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February 9, 2015

Babak Andalib-Goortani: Police Sentencing Hypocrisy Continues Unabated


You’d think judges would feel some semblance of shame eventually, but that just isn’t the case. When it comes to sentencing police officers convicted of criminal offences our judges fall all over themselves pandering to a misguided sense of justice.

Why is it wrong to send criminal cops to jail?

When it comes to sentencing a mere citizen convicted of the same criminal offenses as criminal cops our judges don’t hesitate. It’s off to the big house immediately.

Not so for criminal cops.

The latest in a long line of atrocities to justice is the sentencing of Toronto Police Services Constable Babak Andalib-Goortani for his conviction for assault causing bodily harm.

He will not spend a single day in prison. He will not lose his job. He will continue to carry a gun.


How is justice served when the only lesson we send to criminal cops is

“Gee, we’re so sorry you got caught. Please don’t do it again.”

Then we send the convicted cop right back to work as if nothing ever happened.

Babak Andalib-Goortani - Hero or ThugIt’s not that Babak Andalib-Goortani was ALWAYS a thug cop. At one time he actually put his life on the line to save a complete stranger, the kind of behaviour we should expect of our police men and women.

In 2011 I wrote an article titled “What Happened to Constable Babak Andalib-Goortani?” In that article he said, in response to the description of Babak Andalib-Goortani jumping into floodwaters to save a total stranger:

That was Constable Andalib-Goortani in 2008. A hero. A man willing to put his own life on the line to save another human being. Just like any good cop would, and should. That is, after all, the job they signed up for.

Then, just two short years later, that same man is happily beating on innocent civilians whose only “crime” was to attend a protest rally.

What changed?

Clearly something did, and in a very big way because a man doesn’t go from life-saver to brutal thug without something happening to him.

Regardless of what happened to so drastically change an apparently good cop into just another thug, the fact remains that change did happen and he will not be held accountable for his actions.

Cops and judges demand we mere citizens be responsible for our actions, both good and bad, yet mysteriously they refuse to hold police to that same standard.

There is no “life lesson” to pass on to other cops to dissuade them from criminal behaviour. For criminal cops there is no penalty.

Our judges prove time and time again that there is nothing to fear from the “justice” system when cops break the law so guess what?

Cops keep breaking the law.

When we reward criminals, cops or not, with a slap on the wrist for atrocious behaviour is it really any mystery that they offend again?

It shouldn’t be.

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November 30, 2014

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn Speaks Truth To Stupid


There are times when race baiters and reporters are so caught up in their own agenda they can’t see what’s going on around them.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn recently put these morons in their place after being accused of not caring enough about the subject of the press scrum in front of him.  He was on his cell phone, you see.

Unfortunately for the stupid ones Chief Flynn was on his cell phone receiving updates about a 5-year-old child who was killed in a drive-by shooting.  He was not remotely “politically correct” in dealing with the stupid people asking even stupider questions.

Well done, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn!  We need more chiefs of police speaking Truth to Stupid.  Maybe then things will change.

Watch below.


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October 6, 2014

RCMP Reports Sex Offender Names Except When Sex Offender is an RCMP Member

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The RCMP has a long history of hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with sex offenders wearing Red Serge. If the sex offender is an RCMP member his name will NOT be released to the press and every possible measure is taken to protect his identity.

Such is the case once more, this time in Manitoba, as a 26-year RCMP veteran faces charges of sexual assault and sexual interference. Both charges relate to the sexual assault of a 9-year-old child.

It is beyond repulsive that the RCMP continues to provide aid and comfort to pedophiles in their own ranks, yet don’t waste a moment to publicly identify sex offenders who are not RCMP members.

Two recent press releases from Manitoba RCMP highlight this issue.

First, on October 2, 2014, Manitoba RCMP issued a Community Notification about convicted sex offender Bruce Gordon NELSON.

Winnipeg, MB, October 2, 2014 – The Manitoba Integrated High Risk Sex Offender Unit (MIHRSOU) is a joint forces unit of the Winnipeg Police Service and the RCMP. MIHRSOU today provides information regarding Bruce Gordon NELSON, 53 years of age, a convicted sex offender who is considered at risk to become involved in further sexual offences.

He is expected to take up residence in the area known as Winnipeg River.

NELSON has previous convictions for Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography; Committing Indecent Acts as well as other criminal offences. Although NELSON may have participated in some sex offender treatment, he is still considered at risk to re-offend. All children and adult females are at risk.

Prior to that, on August 5, 2014, Manitoba RCMP issued the following identifying information about another man who sexually assaulted an 8-year-old girl.

Norway House, MB, August 5, 2014 – On August 1, 2014, Norway House RCMP arrested and charged Allan Apetagon Jr, 25, from Norway House Cree Nation, Manitoba with Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference and Forcible Confinement in relation to an ongoing investigation from 2012.

In August of 2012, an eight-year-old girl from Winnipeg was assaulted in Norway House, MB.

Apetagon was remanded into custody awaiting a court appearance in Thompson, Manitoba today.

Noticeably absent from the Manitoba RCMP Newsroom website is any information about their very own child molester.

This blatant hypocrisy is simply intolerable. If it’s okay to identify alleged sex offenders when they are “mere citizens” then surely it is acceptable to identify child molesters who happen to also be RCMP members. Either that or in cases where the accused is NOT an RCMP member there is no need to “protect the ongoing investigation”.

Here is the only information I could find on this atrocious case:

On Sunday, a 55-year-old officer was charged with sexual assault and sexual interference. Brandon police confirm the accused is a 26-year veteran of the RCMP who was not on duty at the time of the alleged assaults.

