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June 26, 2014

Canadian Judges and their Love Affair With Pedophiles

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Justice Nick Borkovich is one of the few Canadian judges I have any respect for when it comes to sentencing sex offenders. In 1993 he sentenced serial pedophile James Alfred Cooper, who committed the most heinous crimes imaginable, to 30 years in prison after telling him,

“You are a lowdown, mean, despicable, evil manifestation of a human being that preys on little children.”

It was Cooper’s “bad luck” he was convicted and sentenced in 1993. Had he evaded detection another couple of decades he too could skate with just a few years in prison.

Take the case of John Leonard MacKean.

John MacKean is a sexual predator. I don’t know what other term accurately describes a man who would drive to a remote cabin and pay money to another degenerate sex offender, David James Leblanc, so he could rape a boy chained up in the basement of Leblanc’s cabin.

Justice Richard Coughlan sentenced John MacKean to just 2 years in prison for this crime, but he alone is not to blame.

Crown attorney Lloyd Tancock is equally despicable, for 2 years in prison is the sentence Tancock asked for, even though he described MacKean’s crimes like this:

Just the age of the youth, the disparity in ages between the young fellow and the accused, the fact that it was under horrendous circumstances, that he knew what was going on, that it had been prearranged – it was all atrocious.”

Apparently not “atrocious” enough to keep this sexual predator behind bars for a sentence that reflects the severity of his crimes.

There is no such thing as “mitigating circumstances” in a case like this. That John Leonard MacKean was never caught before now means nothing. A 65-year-old man simply does not wake up one day and say to himself

“I think I’ll pay some jerk so I can anally rape the boy he kidnapped and chained in his basement.”

That just doesn’t happen and I will not be surprised when more kids come forward and identify this man as their offender.

Lest we forget… there is the high-profile case of former hockey coach and serial pedophile Graham Michael James, convicted in 1997 for sexually abusing Sheldon Kennedy.

His sentence: just three and a half years.

He served only 18 months.

Graham James then faced new charges for sexually abusing Theo Fleury and one other young man.

His 2 year sentence is a slap in the face to all victims of sexual predators.

One wonders what Justice P.J. Carlson thought, handing down such a pathetic sentence for a repeat sexual offender.

James, ever the scumbag, refused to accept his “harsh sentence” and appealed. Fortunately the Manitoba Court of Appeal contains judges with a little backbone. Together Madam Justice Freda M. Steel, Madam Justice Barbara M. Hamilton and Mr. Justice Alan D. MacInnes raised his sentence to 5 years.

So clearly not ALL Canadian judges have a love affair with pedophiles but it is equally clear many of our Canadian judges do. Why else do these degenerates continue to get slap-on-the-wrist prison sentences?

When the Conservative government introduces another mandatory minimum sentence for sexual predators it will be these very same pedophile-loving judges who complain loudest their precious powers of discretion were stripped away.

If they used discretion in the first place they would sentence sexual predators appropriately and we would not require Parliament to go where our pedophile-loving judges refuse to tread.

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June 10, 2014

Degenerate sex offender Charles Mzite finds favour with BC Court of Appeal


Charles Mzite is a convicted sex offender. In 2009 his trial on 4 counts of aggravated sexual assault resulted in a conviction and a 10-year prison sentence.

This depraved HIV-positive immigrant from Zimbabwe came to my attention about a year ago when his human rights complaint was tossed by BC Supreme Court Justice Harry Slade.

Mzite deliberately lied to at least 4 women, assured them repeatedly he did NOT have HIV and had sex with them. He successfully infected one of the women with the disease.

As I wrote in September 2013 in my article about the degenerate Charles Mzite:

He repeatedly violated the rights of four women, placing them all under a potential death sentence, and he did so willingly. He gave no thought to the consequences to those women or the catastrophic effect his selfish acts would have on their lives.

He misled and outright lied to these women to convince them he was not HIV-positive, and kept denying it until he was arrested. At that point he finally admitted he knew he was HIV-positive and had known it as far back as 1995.

What an utterly depraved specimen of humanity and a repulsive example of manhood.

That article also contains the full depth and breadth of the depravity of Charles Mzite, taken directly from court records in case you think I’m overstating his crimes.

While Justice Slade tossed Charles Mzite’s human rights complaint and ordered him deported, the BC Court of Appeal it its infinite stupidity just decided Mzite’s 2-year delay in filing his human rights complaint is no big deal and that the 6-month deadline for filing a complaint should not apply to Mzite.

