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October 6, 2011

Keith Gregory Wiens: Another BC Justice System Outrage

Lynn Kalmring was murdered by her fiance, ex-RCMP Corporal Keith Gregory Wiens

There’s nothing more heinous than a man murdering his wife, and nothing outrages the public more than releasing that [alleged] murderer on bail, apparently just because he’s an ex-RCMP member.

I’ve written alot about the double-standard for treatment of [alleged] criminals and ex-RCMP Corporal Keith Wiens is yet another stunning example of why British Columbia needs to get rid of the RCMP.

Were the [alleged] murderer you or me… you know… just some regular person, there wouldn’t be any hope of being released on bail.  The double-standard for RCMP treatment that applies even to their retired members comes to the rescue for Keith Wiens though, doesn’t it?  Like all RCMP members both past and present he’s just “a little more equal” than the rest of us.

Lynn Kalmring was allegedly murdered by her fiance, RCMP Corporal Keith Wiens

On August 16th, 2011 Lynn Kalmring was shot and killed in the home she shared with her fiance, ex-RCMP Corporal Keith Gregory Wiens.

Cause of Death: a single gunshot to the head.

Keith Wiens was arrested at the scene of the crime by Penticton RCMP members and despite the seriousness of the crime, it seems he’s been treated with kid gloves ever since.

His bail was set at a pathetic $50,000, which tells us exactly what figure the [in]Justice System places on Lynn Kalmring’s life.

That is beyond pathetic.  It is an outrage.

Like I said, you or I would be sitting in a jail cell until our trials in all probability.  We certainly wouldn’t be getting released on $50 grand bail after shooting our spouse in the head!

There’s nothing quite like the arrogance of a lawyer to point out the double-standard and then defend it.


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July 23, 2011

Ottawa Police threaten to take her son away unless she consents to search. Justice Heidi Polowin rules that’s okay.

Come Back with a Warrant

There are days that our [alleged] justice system makes me want to puke. Today is one of those days. In a ruling that baffles my brain, Ontario Superior Court Justice Heidi Polowin ruled that despite being “ganged up on” and threatened by police and a Children’s Aid Society worker that they would take away her one-year-old son, the resulting illegal search, called a “significant” breach of her Charter Rights, was still okay.

Justice Polowin decided that the police hadn’t intended to illegally search for a firearm when they went to the woman’s home.

The woman refused to allow them to search her home, presumably until they got a search warrant. For that she was threatened and coerced into choosing between allowing police to search her home or lose her child.

What kind of choice is that?

More to the point, what kind of jerk cops stoop to such disgusting tactics as this, simply because they are apparently too lazy (?) to get a search warrant?


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June 19, 2011

Former Crown Attorney Anne Calder guilty of drug trafficing and smuggling drugs into prison

Anne Calder is a former Nova Scotia Crown Attorney and defense lawyer.  On July 14th, 2009 she delivered drugs to her client inside the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

She got caught.  She went to trial, where she tried claiming she was not able to make rational decisions due to stress and other factors.

[70] Dr. Rosenberg’s testimony was called to support a conclusion that Ms. Calder’s diagnosis, and the various stressors in her life, somehow deprived her of the level of intent required for a conviction.  Given my findings of fact on the critical issue, Dr. Rosenberg’s evidence does not have that effect.  I can accept that Ms. Calder’s mental and physical health, as well as her many stressors, might have impacted on her resolve.  I can also accept that these factors may have dimmed Ms. Calder’s view of consequences.  However, that does not equate to a lack of intent.  Ms. Calder knew she was being asked to traffic to Mr. Izzard, was ambivalent about it for some time and then decided to take her chances on not getting caught.  This decision was misguided but rationally made after considering the balance between her sense of guilt and her view of the risks.


The judge found her guilty on all counts.

On Friday, June 17th, 2011 she was in Nova Scotia Supreme Court to face sentencing for her crimes.


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April 24, 2011

Are the New Brunswick Crown Prosecutors completely out of touch?

I seriously have to ask the question: Are New Brunswick’s Crown Prosecutors completely out of touch?

I feel compelled to ask this question after hearing about another bizarre decision they’ve made.   The latest case is of 18-year-old Wayne Heighton of Oromocto, New Brunswick.  That’s just down the road from Burton, New Brunswick’s Lawrence Manzer, the man that Crown Prosecutors are charging with “weapon dangerous” for having his unloaded shotgun on his front porch.

If you’re not familiar with that case, check out Katey Montague’s video on the Lawrence Manzer case.  You’ll be horrified and disgusted at the way he’s being railroaded by a so-called justice system bent on rewarding criminals and punishing the good citizens of our country.

But, as usual, I digress…


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April 17, 2011

Is anyone surprised that the BATF lied about ordering gun stores to sell to straw purchasers?