He has been released from custody on appropriate, police-imposed conditions to appear in court in Ashern on Nov. 19.

Police say the suspect’s name will not be released to protect the ongoing investigation.

The RCMP cannot hide their sex offenders behind “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty” when they repeatedly and publicly refuse to do the same for non-RCMP members.

If it’s good enough for the goose it’s good enough for the gander, right?

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July 31, 2014

For Alberta Sheriff Thomas Bounds Using Excessive Force on Deaf-Mute is All in a Day’s Work

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William (Bill) Berry is a two-time cancer survivor who is also deaf and mute. He breathes through a tube in his throat. By any scale imaginable he is a frail man but that didn’t stop Alberta Sheriff Thomas Bounds from attacking Bill Berry in the Red Deer courthouse two years ago.

No, the thug with a badge and a bucket-full of attitude to go with it felt justified grabbing the frail deaf-mute and tossing him to the ground because Berry was “aggressively waving his arms” at him when Bounds approached him.

What Sheriff Bounds called “aggressively waving his arms” was Bill Berry using sign language to ask what the heck the problem was.

Sheriff Bounds couldn’t figure that out or more likely, didn’t want to figure it out, preferring to submit the heinous offender by any means necessary.

Berry’s breathing tube, dislodged by Thomas Bounds’ attack, was eventually replaced by another sheriff, but not before Bill Berry was unable to breath for almost a minute.

As I said when I first wrote about Sherriff Thomas Bounds’ excessive use of force:

It is simply not rational to conclude that Mr. Bill Berry is a physical threat to anyone.  Look at that photograph!  The man isn’t a threat to a glass of water, for crying out loud!

If I sound offended, it’s only because I am.

I am sick to death of thugs of the state, armed with badges and guns, who think they can do anything they want to anyone they want, without consequence.

There are literally dozens and dozens of articles about state-trained thugs on this blog that cite case after case of this sort of garbage.   RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler and RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson are just two of the dozens of examples I could quote.

In 2012 the Solicitor General Office’s Law Enforcement and Oversight Professional Standards Unit ruled that Thomas Bounds used “excessive” and “unjustified” force in his attack on William Berry.

In 2012 Alberta’s Justice Minister Jonathan Denis told reporters that Thomas Bounds was “no longer employed” by the provincial government.

My column went on to say this:

Unless and until actions as disgusting as Sheriff Bounds’ are treated seriously, ideally with the immediate termination of the offender, they will continue.

Only the immediate termination of Sheriff Thomas Bounds (and the next ten government-paid thugs that pull this sort of crap) will get the message out to the rest of the troops that this type of behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

Until that day, police across the country will continue to treat citizens any way they want, not with the respect and dignity we deserve.

Is it really any mystery why the trust gap between citizens and police only continues to widen?

No, it really isn’t. Especially when government officials figure a suitable period of silence has passed and they re-instate these offenders to their previous posts.

Unbelievably Thomas Bounds was quietly returned to work at the Red Deer courthouse this past January.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, the Alberta government caved in to the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and reached a “settlement” allowing Bounds to return to work.

“(I’m) outraged,” William Berry explained. “The law should be a shield for the weak and helpless. Not a club for the powerful.

I don’t care what rationalizations Thomas Bounds has for his heinous behaviour. We cannot allow thugs in our public service. They disgrace themselves, their fellow public servants and the entire justice system.

William Berry filed a private prosecution against Sheriff Thomas Bounds after Crown prosecutors declined to prosecute him. Ultimately that private prosecution failed as the government was thoroughly unwilling to support prosecuting a sheriff who their own government said used excessive force.

That decision is appalling, but serves to ensure we mere citizens cannot trust our government or its law enforcers.

How can we when thugs like Thomas Bounds are returned to work instead of being prosecuted like any mere citizen would be in the same circumstance?

If using excessive force on a deaf-mute cancer survivor isn’t grounds for termination God only knows what is.

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July 28, 2014

Prince Edward Island Chief Firearms Officer Vivian Hayward is a Liar


Prince-Edward-Island-Chief-Firearms-Officer-Vivian-Hayward-is-a-LiarPrince Edward Island Chief Firearms Officer Vivian Hayward, (center with her finger on the trigger) is nothing if not a fear-mongering liar.

That’s right. Vivian Hayward is a liar.

Unhappy with Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s announcement that provincial Chief Firearms Officers are about to have their wings severely clipped, Vivian Hayward decided the best defence was a fabricated fear-mongering offense.

Stripping down the bloated firearms bureaucracy by combining firearms licenses and Authorizations to Transport restricted firearms is logical and something rational Canadians have wanted for over a decade.

If an individual is deemed safe to own restricted firearms (handguns) there is no rational reason to think they cannot be trusted to take those firearms to and from shooting ranges, gunsmiths and border crossings responsibly.

It’s is simply the desire of Chief Firearms Officers like the lying Vivian Hayward to micro-manage every move of law-abiding Canadians that keeps this wasteful system in place.

Nothing in Minister Blaney’s announcement leads to open or concealed carry, but that didn’t stop Vivian Hayward from spouting the following gibberish to anyone who would listen.

“(It’s) just basically one step away from the U.S.-style having the gun on their hip authorization to carry, which people in this country don’t have.”

That is simply not true.

A spoken statement that is untrue is commonly called a lie.

The common name for a person telling lies is a liar.

That describes Vivian Hayward perfectly, especially in light of the following statement.

“You would never be able to convict somebody and say, ‘What are you doing at this shopping mall with a restricted firearm in your vehicle?’ It would no longer be an unauthorized place because they would no longer have an ATT. I see huge implications for the police.”