There was some basis in this case for the decision to accept the complaint after the expiry of the six-month period afforded by the [human rights] code,” wrote Justice Peter Willock in the ruling.

It cannot be said that the decision was patently unreasonable. I would allow the appeal, set aside the order made by the judge and remit the substantive complaint for consideration by the tribunal pursuant to the code.

I can find no confirmation that Charles Mzite was ever deported, so presumably Canadian Taxpayers are still on the financial hook for feeding, housing and clothing the degenerate sex offender.

Now, thanks to the BC Court of Appeal and their lack of common sense, we are on the hook for another expensive human rights complaint where the BC Human Rights Tribunal will do what it does best.

They will undoubtedly for the complainant, hand him a massive cash settlement and leave his 4 sexual assault victims wondering why they even bothered to come forward to prosecute Charles Mzite for his heinous crimes.


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February 23, 2014

Should Arthur Topham Have Sexually Assaulted 23 Women Instead?



That may seem a strange title for an article about our legal system, but after reading about Campbell Ernest Crichton, the former Duncan, BC, physiotherapist who faces charges he sexually assaulted at least 23 of his former patients, it seems to be the correct title.

A February 21, 2014, article in The Province started thus:

A hearing has been ordered in the case of a former physiotherapist who successfully argued he was too poor to pay for a lawyer to defend himself against charges he sexually assaulted 23 female patients.

Last year Campbell Ernest Crichton of Duncan, B.C., had his charges temporarily set aside after a judge found he was indigent and needed a government-funded lawyer for the complex criminal trial.

Anyone following my writings on Freedom of Speech will be well familiar with the case of Arthur Topham, the Quesnel, BC, publisher of, and alternative news website.

Mr. Topham currently faces criminal charges under Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada for “inciting hatred” against an identifiable group.

What, you ask, is the connection between Arthur Topham’s Freedom of Speech case and an [alleged] degenerate serial sex offender?

Quite simply, neither man can afford legal counsel for their criminal trials.

In the case of the [alleged] sex offender B.C. Supreme Court Justice Keith Bracken said there was a “real and substantial” risk to Crichton’s right to a fair trial if if did not have legal counsel. As a result of that “real and substantial” risk Justice Bracken ordered Crichton be provided a government-funded lawyer.

Arthur Topham is facing criminal charges for exercising his Right to Freedom of Speech. There is no “victim” here other than a few people whose actions lead me to believe they self-identify as victims. Topham sexually assaulted nobody. He physically harmed nobody. He never forced a single person on Planet Earth to read what he wrote.

Despite those facts Arthur Topham’s right to a fair trial with adequate legal counsel seems unimportant to the very same judiciary that ruled an [alleged] serial sex offender ought to have a government-funded lawyer.

Arthur Topham is not a wealthy man. He’s a modest man living on modest means in his rural home outside of Quesnel, BC.

His application for legal aid was denied. His application for government funding under what is known as a Rowbotham Application was similarly denied.

By these standards it is far more important that a sexual deviant’s rights be safeguarded than a man who dared write a few words someone found objectionable.

That is a very dangerous precedent to set.

Sending a man to prison for the words he writes out to scare the crap out of every single writer in Canada. Sure, today it’s Topham’s views that are “politically incorrect” and therefore fair game for our legal system, but what about tomorrow? Whose views will be deemed “incorrect” then? Who will stand up for you?

Campbell Ernest Crichton is charged with sexually abusing 23 human beings. That is real, substantial physical and emotional trauma all for one sick man’s own sexual gratification.

There are real human victims.

Arthur Topham wrote an article someone didn’t like. For that the BC Hate Crimes Unit of the RCMP and the BC Attorney General want to send Mr. Topham to prison, while refusing him any chance of a true legal defense.

Shouldn’t we be far more concerned about sexual predators?

Nope. We’ll happily pay their legal fees and send that darned writer to prison.

After all, ideas are far more dangerous than sexual predators, right?

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September 29, 2013

Convicted Murderer Keith Wiens Appeals Both his Conviction and Sentence for Murder of Lynn Kalmring


Lynn Kalmring was [allegedly] murdered by her fiance, RCMP Corporal Keith Gregory WiensOn August 16, 2011 Keith Wiens shot and killed Lynn Kalmring. That is a fact undisputed by Wiens himself, who admitted to killing his common-law spouse in court.

He claimed the killing was in self-defense, a claim that was ultimately rejected by the jury as they took little time, just a few hours, to convict Wiens of second degree murder. Clearly they didn’t believe anything he said.

