be that First Nations people are better than the rest of us “mere citizens“, since only First Nations citizens are entitled to free admission.

Everyone else must pay full freight.

Giving preferential treatment to one race and excluding all others is the very definition of racism. Why Canada’s Human Rights Museum would institute racist policies boggles the mind, and it won’t be long before the very institution that is supposed to promote racial and cultural equality for all will find itself the subject of a human rights complaint.

The Winnipeg Sun carried an article by Tom Brodbeck that made an interesting, if disturbing, observation.

They can’t really tell us why they have this policy. When asked why one group of people has free access to the facility based solely on their race and culture and not others, museum officials were unable to provide a coherent answer.

The admissions policy at the CMHR was developed, in advance of our opening, to align with that of other national museums such as the Canadian Museum of History, where Indigenous Peoples are also admitted at no charge,” museum spokeswoman Maureen Fitzhenry wrote in an email. “It is intended to help ensure Indigenous People have access to expressions of their culture.”

That’s not really an answer.

Brodbeck then pressed Ms. Fitzhenry for a more coherent answer and this was her response.

This policy is one way that we are striving to foster a respectful relationship between the Museum and Indigenous Peoples that acknowledges Indigenous rights relating to cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions.”

Creating a negative stereotype based on race is a horrendous precedent to set for anyone, let alone Canada’s Museum for Human Rights! Saying that Aboriginals have no ability to pay and therefore should be allowed free admission is both hypocritical and condescending, plain and simple.

I can’t see how condescending to Aboriginal Canadians in any way advances Human Rights, nor do I comprehend how advancing racism in the name of equality makes any sense at all.

Neither does Canadian Human Rights Museum spokeswoman Maureen Fitzhenry, which is why her answers are so absurd and disingenuous.

Equality means treating all people equally regardless of race, not treating one race as “more special” than others, be it better or worse.

I expect far better than hypocrisy from our Museum of Human Rights.

For reasons I do not fathom this institution is thoroughly unwilling to correct its racist policy. It cannot even admit its hypocrisy let alone change it.

I refuse to support racism and hypocrisy at Canada’s Museum of Human Rights. I, for one, will vote with my dollars and they will never see a penny from me.


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November 30, 2014

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn Speaks Truth To Stupid


There are times when race baiters and reporters are so caught up in their own agenda they can’t see what’s going on around them.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn recently put these morons in their place after being accused of not caring enough about the subject of the press scrum in front of him.  He was on his cell phone, you see.

Unfortunately for the stupid ones Chief Flynn was on his cell phone receiving updates about a 5-year-old child who was killed in a drive-by shooting.  He was not remotely “politically correct” in dealing with the stupid people asking even stupider questions.

Well done, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn!  We need more chiefs of police speaking Truth to Stupid.  Maybe then things will change.

Watch below.


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August 23, 2014

Racism is Alive And Well in America, but not like the Race Hustlers claim

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Racism is alive and well in America. It’s thriving, in fact.

Just ask Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder or Barack Obama. They will all confirm racism is at an all-time high, despite Obama’s election pledge that his America would be colorblind; that racism would be nothing but a footnote in history.

Obama’s America is anything but colorblind.

Facts be damned… white on black racism is at an all-time high, says Obama. White on Black violent crime is epidemic, even if you can’t find any news stories to back up the claim.

There is a reason you can’t find those news stories, of course. They don’t exist.

There is a reason they don’t exist, of course, but it’s not that the media refuses to report them. It’s because the epidemic of white on black racism is a lie presented over and over again by the four Black race hustlers I mentioned earlier, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and Barack Obama.

If you tell a lie often enough (and with enough media coverage) it becomes the truth, even in the face of overwhelming statistical evidence to the contrary from the Obama administration’s own FBI statistics.

As Bill Whittle explains with simplicity in his video “Ferguson and the Real Race War”, using FBI statistics there were 406,217 robberies in 2009. That is, on average, one robbery every minute, 24-hours a day for an entire year, or roughly 1,000 times per day.

Given that level of crime and making the asinine assumption that every single robbery in America in 2009 was committed by a black perpetrator, if there is an epidemic of white cops executing black criminals you would think we’d hear about it, right?

We hear about the killing of a young black man by a white cop so rarely because, (gasp!) it happens so rarely. We only hear about it then because the race hustlers Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and Barack Obama are desperate to peddle their lies and thereby increase donations to their cause.

“If this is an epidemic, where’s the epidemic?” Bill Whittle rightly asks.

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey in 2010 white perpetrators committed violence on black victims 82,593 times. During that same year black perpetrators committed violence on white victims 320,082 times, or 5 times as many. When you take into account the size difference of the black and white communities you learn something very disturbing (if you’re interested in the truth): 38 million black Americans commit violent crimes on 197 million white Americans.