What makes this moron think the current requirement for firearms to be transported to and from ranges, gunsmiths and border crossings to be as direct a route as possible? Even current regulations do not prevent a person from stopping for coffee when going to or from the range, or even (gasp!) stop at a shopping mall to buy hearing protection before going to the shooting range.

A spokesperson for Public Safety Canada said Friday all safe transport and storage requirements will continue to apply “…including that firearms must be transported to an authorized location such as a shooting club, and the firearms owner must take the most direct route,” said Jean Paul Duval of Public Safety Canada in an e-mail to The Guardian.

Vivian Hayward’s insistence on harassing law-abiding firearm owners is clear.

She takes great pride in manufacturing criminals out of we mere citizens and is distressed her ability to do that will be severely curtailed once the proposed legislation passes.

This lying wench ought to quit right now before she embarrasses herself and the RCMP even further. If she refuses to resign she should be fired for incompetence.

And yes, that is the Chief Firearms Officer’s finger on the trigger. Just like the rest of her staff.

This is who is in charge of enforcing firearm law in Prince Edward Island?

God help us all.


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July 13, 2014

Two-Tier Justice: One law for mere citizens… another law for Police



We all owe Canadian gun owner Daniel Balofsky a debt of gratitude.


He persisted all the way to the Ontario Court of Appeal so a court of law would decide whether or not the law must be abided by all; whether a court order applies only to the mere citizens of Canada or to its law-enforcement as well.

The answer from the Ontario Court of Appeals is as appalling as it is expected.

Court orders have no validity when applied to Ontario’s Chief Firearm Officer.

At issue is the fact Ontario Chief Firearms Officer Chris Wyatt, after refusing to issue Daniel Balofsky an Authorization to Transport his restricted firearms, was ordered by a judge to issue that document.

Wyatt refused.

He refused to issue the required document and he refused to follow the direction of a judge through a court order.

If OPP Superintendent Chris Wyatt is above the law and is not required to obey court orders, who is?

Why, we mere citizens, that’s who.

You see, the very people who are above the law you and I must obey are also the ones enforcing that law… at the barrel of their state-issued guns.

This decision brings the fact police are not required to obey the law into stark focus.

It also brings into stark focus the fact our police forces are out of control; that they make up the rules as they go and they do not care this appalling lack of respect for our judicial system brings “the administration of justice into disrepute”.

Canada has one set of laws for police and another for its citizens. The former has no duty to follow the law whatsoever while the latter must face the barrel of state-owned guns wielded by the very people who do not obey it.

To use the old American Express slogan…

Membership Has Its Privileges.

Watch Daniel Balofsky’s explanation of this absurd decision on YouTube:

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June 22, 2014

Crown Prosecutors Drop Breach Charges Against Convicted Murderer Keith Wiens


In a move that stunned family and those following this case, as I have, Crown prosecutors dropped charges against convicted murderer Keith Wiens for breaching his bail conditions prior to his conviction for murdering Lynn Kalmring.

Keith Wiens is a lowlife – a convicted murdering lowlife.  At no time from the day he shot Lynn Kalmring until today has this pathetic excuse for a man ever taken responsibility for his actions.

This ex-RCMP corporal shot Lynn Kalmring in the face. He then blamed his fiance for her own murder at his trial, saying she tried attacking him with a knife.  All evidence showed this to be precisely what it was: a flat-out lie designed to blame the victim for her own death.

What annoyed me most was the statement by Crown counsel spokesperson Neil Mackenzie claiming it is not in the public interest to prosecute Keith Wiens for breaching his bail conditions.

“We are taking into account a couple of factors. Bail was revoked on the murder charges and he was subsequently held in custody. He is now convicted and serving a life sentence. Even if he was convicted of a breach offence it would be concurrent to the life sentence. Taking into account the various factors, we concluded that the breach of conditions charge was not required,” said Mackenzie.

That is absurd.  This piece of crap openly flaunted his bail conditions and now, in the wake of Weins’ non-stop whining about how unfair it is, Crown prosecutors give him exactly what he wants: a stay of proceedings for breaching his bail conditions.

MacKenzie’s statement “Even if he was convicted of a breach offence it would be concurrent to the life sentence” is equally absurd.  This is a separate criminal offense and any sentence should be served consecutively, not concurrently as is the common practice in Canada.

I don’t care that, after the RCMP finally arrested Wiens for breaching his bail conditions, the murderer sat in a prison cell until the completion of his trial.

It’s precisely where he ought to be after violating the terms of his bail.

Any penalty for this additional crime ought to be paid, not waived off because it might be too inconvenient for the Crown to prosecute.

Sending the message to criminals that breaching bail conditions comes without additional cost is the wrong message.

What Crown counsel spokesperson Neil Mackenzie forgot in his rush to drop the charges against Keith Wiens is Lynn Kalmring’s family.

They deserve justice.

They’re not getting it.

That is flat-out wrong.

Keith Wiens is a selfish, self-centered murderer.  According to this convicted murderer the world owes him and he will not rest until he’s worked every angle possible in our so-called Justice system.  He’s already filed a complaint against Crown counsel John Swanson, claiming that Swanson somehow violated Wiens’ Charter Rights.  It’s a joke, a mockery of justice that anyone takes this complaint seriously.

The only satisfying result of this entire case is that Weins current sits in a cell in Kent Prison.  At least until some moronic appeals court decides his conviction should be overturned for some perceived slight to his Charter Rights and Freedoms.

You can read the full sentencing statement by Justice Barrow online at

Previous articles on this case:

Lynn Kalmring was murdered by her fiance, ex-RCMP Corporal Keith Gregory Wiens

Lynn Kalmring was murdered by her fiance, ex-RCMP Corporal Keith Gregory Wiens

I’ve corresponded with family members many times over the course of this case.