The sentencing hearing after his conviction made it clear Wiens ought to spend a considerable length of time in prison.

[1] THE COURT: Keith Gregory Wiens has been convicted by a jury of the second degree murder of his common law spouse, Lynn Kalmring.
[2] During the trial, Mr. Wiens testified in his own defence. He maintained that he killed Ms. Kalmring in self?defence. The jury rejected his evidence.
[3] Following the return of the verdict, the jury was asked, as required by s. 745.2 of the Criminal Code, for their recommendation as to the length of time that Mr. Wiens should serve in custody before being eligible to apply for parole. They unanimously recommended that he serve 20 years.
[4] The Crown argues that I should impose a period of 15 years of parole ineligibility. They argue that there are several aggravating circumstances. The first is that because Ms. Kalmring was Mr. Wiens’ common law spouse, killing her necessarily amounts to an abuse of her, and by virtue of s. 718.2(a)(ii), that is an aggravating circumstance. Second, the Crown argues that the fact that Mr. Wiens used a handgun, a handgun that he kept fully loaded and ready at hand, is an aggravating circumstance. Support for that proposition is said to be found in R. v. Jojic, 2012 BCCA 101 (CanLII), 2012 BCCA 101. Third, the Crown argues that the fact that Mr. Wiens shot his spouse in the face at close range and then attempted to manipulate the scene in an effort to avoid responsibility is an aggravating circumstance. Finally, the Crown argues that the unanimous recommendation of the jury is a clear signal of their view of the moral blameworthiness of Mr. Wiens.
[6] Because Mr. Wiens has been convicted of second degree murder, the sentence I must impose is one of life imprisonment. The issue now is whether the minimum period of imprisonment that he must actually serve before being eligible to apply for parole should be increased from 10 years, which is the minimum requirement set by the Criminal Code.

Ultimately the Honourable Mr. Justice Barrow decided that the minimum time for parole eligibility should be increased from the minimum to 13 years.

[33] Mr. Wiens, would you please stand up, sir.
[34] I sentence you to a period of imprisonment for life with no eligibility to apply for parole for a period of 13 years. I also order a lifetime weapons prohibition under s. 109 of the Criminal Code, and order that you provide a DNA sample under s. 487.051.

The convicted murderer is now claiming that 13 years before being eligible for parole is “excessive” given his “unblemished past.”

In addition to his claim that 13 years is “excessive” he is also appealing the conviction on the grounds Justice Barrow did not give proper weight to certain pieces of evidence.

Where is my barf bucket?

Justice Barrow was not impressed with Wiens either.

[29] I am satisfied that Mr. Wiens’ action in killing Ms. Kalmring was impulsive and was borne of anger fuelled by alcohol.

Keith Gregory Wiens ought to be grateful the judge granted him protective custody as he certainly doesn’t deserve it. He should be placed in general population with all the other wife-beaters and murderers.

Since I first wrote about the senseless murder of Lynn Kalmring her sisters have reached out to me numerous times to thank me for covering the case and for standing up for their sister. From my own personal contact with each of them I can say without hesitation the entire family still mourns the loss of Lynn.

They are justifiably angry that her killer tried (and thankfully failed) to blame Lynn for her own death. That pain and anguish also came through loud and clear in court, as they were present throughout the trial and even testified in the case.

Justice Barrow does an excellent job of honouring Lynn’s sisters, their pain and loss, and the consequences they still suffer as a result of one man’s heinous and selfish act.

[32] I have not made mention of the consequences of this senseless killing for the family of Ms. Kalmring. I have not ignored those consequences. Although no victim impact information has been provided to me, I heard Ms. Kalmring’s sister and her daughter testify. The pain and the sense of loss they both so profoundly feel was palpable. The consequences of this senseless killing do not end with Ms. Pertelson and Ms. Cummings. Ms. Kalmring’s sisters have been present throughout this trial, and the emotional cost that the killing and the subsequent attempts to avoid responsibility for it are and have been obvious. I acknowledge that sense of loss and those consequences.

I hope and pray the BC Court of Appeals refuses to hear this appeal, or if they do, they increase the time Wiens spends in prison before he is eligible for parole. With a single gunshot to Lynn Kalmring’s face this murderous ex-RCMP corporal sentenced Lynn’s family to a life of pain and torment and I see no reason whatsoever for him to be shown any more leniency than he showed Lynn or her entire family.