The BATF is arguably the most corrupt US federal agency, willing to hang anyone and everyone out to dry if it serves their internal anti-gun agenda. Is anyone really surprised that the BATF lied about ordering gun stores to sell to straw purchasers?

In the wake of the shooting death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry with firearms traced to a US gun store, the accusations flew fast and furious, eclipsed only by the level of BATF and Justice Department denials that they had anything to do with it.


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March 31, 2011

Shoot a man, get RELEASED from prison??? Only in Canada

Only in Canada can this kind of stupidity go on.  Our so-called “justice” system is so completely broken that only here would we let someone OUT of prison for the crime of shooting another human being.

Curtis Andrew Furlotte has been sitting in jail since he was arrested last December for shooting someone.   Last week at his sentencing hearing, the judge RELEASED him from jail.

For the crime of shooting someone with a handgun Curtis Furlotte was sentenced by provincial court judge Henrik Tonning to time served, plus a 12-month conditional sentence and probation.

On December 12th , while he was ALREADY on probation for other offences, he shot a 32-year-old man in the leg.  The wound was not life-threatening I must assume, given it took the shooting victim three days to report it to the RCMP.

What shocks me about this case is this:

It shows with stark clarity how seriously our so-called justice system takes the crime of attempted murder.  In two words… Not Very.

This case happened just down the road from Burton New Brunswick resident Lawrence Manzer, who, if you’ve followed my ramblings for any time at all, you’ll know was charged with “weapon dangerous to the public peace” after he and neighbour Brian Fox apprehended three drunken punks who’d been vandalizing and stealing from their neighbourhood for over 6 months.

Actually it was Fox who did the apprehending… Manzer never left his front porch, where he stood with his unloaded shotgun, making sure everything was under control while he had his wife dial 9-1-1.  Again..

Throughout the entire 6 months these teenagers were harassing the neighbourhood the RCMP couldn’t be bothered to show up and deal with them.  It wasn’t until Fox and Manzer had done the job the RCMP refused to do that charges were laid.

But not against the drunken kids causing all the trouble… but against Fox and Manzer.

Brian Fox was charged with assault for the “crime” of citizen’s arrest.  Manzer was charged with “pointing a firearm” despite the fact he never pointed it at anyone.  That charge was later dropped in favour of the one he now faces… “weapon dangerous”.

Now, given how seriously New Brunswick’s judiciary takes the actual shooting of someone… my sincere hope is that Manzer is sentenced to “go home”.  After all, he didn’t do anything illegal.  He stood outside his front door with an unloaded shotgun.  He didn’t point it at anyone and he didn’t threaten anyone with the unloaded hunk of metal.

Now, I realize I’m probably living in a dream world, thinking that Manzer will get off scott free on these charges, like he should.

My reason for thinking I’m living in la-la land is that Ontario resident Ian Thomson is currently facing charges for daring to save his own life from three arsonists who literally tried to kill him by burning his house down with Mr. Thomson inside it.

Thomson, a firearms instructor, grabbed one of his firearms from his safe and fired a few shots to scare the attempted murderers away.

It worked.  They ran away like the little cowards they are.

Then the police came.  Instead of arresting the perpetrators and charging them with attempted murder, it’s Ian Thomson who faces charges.

It’s ridiculous.  Utterly ridiculous.

Neither of these cases should EVER have made it to a courtroom.

What SHOULD have happened is both men should have been thanked by the RCMP for doing what needed to be done to stop crimes in progress.

But this is Canada, and the RCMP, like any gang worth it’s thug label, doesn’t like competition.

So they arrest and charge the victims of crime.

Did I say ridiculous?

I mean disgusting.



Yes, there are some very good RCMP constables out there.  I’ve met and worked with some of them.

But there are, it seems, a lot more who act like thugs in a street gang and put down any threat to their “turf”, like Manzer and Thomson.  They’re the ones who need to be removed, and replaced with RCMP members who comprehend that they are here to serve the public, not abuse us at every turn.

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March 7, 2011

Corrupt Judges sentenced to prison for “selling” kids

Is there anything more despicable than a judge who sells his decisions for cold hard cash?  Maybe, but I’m hard-pressed to come up with what that might be at the moment.  Actually, I’m mistaken.  The only thing more despicable than a judge who sells his rulings for cold hard cash would be TWO judges doing it.

That’s exactly what’s happened in Pennsylvania.  Two judges have been convicted of selling their services to the highest bidder, in these cases to for-profit youth detention centers.

Judge Mark Ciavarella and Judge Michael Conahan were convicted of receiving over $2.6 million dollars for sentencing youth to a pair of for-profit youth jails.  In many cases, this sentencing was over the objections of the probation officers involved in the cases.

“Money talks, common sense walks” seems to be the slogan these two


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