My heart goes out to them all as they suffer through more and more torments at the hands of the self-adsorbed killer who steadfastly refuses to take any responsibility for his own actions.

Please know I stand with you. My fervent hopes are prayers are that justice will prevail in this case and that ultimately this worthless scrap of humanity will finally take responsibility for his actions.

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June 6, 2014

Moncton RCMP Shooting: Is the NFA’s wading into the fray the right thing to do?



As most already know, this past Wednesday evening saw 3 RCMP members shot dead, with more wounded.

The entire city of Moncton, put on lockdown until police finally captured their intended target late Thursday, finally resumed more normal operation. Government buildings and schools closed for the manhunt reopened. Residents,prevented from returning to their homes due to police barricades finally made it back to worried loved ones.

The alleged killer, identified as Justin Bourque, is according to the media a “gun nut” which all but guarantees a fresh wave of attacks on Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners.

With that context in place it is valid to question whether the NFA, which bills itself as Canada’s “largest and most effective advocacy organization representing the interests of firearms owners and users“, press release denouncing both the “clearly deranged individual” and Canada’s gun laws was prudent.

It is clear that Canada’s excessive firearms control system has failed again,” they wrote the day after the shootings and before Justin Bourque’s apprehension.

The largest and most effective pro-gun organization in history has one simple rule when mass shootings occur: Say Nothing.

The NRA’s policy of silence in the wake of these tragedies seems both wise and prudent.

The NFA chose the death of 3 RCMP members as a vehicle to complain about Canada’s gun laws.

In doing so they (unwittingly or intentionally?) danced on the graves of the dead for political points. We despise Windy Wendy and her ilk doing that. Now we’ve become her.

Is that really what we want?

Yours in Liberty,

My Signature Red


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May 22, 2014

Facebook Photo Equals Child Abuse? When a Firearm is Visible… Absolutely!

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Imagine the scenario.

You post an innocent photo of your son holding a rifle on Facebook. Your son is 11 years old. He is well trained in firearm safety by you. His finger is off the trigger in the photo, just as it should be.

Some pathetic crybaby sees the photo online and calls the New Jersey Department of Children and Families who, in turn, contact the police.

Both agencies raid your home and attempt to search it. They demand to see your gun safe and all your firearms for “inspection”. When you refuse to accede to their ridiculous demands because they don’t have a search warrant these so-called authorities label you “unreasonable” and “uncooperative” and say you act “suspiciously”.

Imagine that.

Stand up for your rights and you are “unreasonable”.

Demand police respect your rights and you are “suspicious” and “uncooperative”.

Rights are inviolate. Police thugs hate that. Good cops don’t, of course, because they respect your rights but those aren’t the type of police at your door late this night.

However, the police finally do leave, but not before threatening to take your children away from you.

This is no fable; no mere story.

This is precisely the violation Shawn Moore, an NRA-certified firearms instructor and range safety officer, faced last year when some whining little ninny saw a photo on Facebook of Shawn’s son holding a rifle.

In their rush to abuse a law-abiding firearm owner these police state thugs failed to obtain a search warrant. Actually, the more likely scenario is no judge with functional brain cells would issue a search warrant based on such flimsy and absurd “evidence.”

Clearly all common sense vacated the puny brains of the minions at the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and their counterparts in the police department.

Nanny State Minion Kristen Brown, aka spokesperson for New Jersey Department of Children and Families, parroted the usual tripe about “duty” while not comprehending the meaning of the word.

“The department has a child abuse hotline for the state of New Jersey and anybody can make a call to that hotline. We are required to follow up on every single allegation that comes into the central registry. In general our role is to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect.”

An anonymous phone call complaining of a Facebook photo of a child holding a rifle is considered an allegation of child abuse?

How absurd.



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May 21, 2014

Montreal Police Are Not Qualified To Shoot Their Duty Weapons

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If you live in Montreal you ought to be afraid. Very afraid. Why? Only 250 of 4,600 Montreal Police members bothered to qualify with their duty sidearms.

Police qualification with firearms is required by law, yet only 5% of Montreal’s police force complied with that law.

So what, you ask. There are a lot of cops in Quebec, right? Yes, but give this little tidbit a few moments in your melon. More Montreal cops shoot their weapons in the line of duty than the rest of the province’s police forces combined.

It was Montreal’s Police members who shot and killed Patrick Limoges, a hospital worker, when they also shot and killed the knife-wielding and mentally ill Mario Hamel. The 2012 coroner’s inquest into the shooting death of Patrick Limoges made note of the pathetic shooting qualification compliance record of the Montreal Police.

The coroner recommended the Montreal Police Force

“take the necessary measures to ensure its police staff receive the best training conditions.”

As the Sun News Network report noted,

The qualification rate for firearms dropped in the year that followed [coroner] Brochu’s report.

Does that look like the yahoos in charge of the Montreal Police Force took the coroner’s recommendations seriously?

What will it take for anyone at Montreal Police Headquarters to deal with the fact 95% of their membership failed to comply with legislation demanding police officers qualify with their firearms annually?

Another innocent civilian inadvertently murdered by Montreal Police officers?



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May 20, 2014

Thomas Harding and the Heavy Hand of Surete du Quebec’s Police State Thugs



Thomas Harding, as you may know, is the engineer of the train carrying oil that derailed in Lac Megantic, Quebec, leveling the town with the resulting explosion and fire. From the date of that terrible tragedy Thomas Harding avoided public comment at every turn. He cooperated with police and accident investigators fully and completely.

Through his lawyer he even made it clear if he was charged with a crime he would turn himself in willingly.