You can read the full sentencing statement by Justice Barrow online at

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September 28, 2013

Hypocrite and HIV-Positive Charles Mzite Complains His Rights Were Violated in BC Prison


Charles-Mzite-convicted-of-aggravated-sexual-assaultHuman Beings are a strange and hypocritical lot. Zimbabwe immigrant Charles Kokanai Mzite drove that point home when he filed a human rights act complaint against BC’s Wilkinson Road Jail for treating him unfairly.

Why does that make Charles Mzite a hypocrite?

Mzite is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence for knowingly and intentionally having unprotected sex with four Victoria area women when he knew he was HIV-positive.

He repeatedly violated the rights of four women, placing them all under a potential death sentence, and he did so willingly. He gave no thought to the consequences to those women or the catastrophic effect his selfish acts would have on their lives.

He misled and outright lied to these women to convince them he was not HIV-positive, and kept denying it until he was arrested. At that point he finally admitted he knew he was HIV-positive and had known it as far back as 1995.

What an utterly depraved specimen of humanity and a repulsive example of manhood.

In 2009 he was tried and convicted of 4 counts of aggravated sexual assault and sentenced to 10 years in prison. The full weight of his crimes are hard to fathom, although Justice Simon Noël does an admirable job.

[6] In May 2001, the Applicant came to Canada with the assistance of a Canadian woman he had met in Zimbabwe. He was initially planning on staying in Canada for six months. His relationship with this woman lasted two weeks. They formed a dance troupe in Victoria, B.C. His group acquired notoriety and it was invited to perform for Oprah Winfrey in 2007.

[7] In July 2001, the Applicant tested positive for HIV in Victoria, B.C. but never attended at the clinic for the results. The Applicant submits that he phoned the clinic and that they told him everything was fine and that he was asked to come in for post-test counselling, which he did not do.

[8] Six months after his arrival, the Applicant claimed refugee protection on the basis of his political opinion. The Applicant had refused to join the ruling political party in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Population Front [ZANU PF]. He stopped attending meetings of that political party and started to attend meetings of the opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change [MDC] party. He believed that his absence from the ZANU PF meetings was noticed as he is well-known in Zimbabwe because of his membership in a popular dance troupe. The ruling party wanted him to publicly support it.

[9] In November 2001, the Applicant married a woman (Complainant #1) who he met at the airport in Canada in May 2001. He denied being HIV positive and had unprotected sexual intercourse with her. Their relationship ended in May 2002.

[10] In April 2002, the Applicant began a relationship with another woman (Complainant #2) who also asked him if he was HIV positive. He said that he was not.

[11] On October 7, 2002, the Refugee Protection Division determined that the Applicant was a Convention Refugee. On April 3, 2003, he applied for permanent residence.

[12] In the summer of 2003, the Applicant began a relationship with another woman (Complainant #3). Again, he was asked if he was HIV positive and he answered that he was tested for immigration and that he was not.

[13] In the summer of 2004, the Applicant began a relationship with yet another woman (Complainant #4), and again, he told her that he was HIV negative.

[14] In August 2004, Complainant #3 tested positive for HIV and told the Applicant the following month. In November 2004, the Applicant tested positive for HIV again.

[15] In July 2006, the Applicant apologized to Complainant #3 and told her that he had tested positive in 1995 when he had applied for a visa to China.

[16] On September 6, 2007, the Applicant was arrested and incarcerated and has remained incarcerated since then. When questioned by the officers, he admitted knowing to be HIV positive since 1995. He was charged with four counts of aggravated sexual assault to which he pleaded not guilty.

At the end of that sordid history this degenerate has the nerve to say prison officials violated his rights. It’s laughable and absurd, and thankfully BC Supreme Court Justice Harry Slade agrees.

The BC Human Rights Code requires all complaints to be filed within 6 months of an alleged violation. Mzite waited much longer than that to file his complaint, over 2 years.

[54] As an adjudicator of the particular claim before it, the investigation of practices at VIRCC that resulted in interruptions of medication would be directed to the period of Mr. Mzite’s incarceration. If a discriminatory practice was found to exist at the time, it could not be assumed that any remedy individual to Mr. Mzite would have remedial consequences for others in his circumstances after a lapse of two years from the date of Mr. Mzite’s release from VIRCC. The weight given to the allegation of systemic discrimination in determining the public interest in accepting this extremely late-filed complaint suggests an improper purpose, namely an investigation into the practices of the provision of medication to prisoners at VIRCC as of December 2010 and later, at least twenty months after the discriminatory acts alleged by Mr. Mzite. This, coupled with the aforementioned errors in assessing the reason for delay, I find is patently unreasonable.