What these numbers mean is that black perpetrators attack white victims 25 times more often than the other way around.

Looking at a single type of violent crime, aggravated assault, the number of black on white assaults is 200 times higher than white on black assaults.

But you’ll never hear those numbers on the mainstream media. It doesn’t fit the President’s agenda, therefore it cannot be spoken out loud.

Yes, there is an epidemic of racial violence in America, but it’s not what the race hustlers Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and Barack Obama want you to believe.

It’s precisely the opposite.

If you were a President interested in the truth you would do everything you could to stop this racial violence. But Obama isn’t interested in stopping it at all. In fact both he and Eric Holder continue to peddle their lie at every opportunity.

Obama should go back to the golf course and take Eric Holder with him. He does a lot less damage to America when he’s only paying attention to his golf swing.


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August 12, 2014

Largo High School Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus: Racist and Proud of it

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Largo High School Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus is a racist. She doesn’t fit the Obama mold, of course, since she’s black and her racism targeted a white teacher. It’s precisely the opposite of the “racial epidemic” that Obama spews about.

Jon Everhart was a good teacher. A good white teacher. He taught honours English to both juniors and seniors. He consistently received excellent evaluations and was named Teacher of the Year.

Then along came Angelique Simpson-Marcus.

She told Everhart if she ever became principal he would be the first teacher she fired.


Because he was white.

Jon Everhart filed a union grievance against Angelique Simpson-Marcus for her racist remarks, but because he is white and she is black nothing was done about it. Or at least that’s how it looks from the outside.

Had their colors been reversed the case would be a slam-dunk, but in Obama’s America we simply cannot admit there is Black Racism against Whites.

Angelique Simpson-Marcus became the principal of Prince George County High School.

That’s when Jon Everhart’s real nightmare began.

She immediately pulled him from teaching honors English. She told others Everhart was “poor white trash” and, according to Everhart, said this to students:

“[The] only reason a white teacher teaches in [Prince George’s] County is that they can’t get a job elsewhere.”

She continued her racial persecution of Jon Everhart by downgrading his evaluations from excellent to poor. She denied his transfer request to another school. In fact she was not satisfied until her continuous actions against the white teacher resulted in his being fired and his teaching certificate revoked.

Jon Everhart immediately filed a $5 million lawsuit against Simpson-Marcus and the school board for racial discrimination and, astoundingly in Obama’s America, he won.

What is baffling, however, is that despite awarding Everhart $350,000 for compensatory damages the jury in this case refused to say Everhart was forced to teach in a hostile work environment.

If your boss tells the world she will fire you “because you’re white” and consistently backs up that statement with actions damaging to your career that is a hostile work environment. I don’t care what color you are.

But… this is Obama’s America and being a white man oppressed by a black woman only gets you so far.

Had the roles been reversed and it was a white man firing a black woman in these same circumstances the result would be very different. Five million dollars is probably the tip of the iceberg of cash that defendant would receive.

But this is Obama’s America… and whites don’t suffer racism from blacks, right?

Read the entire court decision here:

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October 4, 2012

Systemic Racism inside Thunder Bay Police Services? Sure looks that way from the outside.


In our Digital Age it”s very easy to screw up.  Never more so than when [allegedly] racist Thunder Bay Police Services (TBPS) Detective John Read writes an offensive “joke” press release about the murder of Adam Yellowhead with the headline “Fresh Breath Killer Captured!!!” and then sends it out to hundreds of media outlets by “mistake”.

To quote the headline from a Globe and Mail Editorial, “Thunder Bay Police don’t understand why joking about an aboriginal murder victim is grotesque

 A 65-year-old native man, Adam Yellowhead, was found dead – murdered – in an area frequented by people who drink mouthwash to become drunk. The lead investigator for the Thunder Bay Police Service wrote a fake press release about arresting a suspected killer, intended only for the eyes of his fellow police officers. “Fresh breath killer captured!!!” But then the investigator mistakenly sent out the fake release. Oops.

Oops is an understatement!

That’s not a mistake, that’s downright offensive. I don’t care what race you are.

What’s even more offensive is the response of both Thunder Bay Police Services Chief J.P. Levesque, Police executive officer Chris Adams and Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs, who is also a member of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board.

Mayor Hobbs had the audacity to say response to the offensive email was completely “blown out of proportion.”  He went on to tell CBC Radio,

That was… uh… a joke made between detectives and it should stay in-house.  It’s got nothing to do with race, and I think for the media to make it into a racial issue is totally irresponsible.

Chris Adams said the Human Rights Complaint was “insulting” to the Thunder Bay Police Services.  Now that’s rich.

“We’re discouraged by the announcement of the complaint,” Adams said.