Such willingness to face the music, to be accountable for one’s actions in such a horrific case as this shows me Thomas Harding must be a man of great character. Whatever his role in the disaster, his steadfast and unwavering determination to be held accountable for his actions that fateful day is to be respected and admired. Few have such courage.

That is precisely the kind of principled man Surete du Quebec thugs humiliated with their high-profile SWAT takedown on May 12th, 2014, at his home in Farnham, Quebec.

Over-compensating for their incredible lack of humanity and armed with both delusions of grandeur and fully-automatic weapons, Surete du Quebec thugs tossed Thomas Harding, his son and a visitor to the ground before they handcuffed him and hauled him off to jail.

It’s no wonder police get stonewalled by actual criminals when they treat a citizen cooperating fully with investigators this atrociously. What incentive is there when no matter how properly you conduct yourself you are still subjected to a heavy-handed, make that obscene display of police power?

Through the media, Surete du Quebec thugs gave a pathetic rationalization for their appalling behaviour, as though they were actually in the right. They were not.

Claiming Mr. Harding unlawfully possessed firearms and spoke of suicide, they acted.

What they conveniently failed to explain is why, if they truly believed Mr. Harding possessed firearms illegally, did they not obtain a search warrant and remove those firearms instead of leaving them in his possession for months?

Most days I feel pretty good about being a Canadian citizen but, upon reading of the treatment of Thomas Harding at the hand of Surete du Quebec thugs carrying their badges and guns, I must confess today is not one of those days.

I am revolted, seeing police resources abused so callously in the name of “public safety” and “concern” for Mr. Harding.

Concern for a person’s well being isn’t usually expressed by pointing a fully-automatic rifle into his face, handcuffing him and hauling him off to jail for a 10-hour interrogation. At least not by my dictionary, and I hope not yours either.

The most troubling aspect of the very public and theatrical arrest of Thomas Harding is that it wasn’t about Thomas Harding at all. This very public shaming and humiliation, while Thomas Harding was the recipient of this abuse, it was not intended for him.

It was intended for you and me, the mere citizens of Canada.

Step out of line and thugs with badges and guns will do the same to us.

Am I over-reacting? I doubt it.

I’m sure some will not agree, however. If you’re one of those people I would ask you to ask yourself one simple question.

Put yourself in Thomas Harding’s shoes.

After you’ve made it clear to police you will turn yourself in whenever you are asked, is it reasonable for authorities to order a “high-risk takedown” by SWAT instead of simply calling you on the phone and saying, “Hey Mr. Harding, would you please come down to the station so we can process your arrest?

If you answer in the affirmative, then I must seriously question your humanity as I have already questioned that of the badge-wearing thugs of the Surete du Quebec.



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May 11, 2014

Russ Caswell, Civil Forfeiture and a Little Common Sense


Russ Caswell, now 70, spent the last two years fighting local, state and federal agencies over who owns Motel Caswell, the motel owned by his family since 1955.

I first wrote about Russ Caswell and his civil asset forfeiture nightmare on July 1, 2012 when his case broke internationally. From that article:

It is now, like many older motels across the nation, home to lower-income people such as seniors, as well as temporary workers who pay by the week or month.

While rates to stay there are not expensive, there is one thing the motel has that is very valuable to the thieving local police department and the thieving federal government that’s helping the thieving local police department: equity.

Caswell owns the property outright.

Why is this significant? Since Caswell’s property has no mortgage the State can keep the entire proceeds of the sale of the property after they steal it from him. Of course they don’t call it theft or stealing… they call it cracking down on crime.

In the case of Russ Caswell, it makes absolutely no difference that he has never been charged with a crime. In fact, it’s not any actions of his that concerns the thieving police and federal justice department.

It’s the actions of roughly 30 patrons of his motel over the past 18 years who have been arrested on drug charges. That’s right. Since 1994 approximately 30 people have been arrested on drug charges.

The US Justice Department and its thieving local counterpart, the Tewksbury Police Department, contend that Caswell is responsible for what people do in his motel rooms every minute of every day. His motel rooms were used to “facilitate” the crime of drug dealing, therefore the motel is guilty and must be seized as proceeds of crime.

Police and government officials, thieving scumbags each and every one, decided that Caswell’s property should be theirs so they set out to steal the Caswell family motel using one of the most abused laws ever devised: civil asset forfeiture.

The notion that you can “take the profit out of crime” by seizing the assets of criminals seems noble enough, but only if you accept without question the rhetoric and sound-bytes used to sell this atrocious legislation.

You may never be charged with a crime, let alone be convicted of one, before government thieves seize your property. That ought to terrify even the most law-abiding and pro-government among us.

In Caswell’s case thieving police and prosecutors don’t care that Caswell never committed a crime. That’s entirely beside the point.

The accusation against Russ Caswell isn’t that he didn’t do enough to help police crack down on crime in his motel. That is utter garbage if not an outright lie. Russ Caswell installed video cameras, recorded license plate numbers and customer identification, gave police free rooms for their sting operations… in fact he did everything ever asked of him by law enforcement.

That wasn’t enough. Now the Tewksbury Police Department thieves, along with state and federal counterparts, insist the Caswell’s must give up their home and livelihood too.

“I’ve found, which is kind of hard to believe, but I’m responsible for the action of people I don’t even know, I’ve never even met, and for the most part I have no control over them,” Caswell said in court. “And I have to rent them a room unless I have a real good reason not to or I get accused of discrimination and that kind of thing.”

“And when they do something wrong, the government wants to steal my property for the actions of those people, which to me makes absolutely no sense,” he added. “It’s more like we’re in Russia or Venezuela or something.”