Mzite’s original complaint alleged that prison officials denied Mzite access to anti-viral drugs repeatedly during his 2-year stay there while he as awaiting trial on multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault.

True to form, BC Human Rights Tribunal member Marlene Tyshynski allowed the complaint because she felt it was “in the public interest to do so.” In her written decision Tshynski said the following:

[56] Mr. Mzite’s complaint raises a novel issue by a uniquely-positioned and very vulnerable individual, that is, a prisoner who is HIV positive and reliant on VIRCC Staff for Medication. I agree that this complaint offers the Tribunal a rare opportunity to address this novel and serious allegation. The systemic component of Mr. Mzite’s complaint alleges that there are currently other prisoners in the custody of B.C.

Corrections/the Ministry who face an interruption in their access to Medication. In my view, the individual and the systemic allegations in this complaint raise an issue that, if proven, could advance the purposes of the Code, in particular, preventing discrimination prohibited by the Code, and identifying and eliminating persistent patterns of inequality associated with discrimination prohibited by the Code. I consider these factors exceptional and that they weigh strongly in favour of the public interest.

[57] Considering and weighing all of the factors, I find that Mr. Mzite has established that it is in the public interest to accept his late-filed complaint.

Uh huh.

If his complaint was so “novel and serious” then there is no reason why Mzite couldn’t file it within the allotted time period, is there? Making exceptions to these deadlines, such as Marlene Tyshynski did, serves no purpose other than, perhaps, pushing a personal or organizational agenda.

In brighter news, Charles Mzite will be deported from Canada.

He attempted to have the decision reversed by judicial review, but the man convicted of 4 counts of aggravated sexual assault clearly misdiagnosed his value to Canada and the revulsion the Honourable Mr. Justice Simon Noël would have with the heinous and callous disregard Charles Mzite has for women’s safety.

[3] The facts of this case speak for themselves. The Applicant had a private relationship with four different women and despite being asked by each of them whether he had HIV, he answered negatively and proceeded to have sexual relations with each one of them. One of these encounters even lead to him contaminating one of the women with the virus. He was convicted of four counts of aggravated sexual assault.

It was CIC’s opinion that he still constitutes a danger to the public in Canada. For the purposes of a judicial review, I see no reasons in law or in fact to disagree with this finding.

In addition, CIC found that country conditions in Zimbabwe have changed considerably, that the Applicant’s profile has changed over time and that his past political affiliations no longer exist. It was also determined that the quality of HIV medical care available in Zimbabwe was adequate. Therefore, CIC concluded that it is unlikely that the Applicant would face a risk to his life, a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, or a risk of torture upon his removal to his country of birth.

I have identified no flaws in the analysis made by CIC to arrive at this conclusion.

Finally, CIC also found that the Applicant did not demonstrate a degree of establishment in Canada, be it social or economic, that would cause a disproportionate hardship should he be ordered to return to Zimbabwe. Again, the analysis followed by CIC is in accordance with what is legally required in such a situation.

There is no reason for this Court to intervene.


Send this degenerate back to his homeland. Canadian taxpayers shouldn’t pay the tab for this depraved scumbag’s medication or his incarceration.


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September 21, 2012

Convicted Sexual Predator and Former RCMP Constable Kevin Gregson refuses to apologize to the child he repeatedly raped


Former RCMP Constable Kevin Gregson is not a nice man, and now that he’s been convicted of murdering Ottawa police Constable Eric Czapnik I no longer have to put the word [alleged] in front of the terms murderer, sexual predator or child rapist.

Gregson was convicted of repeatedly raping a 10-year-old girl on September 19, 2012 by Ontario Superior Court Justice Julianne Parfett.

Justice Parfett wasted no time in pronouncing the pedophile and former RCMP constable guilty, saying that even if there hadn’t been DNA evidence she would have still convicted him on the strength of all the other evidence.

It was Gregson’s being confronted by his wife about those rapes that led directly to his murdering Ottawa Police Constable Eric Czapnik.

Gregson was convicted of Czapnik’s December 29, 2009 murder and is currently serving a 25-year sentence for that crime.

Ottawa Police Constable Eric Czapnik

What’s astounding about this case is not the depravity of Kevin Gregson; not the fact that he repeatedly raped a 10-year-old girl; not the fact that he murdered Constable Eric Czapnik for absolutely no reason; not that he attempted to stab himself in the throat when he was found out by his wife; certainly not the fact that he expresses no remorse for any of it or will even admit he killed Eric Czapnik.

