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March 17, 2012

Can you get fired for wearing a symbol of your faith to work? Only if it’s a Christian symbol…


The government of Britain is about to argue before the European Court of Human Rights that because the cross or crucifix is not a “requirement” of the Christian faith, wearing a cross to work is grounds for dismissal from your job.

Wearing symbols of other religions, such as a turban or a hijab, are (of course) exempt from this absurd religious symbol restriction.   Wearing a cross will offend people, but wearing a turban or hijab or some other article of religious significance will not.  That’s the logic at play here, and it’s ridiculous.

Can you imagine going to work one day and being told that if you do not remove your cross that you would be fired?  Can you imagine the same threat being used against a Sikh, a Muslim or a Jew?

What’s next?  Will the British Government tell Jewish men that they can no longer wear a yarmulke in public?  They wouldn’t dare.

How about Wiccans or Celtic Druids?  Shall we ban them from wearing symbols of their religion and fire them if they don’t toe the line as well?

I say again, these idiots wouldn’t dare.

Freedom of Religion just doesn’t mean what it used to, that’s for sure.  Britain, the land that gave us our Common Law heritage of Rights and Freedoms through the Magna Carta and other historic documents, clearly has lost her way.

Bishop of Peterborough Donald Allister said, “It is a duty of a Christian to be public about their faith as well as private, and that is clear New Testament teaching.”

The Nanny State is in full swing in Britain and whatever nonsense goes on in Britain inevitably makes its way across the Atlantic to North America.

God save us all from this politically correct nonsense!


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August 15, 2011

Another great example of Islam: the Religion of Peace


We keep hearing from western followers of Islam how theirs is the “religion of peace“, and how they only want to peacefully co-exist with everyone else.

Setting aside that this professed attitude is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Koran, I want to talk a little about a single recent example of Islam, the  “religion of peace” in action.

I want to talk about the case of  Hiba Abdelfadil Anglo from Khartoum, Sudan.

On June 17, 2010, Hiba Abdelfadil Anglo, then just 15 years old, was abducted by a gang of Muslim men.  She was beaten until she was unconscious and then locked in a room where the leader of the gang raped her.

She was moved from location to location for months, beaten and raped as her captors saw fit and under threat of death if she tried to escape.

They insulted her family and called them “infidels.”

Her crime? She was a Christian.

In the eyes of her Muslim captors that made her sub-human and subject to their every evil desire unless and until she denied her own faith and converted to Islam.


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