The government thieves have three things on their side:

1. You need never be charged with or convicted of a crime, so that pesky issue of your guilt need never be addressed,

2. Police and Prosecutors keep most of the money and assets they seize. Legislation is often written giving police and prosecutors 100% of what they steal, and

3. The burden of proof is far lower for a civil action than a criminal prosecution. Under civil asset forfeiture police and prosecutors must never prove guilt, obtain a conviction or even file criminal charges before they seize private property. The term “on a balance of probabilities‘ is the phrase used to rationalize theft of private property.

This turns the notion of justice on its head. The accused must prove they did not commit a crime. How you prove you haven’t done something is… well… beside the point, right? Proving a negative isn’t possible.

Really, who cares, right? It’s just drug dealers and criminals they’re going after, not decent, law-abiding citizens. It’s not like they’re stealing your home, right?

Wrong. So utterly and completely wrong. The Caswell family didn’t do anything wrong. In fact they did everything asked of them by law enforcement. That wasn’t enough, and there is a very simple explanation for why.

Follow the money. It’s always about the money.

Statistics from the United States are utterly terrifying.

In 1985, the U.S. Department of Justice created its Asset Forfeiture Fund. One year later, the fund — which holds the proceeds from seized property and is available to be divvied out to law enforcement agencies — brought in $93.7 million. In 2008, the amount had ballooned to $1.6 billion. In 2013, it reached $6.3 billion.

The incentive here is cash. Boatloads of cash. Cash for police departments and prosecutors’ offices. Cash that is used to pad government budgets because government must always get bigger, not smaller, when it’s not being used to pay lavish expenses for corrupt prosecutors, that is.

An investigation conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution looked into how funds over a five-year period were spent in Georgia. According to the newspaper, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard spent thousands of dollars gleaned from civil forfeitures on pricey dinners and an elaborate home security system for himself. In November 2009, he allegedly paid $800 to rent out a movie theater. Three months later, Howard told his employees they’d have to take 10 furlough days due to budget constraints.

In Caswell’s case it’s very simple. The annual budget of the Tewksbury Police Department is just $5.5 million.

Motel Caswell is valued at $1.5 millon.

Get the picture?

The greedy thugs of the Tewksbury Police Department saw a way to raise over 25% of their annual budget with the theft of a single property.

These greedy little pigs desperately need a refresher in Peel’s 9 Principles of Policing.

The concept of a limited government is so old fashioned, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be. The goal of every responsible government is to pare down its thievery from we mere citizens, not expand it to the point we have nothing left to feed the monstrous behemoth.

Civil forfeiture laws in America are almost 3 decades old. That’s a generation of police and prosecutors used to stealing from we mere citizens whenever the mood strikes them. At $6.3 billion stolen from mere citizens in 2013 alone, the mood clearly strikes them regularly.

In Russ Caswell’s case a federal judge finally applied some common sense to his situation.

After a four-day trial, on Jan. 24, 2013, a federal judge in Boston dismissed the forfeiture action against the motel, ruling that the government engaged in “gross exaggeration” of the evidence and did not have authority to seize the property.

In short, both police and multiple layers of government overstepped their bounds. Again. They chose their greed ahead of their duty and responsibility to those mere citizens whom they feel free to abuse so mercilessly.

Larry Salzman, an attorney with the Institute for Justice, took on Caswell’s case pro bono.

“You breed a culture of ‘take first, ask questions later,’” Larry Salzman, an attorney with the Institute for Justice, told “It’s thuggish behavior.”


The attempted theft of Motel Caswell from Russ Caswell and his family is, as the title of the free book from The Institute for Justice says, nothing more than Policing for Profit: the Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture.

I urge you to download and read this free book from The Institute for Justice. Then contact your elected representative and demand they reform civil asset forfeiture law in your jurisdiction. Don’t kid yourself. It will be an uphill battle. Police and government look at civil asset forfeiture as “free money” and they won’t give it up willingly.

Here in British Columbia, for example, the cash incentive is the primary motivation for civil asset forfeiture. The government doesn’t handle the thefts itself, however. It farms out the work to other lawyers.

Here’s the catch though… those lawyers only get paid if they are successful in stealing property from some hapless mere citizen. It matters not whether that person is an actual criminal or not…

Private property should never be forfeited unless it is proven in a court of law that a crime was committed and that the individual in question profited from that crime. This would, of course, require we drag our justice system back to its noble beginnings.

Remember the days where you were innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

Don’t be absurd, Christopher! That’s so…. last century

Yet today, the government in America seems more like the former enemies we vanquished than the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the Framers established.

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

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March 23, 2014

Montreal Police Constable Stephanie Trudeau: Just Another Thug Cop or Simply Misunderstood?



Montreal Police Constable Stephanie Trudeau is, as evidenced by her own actions, a thug. She makes the tradition of RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler proud.

As is the style of so many police constables today, she is known primarily through her badge number, 728. Constable 728’s primary goal in any interaction with we mere citizens is to ensure our immediate and complete surrender.

Constable Trudeau’s current problems stem from a “overly aggressive arrest” of Serge Lavoie in 2012. The real issue for Trudeau is that she was caught on video “forcefully arresting” and assaulting Lavoie. She clearly learned nothing from Geoff Mantler’s case.

Before assaulting mere citizens, ensure nobody is recording you.

Montreal-Police-LogoConstable Stephanie Trudeau’s actions after the assault were so atrocious the Montreal Police held a press conference specifically condemning her actions and subsequent vulgar description of the events.

Some people are questioning the words that she’s using, the fact that she’s very rude,” said Commander Ian Lafreniere.

The fact is that as an officer no one can be proud of what she’s doing.”

That condemnation is as strongly worded as I’ve ever seen. It is well earned.