All of that pathetic behaviour is to be expected.  Depraved individuals like Kevin Gregson generally refuse to take responsibility for their heinous actions.  It’s just who they are.

No, what’s truly astounding about this case is the response of the young girl that Kevin Gregson repeatedly raped when she was just 10 years old.

Moments after he was convicted by Justice Parfett and sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crime, the now-13-year-old girl offered the convicted pedophile forgiveness.

She had only one requirement: that he apologize.

She prepared a statement that she tried reading to him but she broke down in tears just two lines in.  Who can blame her?  It was incredibly courageous of her to even try speaking to her sexual violator at all.


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August 30, 2012

Bakersfield Cop Tries Trading Sex for Return of Stolen Property and Rapes Burglary Victim


Isn’t it great when, after you have been victimized by thieves, the cops come along and victimize you all over again?  That’s [allegedly] the case in Bakersfield, California, where Bakersfield Police Officer Patrick Lefler was arrested after trying to extort sexual favours from a woman he was sent to help.

Instead of actually returning the stolen property to the young woman as he was supposed to, Bakersfield Police Officer Patrick Lefler instead threatened to withhold the woman’s property unless she had sex with him.

He waited over a week to book the woman’s property into police evidence… I suppose because he was hoping to get a positive response to his text messages to the woman first.  What a complete scumbag.

Naturally, he is now on a paid vacation (aka administrative leave) for his disgusting deeds, a standard practice when police are accused of crimes.

It has also come to light that this same cop, Bakersfield Police Officer Patrick Lefler, is now accused of raping a burglary victim while he was on duty.  It’s frighteningly similar circumstances to rapist cop Ladmarald Cates, the Milwaikee Police Officer who raped a young woman while responding to a 911 call from her residence.  Thankfully that piece of human garbage is now serving a 20-year prison sentence for his crimes.

A lot of times people will submit to government authority, it’s not really done by violence, the force or violence is the status of the public official,” said Defense Attorney Kyle Humphrey.

Unfortunately for Lefler’s [alleged] rape victim there will be no such justice in her case.  The Kern County District Attorney’s office is refusing to charge Patrick Lefler for any crimes, stating that while his conduct was “professionally reprehensible” it was not necessarily criminal.

I’m sure that’s a great comfort to Lefler’s rape victim… that while what he did to her was “reprehensible” it wasn’t against the law.

It was the same thing in Ladmarald Cates’ case.  The DA refused to press charges.  It was only the tenacity of Cates’ rape victim to see justice done that Cates was finally brought to justice.  It sickens me that another rape victim must now go through the same thing because of another cowardly district attorney.

Perhaps the Kern County District Attorney ought to be subjected to Lefler’s unwanted sexual abuses.  Maybe then Patrick Lefler might face criminal charges…

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August 10, 2012

Police release map showing Convicted sexual sadist Donald Bakker is living in downtown Abbotsford, BC

Convicted sexual sadist Donald Bakker

While Abbotsford Police cannot release his exact home address, they have released a map showing the neighbourhood where convicted sexual sadist Donald Bakker is living.

Public safety is the Abbotsford Police Department’s highest priority,” said Const. Ian MacDonald in a press release.

We previously shared information about Bakker because we believe that the citizens of Abbotsford have a right to be informed when exceptional circumstances such as these arise.”

Convicted Sexual Sadist Donald Bakker

I wrote about Donald Bakker on June 8, 2012 and compared his treatment by police as compared to another serial sexual offender, RCMP Sgt. Don Ray.

In Ray’s case the RCMP steadfastly refuses to divulge where Ray is stationed but didn’t waste a moment to release information about Donald Bakker’s whereabouts.

Hypocritical to say the least, but sadly that’s what we’ve come to expect from our tarnished national police force.

It’s not that I’m against being told where a man like Donald Bakker is currently living; I’m not.

In fact I believe we should have ready access to where every convicted sexual offender is living once released from prison.  Knowing this information helps us keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.  It’s that simple.  Does releasing this information make life more difficult for convicted sexual predators?  Undoubtedly, but they’re feelings are hardly my first concern; the safety of our children far outranks that.

Men like Donald Bakker are not going to change.   Convicted of sexually abusing 7 Cambodian girls ranging in age from 7 to 14 as well as abusing several Vancouver sex trade workers, Bakker served his entire 7 year sentence while refusing all attempts at rehabilitation.  He is not interested in changing.

