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April 25, 2012

Mining Study Cuts to the Core


(Originally published in the Yukon News, March 20, 2000)

Dutch Van Tassell Photo, 2009

“When you push somebody far enough, they will stand up and fight. If they don’t fight for their rights, then they are done for. They are slaves.”
— Jim McFaull (1952 to 2012) —


Private property ownership is the cornerstone of any free society. The land issues the late Jim McFaull held insightfully under study and discussion for many years help serve as more examples of how the United Nations’ Agenda 21 is working stealthily under the radar in tandem with federal, provincial, state and community governments to transfer all privately-owned property into public domain that will ultimately be placed under control of a one-world government. Ironically, he faced much opposition from his mining colleagues who don’t know or care that they have rights and are not going to fight for them. They just want to work under a “fashionable” Agenda 21 phrase:”Go along to get along”. JG


A blizzard of conflicting legislation and regulations blanketing this territory has eroded the miner’s rights to enter, locate, prospect and mine a claim, says a study released on February 28, 2000.

Report on the Yukon Quartz Mining Act and its Regulatory Regime’s Impact on the Free Entry System of Mining Law delivers what the title promises. (download PDF)

Author Jim McFaull has tackled the complex legal issue head-on. But the 50-page document is far from dry stuff.

McFaull is an accomplished writer and communicator. He has stitched the story together with simple language and an easy style so the layman can comprehend the text. (more…)

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February 15, 2012

Gun Owners Continue to Face Criminal Charges for a Law That Doesn’t Exist


I am flipping tired of the unmitigated hubris that continues to spur Canada’s game-playing cops and court system in their indefatigable zeal to prosecute innocent gun owners with the same pesky, recycled sections of the Canadian Firearms Act.

In order to demonize gun owners to the hilt, the Government of Canada saw its way clear, at the behest of the United Nations, to dump the unlawful, unconstitutional, non-Charter-proofed Canadian Firearms Act of 1995 into the Criminal Code of Canada, ironically behind the Constitution Act 1982, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms centrepiece, which is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.

Turning ordinary citizens into criminals is obscene.

Under the Firearms Act, a person’s Charter right to be “presumed innocent until proven guilty” is turned wrongside out with a reverse onus provision: a gun owner is GUILTY until proven GUILTY.

Seldom, if ever, do the courts acquit a person tried for firearms infractions. The judges’ thinking is ‘if you’re not guilty you wouldn’t be here.’

Note: See Christopher di Armani’s excellent column herein for a list of 11 constitutional infractions committed between the covers of the Canadian Firearms Act: “Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant understands why gun owners hate the Firearms Act. Pity the Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, isn’t listening to her.”

In one example, No. 11, Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant said:

“...Bill C-68 allows for both military and foreign enforcement as well, but with no other part of the Canadian Criminal Code enforceable by the military, especially a foreign military. We wondered why that one was added. The truth is this provision was included to legitimize the future presence of foreign troops on our land.”

She then asked the salient question:

“Why would Canada ever need foreign troops enforcing Canadian gun laws?”

The “foreign troops” refers to militaries based in every country of the world that are in the process of being replaced with a One-World Military. It is part of the United Nations’ machinations to spread a One World Government around the planet. A global military will have the international power to ultimately confiscate firepower from the world’s total population, except for the police and military–a game plan which Canadian Firearms Act architects, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his eager Liberals, salivated to enforce during their reign.

The rub is that Canada would stick its head in a fiery furnace if the United Nations told Canada to do so.


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March 20, 2011

Another Illegal RCMP Search tossed out of court

Dwayne Carron was being pretty dumb.  He was caught speeding.  And not just “speeding”… but speeding 65 kms over the posted speed limit.  That’s  just begging for trouble, and trouble is exactly what Mr. Carron got.

He was pulled over by Constable Allan Douglas Roberts, who proceeded to illegally search Mr. Carron’s vehicle, first by reaching into the glove box searching for paperwork, then by searching the entire vehicle after viewing the pictures found on a digital camera that was in the glove box. (more…)

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March 19, 2011

Governments Want Total People Control

“Unbelievable” was my first reaction when I started reading about the Polk Parkway tollbooth in the Tampa area that doesn’t like cash.

As I read on, I realized this was more than a government snafu; it was another blatant display of people-control where the taxpayers are both the victims and financiers of the same criminal enterprise.

Am I surprised to hear that a government agency is breaking the law? It happens all the time.

Still, it makes one itch to break somebody’s neck. But governments don’t have heads with brains, therefore, there is no need for a neck.

Governments are just massive bodies which renders them difficult to attack.

Yet, for the last eight months, Joel Chandler has been doing a valorous job of needling the government agency.

“If it’s secret, it’s legal,” is the mantra for governments worldwide.

Thus, this tollbooth practice was kept secret because nobody had the courage to confront the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) that had the chutzpah to deny its illegal policies–well, that is until Chandler rolled into the toll plaza one day for his unintended education. (more…)

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