The standard response to allegations of police brutality is placing the accused on a paid vacation. True to form, Constable Trudeau was suspended with pay on October 2, 2013.

Yeah, that will teach her a lesson, won’t it?

At least this time she was prohibited from possessing firearms during her paid vacation. That’s probably a first.

Interestingly, she was also ordered to stay away from any member of the Montreal Police Force. She is also forbidden from visiting the police union office unless accompanied by her lawyer.

One wonders why…

At her court hearing Trudeau agreed to “keep the peace” and undergo a 15-day psychiatric evaluation. Her handcuffs were then removed and she was taken to Sherbrooke Hospital.

This is not the first time Constable Stephanie Trudeau aka “Constable 728” made headlines. She rose to internet fame after pepper spraying innocent people at a protest earlier in 2012.

Captured on video, not once but twice she attacks unarmed and defenseless people whose only “crime” is to be standing too close to this loose cannon. Even the cameraman capturing her atrocious actions on video was pepper sprayed repeatedly.

The YouTube video, titled “Constable 728: A Star is Born” has over 747,000 views. It shows very clearly a police constable out of control.

After the video came to the attention of her superiors Constable Stephanie Trudeau was placed on desk duty, and then suspended.

News reports claim Constable Trudeau is “crying a lot” and that it is “very hard for her, what she sees and hears in the media.”

Call me insensitive, but all I have to say about Constable Trudeau’s poor hurt feelings is this:

Tough. You deserve no sympathy from we mere citizens of Canada.

Your own actions put you in this position. You have nobody to blame but the thug you view in the mirror each day. Had you acted like a human being instead of a common bully none of this would be happening.

Now all that remains is for this thug to be fired from the Montreal Police Force.

Cops like this give thousands of honourable police men and women a very bad name.

Police brutality is no joke and until police forces across this nation take this problem seriously good police men and women will continue to be painted with the same thuggish brush Constable Stephanie Trudeau earned herself.


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March 17, 2014

A Police Chief Defending Citizens’ Right to Self Defense?


Detroit-Police-Chief-James-CraigI’ve written about Detroit Police Chief James Craig before. I could probably write about him weekly and the message would still be missed by those too brain-dead to comprehend Craig’s support of civilian self defense.

James Craig believes each and every one of us has the right to defend ourselves against aggression, even if that means not dialing 9-1-1 until the problem is already solved.

By “problem” I mean the home invader, the attempted rapist, the violent criminal intent on robbing you or worse… should one of we mere citizens shoot a bad guy James Craig will not lose any sleep over it and he doesn’t want the good citizens of Detroit to do so either.

“Coming from California (Craig was on the Los Angeles police force for 28 years), where it takes an act of Congress to get a concealed weapon permit, I got to Maine, where they give out lots of CCWs (carrying concealed weapon permits), and I had a stack of CCW permits I was denying; that was my orientation. I changed my orientation real quick. Maine is one of the safest places in America. Clearly, suspects knew that good Americans were armed.”

Instead of doing what Canada’s RCMP is currently, namely harassing law-abiding gun owners and turning them into criminals and fabricating stories about mass shootings with AK47s, Detroit Police Chief James Craig is doing what police ought to do.

He’s going after actual criminals.

He feels no need to manufacture them out of his law-abiding citizenry, and for that he is to be commended.

Going after the bad guys does come at a cost, of course, which is why the RCMP doesn’t seem very interested in following James Craig’s lead.

Bad guys do stupid things when police get in the way of their “earning” power, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s case is no exception. He’s knocked such a hole in Detroit’s drug crime that the dealers want him dead. Literally.


The FBI and local police are investigating a threat to kill Police Chief James Craig, the chief said Saturday.

The threat, made over the internet by a man believed to be a drug dealer, was uncovered Friday, Craig said.

“We got information that a dope dealer basically said ‘We need to take the chief out,’” Craig said. “We investigated it, and it was deemed a credible threat. This is the kind of thing that happens in third-world countries.”

Craig believes the man who made the threat is upset because police are costing him money by ramping up the number of drug-house raids they conduct.

“We’re raiding, on average, 35 dope houses a week, and we’ve done five large-scale sweeps, and it’s putting a serious crimp in the dope dealers’ money,” Craig said. “What I take from this is, what we’re doing is working. This guy actually did me a favor, because he let me know we’re making a difference by going after these dope dealers.”

“I want to be there when we get this guy. I want to look him in the eye. You don’t threaten any police officer, let alone the police chief.”

Here in Canada, however, we’re content with turning over 13,000 law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight, all at the whim of some RCMP bureaucrats.

As I’ve said before and will no doubt say again, law-abiding gun owners don’t shoot cops. Real criminals will.

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March 16, 2014

Is Nanaimo RCMP Sgt. Sheryl Armstrong a complete idiot?

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Is Nanaimo RCMP Sgt. Sheryl Armstrong a complete idiot? Or just thoroughly ignorant of the laws she supposedly enforces?

I honestly don’t know what else you can say about a so-called “police officer” who has absolutely no idea of what she speaks.

I also can’t fathom how moronic [alleged] reporter Darrell Bellaart must be that he refused to do the most basic fact-checking prior to making both himself and his newspaper the laughing stock of the nation.

The story coming out of Nanaimo (“Nanaimo RCMP discover Soviet assault weapons“) is that the RCMP discovered “Soviet assault rifles” and Thank God they did!!!! God only knows what could happen if these heinous “assault weapons” fell into the wrong hands!!!

Except for one small pesky fact.

The SKS is NOT an “assault rifle”.

It is a semi-automatic firearm. That means it fires a single bullet with each trigger pull. It is a non-restricted rifle you can legally purchase at any gun store in the country.