He will, no doubt, offend again and is what Abbotsford Police call “a dangerous sex offender with a high risk to re-offend.”

After his release from prison Bakker tried living in Penticton but could not find anywhere to live.  Big surprise.  I can’t imagine anyone willingly renting an apartment or home to a convicted sex offender, can you?

Convicted Sexual Sadist Donald Bakker Map

Abbotsford Police are asking citizens to make themselves familiar with Bakker’s photo and to report any infringements of his court-ordered restrictions.  Those restrictions are:

1. No contact, direct or indirect, with anyone under the age of 18.

2. Not to attend public parks or public swimming areas where persons under 18 years of age could reasonably be expected to be present.

3. No contact with sex trade workers.

4. Not to possess any electronic device that connects to the internet.

5. Not to possess any weapons as defined by the Criminal Code or any tool or device that can be used for restraint.

6. Abide by a curfew of 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.

“He [Donald Bakker] needs to know that if he’s not behaving himself, the eyes of the community will be watching,” Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman told The Province Thursday.



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June 11, 2012

Convicted Serial Rapist Captain Christopher Lammens sentenced to 15 years in military prison


Captain Christopher Lammens of the United States Air Force was sentenced to 15 years in military prison and a total forfeiture of all pay and allowances after being convicted of multiple sexual offenses against young girls in at least two states.

The charges were brought while Lammens was stationed at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia, but some of his crimes were committed while he was stationed at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

According to news reports

Captain Christopher Lammens was found guilty by a panel of officers of violating Article 120, rape, Article 120, carnal knowledge with a female over the age of 12 but under age 16, and Article 134, indecent acts with a female over the age of 12 but under age 16. He was acquitted of a charge of violation of Article 120, aggravated sexual contact.

It would appear by the charges he was convicted of that Christopher Lammens likes young girls.  Given the crimes were committed while he was stationed at two US Air Force bases one is left wondering how many victims there actually are.

It’s not like Lammens was 18 and his victims were 15… he is now 36 years old, so his penchant for little girls is, to say the least, disturbing.   On the bright side, he will be 50 years old by the time he leaves military prison so the kids are safe from him until then.

The Air Force and Moody Air Force Base have a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct,” said Col. Billy Thompson, commander of the 23d Wing at Moody Air Force Base. “We expect the highest personal and professional standards of our servicemen and women. When members do not meet those standards, the military justice system holds them accountable for their actions.”

While I have no doubt that Col. Thompson is sincere when he says the Air Force has a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct, one has to wonder why it took so long for Captain Christopher Lammens to be brought to justice and if he was transferred out of Randolph Air Force Base instead of being dealt with properly there.

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June 8, 2012

RCMP Sgt. Don Ray and Donald Bakker: two sexual offenders treated very differently by RCMP Brass


Most people, at least here in British Columbia, are familiar with the case of disgraced RCMP Staff Sgt. Don  Ray.  He’s the former head of Edmonton RCMP’s polygraph unit who liked to party and have sex with co-workers in his office.  His sexual misconduct dates back at least as far as 2006, according to news reports.

After Staff Sgt. Don Ray was demoted one rank to sergeant and given, wait for it, a 10 day suspension, he was transferred to British Columbia where, we are assured, his superiors will “keep an eye on him.”

Yeah, whatever.

Sgt. Don Ray is protected from public scrutiny by his RMCP superiors including RCMP Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens who assures us Ray will be monitored closely.

What exactly do I mean when I say he is being protected by RCMP brass?  Specifically, that the RCMP refuses to say where Sgt. Don Ray has been stationed here in BC.

To quote my friend Don Laird in a recent email exchange on the subject of the disgraced Mountie:

The reality is that if he (Sgt. Don Ray) had done this in a playground, in any other workplace or in any other setting he would have been arrested, charged, convicted and, potentially, labeled as a sexual predator or offender by law enforcement with the requirement to inform local authorities of his presence. Further, he would not be allowed in the presence of children, etc.  The corporation/company he was working for would have fired him and his affected co-workers would have commenced lawsuits against him either through tribunals or litigation.

Instead he has been allowed to carry on unchecked…….and allowed to retain his position of trust and authority…..this is outrageous. (more…)

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May 16, 2012

Alleged Sexual Predator Shalendra Kumar Sharma released from custody


File # 2012-53049
2012-05-11 11:36 PDT

[Alleged] sexual predator Shalendra Kumar SHARMA, 43, of Surrey, BC, was released from custody on May 9, 2012, and is now awaiting trial for sexual assault and other violent crimes against women. Additional victims and information about Mr. Sharma is being sought by investigators who are also warning women and the general public that Sharma is dangerous and extreme caution should be taken if he is encountered.

