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July 26, 2012

Warren Kinsella is “a fucking idiot” who despises YOUR Rights and Freedoms


Warren Kinsella, touted as a “Liberal badboy“, showed his true colors a week ago on his blog and again last night on Sun TV.

Warren Kinsella despises your Liberty.  Warren Kinsella despises your Charter Rights.  Warren Kinsella believes you have absolutely no right to defend yourself from a violent attacker, especially if you’re using a handgun to do so.

Warren Kinsella despises you, too, if you have the audacity to believe the first line of defense against violent criminals is you, the person actually present when the violent criminal strikes, and not the police.

A week ago the moronic Kinsella wrote the following:

If you don’t favour a ban on private ownership of handguns, you’re a fucking idiot

Obviously Warren Kinsella can’t comprehend the simple truth that criminals don’t obey laws.  That is why, after all, they’re referred to as criminals.

Warren Kinsella can’t comprehend that it’s already illegal for a person to merely point a firearm at another human being, let alone shoot them with one!

Nope, according to Kinsella, a handgun ban will solve all the world’s problems.

Warren Kinsella is a moron.

He naively believes that if we disarm the good people, namely law-abiding citizens, that the bad people, namely violent criminals who kill people in shopping malls and at block parties, will magically behave like decent human beings.

That’s not gonna happen.

Kinsella refuses to acknowledge proven studies like John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime”, which proves that firearms in civilian hands makes for a safer society.

He believes Ian Thomson of Port Colbourne, Ontario, should have just stood there like a good little Liberal and dialed 9-1-1 while three masked thugs attempted to kill him by burning his house down around him with Molotov cocktails.

It goes without saying that both Ian Thomson and I believe quite differently, and that it’s Warren Kinsella, not a handgun owner, who is the “fucking moron“.


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February 11, 2012

Vigilantism vs Self-Defense: Why Bob Rae is a buffoon completely out of touch with reality


Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae is the perfect Liberal.  He hates his fellow citizens and believes the State should, indeed MUST be all-powerful, especially when it comes to a monopoly of force.  It is the state and ONLY the state who should be able to use force to repel attackers, not mere citizens.

For those of us of the lesser class, i.e. not a Liberal politician or a Prime Ministerial wannabe, and who must rely on ourselves and not armed bodyguards of the state, the Ian Thompson case takes on very special significance.  If he is convicted of the unsafe storage charges he currently faces, then the rest of us too, are doomed, should our lives be threatened as his was.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll know that in the early morning hours of August 22, 2010, Port Colborne, Ontario resident Ian Thomson used a legally-owned and registered handgun to fire warning shots over the heads of the three murderous cretins (no relation to our former prime minister) who were attempting to kill him by burning down Mr. Thomson’s home with him inside it.

The police and Crown prosecutors have decided that saving his own life is not acceptable behaviour.  Instead, Crown prosecutors seem to be content that Ian Thomson should have dialed 9-1-1 and then promptly died at the hands of his attackers, like a good little sheeple.

A police officer actually had the gall to say that Thomson was able to retrieve his firearms “too quickly”, therefore he was obviously guilty of the unsafe storage of firearms.

It’s an asinine comment and an even more asinine conclusion to draw.  Ian Thomson’s life was in immediate and imminent danger from three men caught on video cameras screaming death threats and tossing Molotov cocktails at his home.  It was only his ability to retrieve his firearms and fire a couple of warning shots to scare off his would-be murderers that allows Ian Thomson to be alive to suffer the abusive prosecution he is currently facing, not to mention the moronic comments of that policeman and now Bob Rae.

This is beyond absurd.  If an inmate inside a maximum security prison can use a concealed weapon to kill another inmate according the the Supreme Court of Canada (R. v. Kerr, [2004] 2 S.C.R. 371, 2004 SCC 44), then why can’t a man with no criminal record and a legally-owned firearms defend his life against three men actively trying to murder him?

Interim Liberal Party Leader and Chief Fantasy-land Dweller Bob Rae believes that what Ian Thomson did is best characterized as “vigilantism”, making Bob Rae about the only Canadian who is this mind-numbingly stupid.


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October 3, 2011

Zero Tolerance for Crimes Against Good People


A friend, who has followed my writing for 30 years, recently suggested that I package my articles into a one-volume tome and title it “I Told You So”.

While mulling over that vain idea to see if it had merit, I did come across a couple of pertinent pieces “Zero Tolerance for Crimes Against Good People” and another writer’s supporting piece “We Must Be Able to Defend Our Homes”.

I thought both were worthy of recycling as companions to my October 1 post “Everyone’s Home is His Castle and Fortress” and to Christopher di Armani’s September 28th post “Ontario Crown Counsel and OPP Finally Find Some Common Sense”.

“This is rich! The state is more worried about
protecting the trespasser from the property owner, than
legally allowing the property owner to defend himself against
intruders; if the trespasser and burglar happen to be a youth,
the courts are directed by a lenient revised Young Offenders
Act not to bother prosecuting.”

Jane Gaffin, 2009

Source: Justice Served Up Yukonslavia Style: The Shameful Conspiracy Behind the Allen Carlos Trilogy, page 649

A group of angry Whitehorse residents trooped out of Courtroom 5 and gathered in the hallway on the morning of Wednesday, September 6 (2000). The victims and their friends were totally disgusted with the judiciary system–for more than one reason.


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May 11, 2011

Dialing 9-1-1 will not save your life… it’s sad but true

The majority of Canadians believe the police are there to protect them.  It’s a lie promoted incessantly by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and other political organizations that want a monopoly on the use of force in Canada.

What’s the first thing you hear from police spokes-ninnies when someone has the audacity to defend themselves against a violent criminal?

“You should let the police handle that.”


Loretta Lavalley

Tell that to Loretta Lavalley.

Oops… you can’t.  She’s dead.

The 9-1-1 operator she called just as she was about to be brutally raped and murdered listened to the entire brutal assault go down… powerless to do anything about it.

Christopher Hurd broke into Loretta Lavalley’s apartment late on November 29th, 2008, then repeatedly raped her before strangling her to death while her hands were tied behind her back.

Somehow Loretta managed to get her cell phone and dial 9-1-1 just before being attacked, but it didn’t help her.  It didn’t help her at all.


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