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October 7, 2012

Pamphlets For The Prophet: An Islamic Thanksgiving Present


Hello there……. it’s me again….. Don Laird….

From M.D.S.C (Muslim Delicate Sensibility Central), Calgary, Alberta, comes a wave of self-righteous indignation in the form of a couple thousand muhammadans, disciples of the madman himself, boiling out of mosques across Calgary, hitting the streets to spread the truth of islam, the religion of peace.

Please watch the video… It’s quite illuminating…

And please listen very carefully to the thinly veiled threats issued by Calgary imam Nasir Mahmood Butt as he threatens the peace and quiet of Canada… Telling us we should know about “the life of the prophet of islam”…. Not realizing, of course, that is the problem…..

We already know the madness and mayhem that was the “life of the prophet“….

This, sadly, resembles, not revelations of truth, but rather the unchecked spread of gonorrhea and crabs in a brothel…..(please forgive my bias….)

Of course it warrants mentioning that Calgary is also home to a vicious little worm, an overly litigious, puffed up little Pakistani viper, the infamous Syed Soharwardy; a pompous little bottom-feeder who availed himself of millions of taxpayers dollars to assuage his easily bruised muslim sensibilities by dragging Ezra Levant through the A.H.R.I ( Alberta Human Rights Inquisition) for the publication of cartoons in the Western Standard magazine.

Calgary is also home to the little warm and fuzzy worshippers of islam, Muslims of Calgary. This is a collection of islamic sophisticates who, drunk with the love of inclusion, tolerance and multiculturalism, instruct their flock to “avoid all contact with the kuffar and infidels“.

Further, these malevolent little worms also provide instruction to the male members of their congregation on the art of “disciplining their wives“…….loosely translated…..”How To Kick The Ass Of A Bitch Who Has Forgotten Her Place… (and not leave a mark).

Ahhhh…..yes……Calgary, Alberta, Canada…. home to islam…..the religion of peace….what exactly is it about good weather, a stunning view of the Rockies and economic prosperity that has our muslim friends so incapable of actually living up to the spirit of Canada’s success; democracy, human rights, freedom of conscience, thought, speech and assembly, the rule of law…..oh yeah…..and getting along with your neighbours?


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October 2, 2012

Canadian Islamic Hypocrisy at its finest…


This video clip is of an anti-American demonstration in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where Muslims marched on the American Embassy.  Look for the two enormous lies that the Tonto imam peddles in the hopes that nobody will notice.

In case you missed them…

1. “Free speech does not give you a right to go and attack somebody’s faith.”

Yes. It does. In fact that is the entire purpose of free speech. It’s not that free speech allows you to say how nice the weather is, when you meet your lover at the cafe. It is that it allows you quite specifically to attack someone’s faith whether that is religious, political and even scientific. That is not just a side effect of free speech. It is the actual purpose of it.

2. “If anyone would be attacking the Christian faith or the Jewish Faith Muslims would be hand and hand with them.”

Well, since pretty much 99% of all the attacks on Christians and Jews for being Christians and Jews are in fact by Muslims then, of course, this point is rather questionable.

Its rather amazing what will draw a muslim or a herd of muslims out of the woodwork isn’t it? Not human rights, not the mass extermination of Jews, not the murder or disfiguring of little girls……. but the bruised sensibilities of thin-skinned, child molesting, homicidal, fanatical imams and mullahs will move mountains won’t they????

The rabid edicts of puffed up, mutton molesting, bearded islamic blowhards and windbags will bring them out in droves………… go figure!!!!

Where were these self righteously indignant people during the trial of the Toronto 18?

Where were these people during the trial of Mohammad Shafia?

Where were these people when the islamic misunderstander Mouna Diab was arrested in Montreal?

Where were these people when arrest warrants were put out for the Al-Shabab supporters in Winnipeg?

Where were these people when a muslim madman (excuse the redundancy) entered a ready-room in Ft Hood screaming Allah Ackbar-God is Great!!! and murdered 13 people in cold blood including an unborn child?

Where were these people when a terrified woman, the sexual plaything of two Taliban men, was knelt down and then, after a terrifying display of poor marksmanship, had her skull blown open by a few rounds from a Kalashnikov?

Where were these people when little Neha Munir, a 5 year old Pakistani girl who suffered the love of allah and was repeatedly raped to the point of near death?

Where were these people when countless women and girls suffer the love of their muslim husbands and in-laws and have acid thrown in their faces for the unspeakable crime of wanting an education?

Where were these people when the last ragged gasps of a self-immolated woman bid her farewell from a lifetime of being beaten senseless in accordance with her muslim husband’s bruised ego and the edicts of the lunatic muhammad?

Where were these people in the hours, days, week and months that followed the World Trade Center bombings (both of them)?

Where were these people during the trial of that muslim sophisticate who murdered his daughter Aqsa Parvez??

They were….. where all muslims are found when the truth of islam needs to be confronted………. hiding under the rock of hypocrisy…… their home away from home.

The reality, and I am so very glad these people came out to march, is that muslims, the catatonic devotees of the cancerous ideology of islam, are a sneering, hostile, treacherous, ungrateful, murderous, treasonous, threatening, deceitful, backward, barbarous, savage and duplicitous mass of humanity that is completely incompatible with Western culture and society and all of our values.


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