Sharma was recently charged with four counts of sexually assaulting four different women, from 1994 to 2011. He is also charged with four counts of confining the women, and one count of kidnapping. In the two incidents from 2011 Sharma is also charged with two counts of assault, and one count of uttering threats.

On December 4, 2011, the Burnaby RCMP was made aware of a possible sexual assault and robbery against a woman who had been taken to a Burnaby location from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and began working closely with the Vancouver Police Department.

A second assault occurred in Burnaby on December 18, 2011, which police believed was linked to the December 4 assault. Again, the Burnaby RCMP and Vancouver PD investigators worked closely together, cross-referencing files in PRIME and other police databases. The work of a VPD sex crimes analyst allowed key pieces of the puzzle to be linked together across multiple jurisdictions. (more…)

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March 22, 2012

Dr. Mohamed Kadirsahib: Manitoba doctor sexually assaulted patients who came to him for help

sexual predator

Sexual predators come in all shapes, sizes and occupations.

The most heinous cases are, of course, those where the sexual criminal takes advantage of their position of authority over their victims, such as former Shreveport, LA Assistant City Administrator Richard Seaton did with a 18-year-old high school student on December 27, 2010.  In that case the rapist, Richard Seaton, didn’t know the victim but used his position of authority within the city government to coerce his victim into going with him.

While that case is horrible and tragic for everyone concerned, it pales in comparison to the abuse of trust committed by Dr. Mohamed Kadirsahib, a Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, doctor who took advantage of his trusted position to sexually abuse at least one of his patients.

A doctor is one of the few strangers we allow to touch our bodies.  We place our trust in doctors because they are supposed to be there to help us, to keep us safe and make us well when we are ill.  But what happens when they believe they can do anything they want, simply because they are a doctor?

That seems to be the case with Dr. Mohamed Kadirsahib.

A female patient was in his office in the Lac du Bonnet Health Centre on March 17, 2009 complaining of a recurring cough and he decided he would do as he pleased with her body while she was there.

Fortunately the woman he molested was strong-willed and willing to confront his behavior and report it to both  the RCMP and the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Judge Sid Lerner called his actions a “protracted sexual assault committed under the guise of a medical examination.”


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March 18, 2012

Richard “Rick” Seaton: The embodiment of two deadly sins, lust and covetousness


richard-seaton Richard Seaton was the chief administrative officer for the city of Shreveport when he decided to rape a young woman on the couch in the Mayor’s office. When he was done with her, he dropped his victim off at a downtown casino as if nothing had happened.

She called police and reported the rape. Seaton was arrested a short time later.

K.W., the Florida teenager who cannot be identified, was intoxicated at the Independence Bowl on December 27, 2010, which she attended with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was arrested outside the stadium and taken away. The 18-year-old female was placed on a shuttle bus by Shreveport Police, who had called for the shuttle to take her back to HER hotel room to await her boyfriend’s release.

Somewhere during this chain of events Richard Seaton took notice of the 18-year-old Florida highschool student and decided he had to have sex with her. Lust and Covetousness overtook Richard Seaton and he decided then and there that having sex with this young woman was more important than everything else in his life.

Video footage shows he walked onto the shuttle, spoke briefly with the young woman and then they left together. He drove her to the City Jail, presumably to check on her boyfriend, then to the Shreveport Mayor’s office where he forced her to have sex with him on the Mayor’s couch.

Richard Seaton will now spend the next 15 years at hard labor thinking about how he let two deadly sins run rampant in him for a few short hours; hours that he cannot take back; hours that ruined his entire life; hours that he will pay for with blood and sweat for the next 15 years.

He must also register as a sex offender when he is released from prison.

“I cheated on my marriage and I know that was wrong,” he told Caddo District Judge Ramona Emanuel in the afternoon court session.

“I had sex with K.W. and I apologize for that. I had sex in the workplace, more specifically on the Mayor’s couch. I apologize to Mayor Glover for that. I’ve embarrassed myself, my family and my city. I am embarrassed by my behavior.”

Unfortunately, even some church-going people can’t seem to comprehend the nature of sin or what the Bible says about it. Despite the court’s verdict of guilty and Seaton’s admission of what he did, Carol McDaniel, identified as a former church-goer with Richard Seaton, publicly excused his actions.


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