No doubt.  Nobody likes being called racist on the world stage.  There is a very simple remedy for that, of course… don’t act like racists!

Other words bandied about by TBPS Chief Levesque, Chris Adams and Mayor Hobbs were “insulted” and “disappointed“.

No, “insulted” is how the family of murder victim Adam Yellowhead feel.  Get it right.


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August 9, 2012

Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Aly Raisman has more class than Jacques Rogge and the entire International Olympic Committee


On August 8th I wrote about my disgust with Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC  and the entire International Olympic Committee for steadfastly refusing to honour the 40th anniversary of the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Games in 1972.

That column, titled “And the Gold Medal for Cowardice goes to…. Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee” made it clear I couldn’t comprehend why these gutless cowards can’t find it in themselves to honour athletes who were murdered on Olympic soil.  It’s a position that is truly beyond my ability to comprehend, and I’m not alone.

Turns out I’ve got some pretty good company, including the incredibly talented Aly Raisman, who dazzled audience and fans alike in her gold medal performance in the Floor Exercise.

While her athletic performance was truly breathtaking and I was among the millions dazzled by it, I quickly discovered this 18-year-old had more class than the entire International Olympic Committee combined.

In the aftermath of her victory, Aly Raisman said this to reporters:

“Having that floor music wasn’t intentional. But the fact it was on the 40th anniversary is special, and winning the gold today means a lot to me. If there had been a moment’s silence,” the 18-year-old woman told the world, “I would have supported it and respected it.”

Why is it, that in a world run by cowards willing to wet themselves at the slightest hint of anti-Islamic sentiment, it takes an 18-year-old girl to say what needs to be said to these pathetic excuses for grownups?


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August 8, 2012

And the Gold Medal for Cowardice goes to…. Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee


Do you know the name Moshe Weinberg?

No?  How about Yossef Romano?

Still nothing?

Hmmm, how about Ze’ev Friedman, David Berger, Yakov Springer, Eliezer Halfin, Yossef Gutfreund, Kehat Shorr, Mark Slavin, Andre Spitzer or Amitzur Shapira?

Still not ringing any bells?

I’m not surprised and you shouldn’t be either.

The International Olympic Committee is doing its best to ensure nobody knows the names of the 11 Israeli athletes murdered by terrorists at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany on this, the 40th anniversary of that massacre.

While every Olympics since 1972 has ignored the tragedy in Munich, never has the silence surrounding these 11 names ever been more deafening than it is right now during the London Games.

So eager to pander to muslim nations and the terror they inflict on millions of people around the globe every year, the International Olympic Committee has raised cowardice to a whole new level at London 2012 by ignoring these eleven men and worse, doing their utmost to pretend they never existed at all.

To quote Deborah E. Lipstadt’s column on Tablet Magazine, Jewish Blood is Cheap,

For the past few months there has been a concerted effort to get the International Olympic Committee to set aside one minute of silence at the opening ceremony at this year’s games to commemorate the Israeli athletes who were murdered—not killed, murdered—at the Munich games in 1972.

The games, held this year in London, are 17 days long. That’s 24,480 minutes. Despite the fact that petitioners were asking for only one of those minutes, it is now evident that their efforts have failed.

I would encourage you to read Deborah E. Lipstadt’s entire column.  She does an excellent job giving the history of the massacre and then International Olympic Committee President Avery Brundage’s disgraceful conduct during and after that terrible day.

Despite pleas from around the world to recognize these 11 athletes by devoting a whopping 1 minute of silence to them at the opening ceremonies, the International Olympic Committee preferred silence themselves, refusing to even acknowledge the requests.

How terribly… enlightened of them.

And by enlightened I mean cowardly, shameful, hypocritical and repulsive.


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April 12, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case: when political agendas are more important than the facts


The Trayvon Martin Case has become the classic example of how a political agenda can drive the reporting of a case, and in this case, twists and distorts reality to fit that agenda.

Take this photo of Trayvon Martin, for example.  This image ran with opinion pieces on this case across the world.  Well, you can’t call them reporting, since the photo is itself a fabrication designed to elicit a response.

The fact that this photo is of 12-year-old Trayvon Martin is never explained by the drive-by media.

They ran this photo with his actual age, 17, as though this is what the kid looked like on the day he died.

It’s a total lie.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s terrible that this kid lost his life.  That’s not even up for debate.  What’s wrong is that his death is being used by everyone with a political agenda to advance their anti-gun stance.

Newspapers and television stations across the globe ran this 5-year-old photo with the story to sell you on the fact that a child was killed.

A black child.

Killed by a white man.

A racially-motivated killing.

Except none of this is true, other than that Trayvon was indeed black.  That’s about the only part of the story that the drive-by media got correct.

Below is what Trayvon Martin looked like about the time he was shot and killed.  (more…)

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