September 21, 2011

Finding a cop who actually knows and respects the law? Priceless!

Officer Matt Lyons

It’s such a beautiful sight to behold in today’s raging wannabe police-state culture: a policeman who not only knows the law, but respects a citizen for invoking his rights.

Officer Matt Lyons, Badge Number 1093, of the Oceanside Police Department was recorded stopping a man who was legally openly carrying a handgun as he walked down the street in Oceanside, California.

It’s such a refreshing change to, for example, Chicago police officer John Killackey.  Killackey is the thuggish little jerk who got drunk, pulled his gun and threatened to shoot a cab driver in the face for daring to ask for the cab fare.

Naturally his commanding officer, a moronic man named Sergeant Robert Peabody, arrived on scene, handed Killackey back his gun and then refused to allow the cab driver to even file a complaint. No wonder Chicago is known as the City of Corruption!

Back to California, where there is at least one good and decent cop alive and kicking!

Yes, it is legal in California to openly carry an unloaded handgun.  Normally though, the cops captured on video seem to not know or care about that, so it is incredibly refreshing to see Officer Matt Lyons do his job with such professionalism and respect for his fellow citizen.

It’s so against the norm.  Police have increasingly become, generally speaking, agents of terror in our post 9/11 era.

Every single citizen is viewed as “the enemy”, and any who dare exercise their Rights are just terrorists-in-waiting.

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