Bellart writes:

“The weapons are capable of rapidly firing up to 10 bullets without reloading.”

No, they are not.

The SKS, like all semi-automatic rifles in Canada, are by law limited to 5 rounds in the magazine. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of firearms law would know that. An RCMP Sergeant most definitely would. Or should. Unless she is more interested in a scary headline than the truth.

So either reporter Darrell Bellaart is an idiot for not doing his own research, or he’s a moron for believing the wheelbarrow of dung Nanaimo RCMP Sgt. Sheryl Armstrong tossed in his face.

Or maybe he was just so desperate for a headline he didn’t care about journalistic integrity, in which case I can’t understand why the newspaper employs him.

Regardless of which (or all) of the above is true, Darrell Bellaart is probably the most lazy and pathetic example of a “reporter” I’ve encountered in a very long time.

As for Sgt. Sheryl Armstrong, you’d think we were in Beirut, not Canada, when she spouts off drivel like this.

Any time you have something capable of firing more than one bullet (in rapid succession), it’s concerning,” Armstrong said. “You think about the massacres we’ve had with AK-47s.

[NOTE: Nanaimo Daily News edited the article to remove this comment since this article was written. The original article appears below.]

Well, if I could find even a single “massacre” in Canada committed with an AK-47 then maybe I would think about them, but since there hasn’t been one I can’t.

If the Nanaimo Daily News wants to report the news then by all means do so. Tell your readers a couple of alleged criminals were found with some stolen merchandise, drugs and guns. But don’t treat your readers like 3-year-olds and cry “The Sky Is Falling!” just because a couple of criminals were caught in possession of non-restricted firearms.

Yours in Liberty,


Christopher di Armani

Nanaimo RCMP discover Soviet assault weapons
Routine investigation of shed near Nanaimo home uncovers pair of SKS Tula semi-automatic rifles

A cache containing two assault weapons, drugs and $18,000 in reportedly stolen goods was uncovered by police in a shed during a routine investigation. Nanaimo RCMP officers made the discovery in the 200-block of Pine Street earlier this week.

Two Soviet-era SKS Tula semi-automatic assault rifles, a scooter valued at $3,000, and an estimated $15,000 worth of bicycles were hidden in the shed, along with a quantity of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. Police would not say what led to the find.

But the discovery of two Russian assault weapons is of particular concern, given the potential danger they pose to public safety. The weapons are capable of rapidly firing up to 10 bullets without reloading.

“If they fall into the wrong hands, now they’ve got a semi-automatic weapon,” said Sgt. Sheryl Armstrong of the Nanaimo RCMP. “Or if some young child finds them and thinks they’re a toy, and there’s ammunition, look out.”

Guns capable of firing one bullet after another are often used in mass shootings.

“Any time you have something capable of firing more than one bullet (in rapid succession), it’s concerning,” Armstrong said. “You think about the massacres we’ve had with AK-47s. If you can fire off (multiple) shots just like that, it has the capability of harming more individuals than a single shot.”

Christopher Durkin, 43, appeared in provincial court Thursday facing weapons, property crime and drug charges. His next court date is set for April 1.

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March 11, 2014

Record Police. It IS Legal. That won’t stop you from being arrested…



It is legal to record police doing their job, even when they don’t like it. This is true on both sides of the border. The trouble is that while video-recording is legal, police still seize cameras and harass mere citizens even though those citizens have committed no crimes.

The latest victim of this police malfeasance is George Thompson, who used his cell phone camera to record on-duty Fall River Police Officer Tom Barboza. Barboza took offense, arrested Thompson, seized his cell phone and charged him with “unlawful wiretapping”.

It’s a completely bogus charge and even the thuggish Barboza knows it.

Barboza released George Thompson from jail but kept his cell phone. Two days later all video on the phone was erased, but according to the police they had nothing to do with the deletions. Just ask them. That’s exactly what they’ll tell you.

They readily admit the phone was in their custody at the time the video “vanished”, but deny they had anything to do with it.

For his part, Fall River Police Chief Daniel Racine professed to be outraged.

“If a Fall River police officer erased that video, he’s fired. And I would suspect the district attorney would take out charges.”

While that makes a great sound byte, the reality of this case is likely to be very different.

As we know from far too many bad experiences with the RCMP, when police investigate themselves there is very rarely any misconduct found.

George Thompson, like me, is not holding out much hope anything will come of this investigation.

“They’re investigating themselves and there’s a code of blue and everybody knows that.”

We mere citizens can’t compete with the Code of Blue.

Can you say “Civilian Oversight?”

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March 10, 2014

RCMP Promotes Anti-Bullying Initiative While Bullying Gun Owners



While the RCMP promoted Pink Shirt Day as a way of stopping bullying in schools, the horsemen took to bullying some of Canada’s best and most law-abiding citizens: gun owners.

In true hypocritical fashion, the Boys with the Yellow Stripes did precisely as they pleased and with zero regard for the people they bullied into criminals.
RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson’s Facebook photo said this underneath:

“February 26th is Pink Shirt Day, and RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson is proud to be a part of this initiative. Bullying and Cyberbullying isn’t just hurtful; in some cases, it’s illegal. Don’t take part. Take a stand.”

It’s a nice thought, Commish, and you’re right.

Bullying Hurts. I know. I’m a gun owner… Just like the 13,000 gun owners you bullied into criminals this week.

The comments section overflows with vitriol over the creation of over 13,000 brand new criminals by unaccountable RCMP bureaucrats, a situation that has taken RCMP–Gun Owner relations to an all-time low. That says a lot given how poor those relations were even before this latest anti-gun-owner stunt!

Justin Thomas:

You’ve lost the trust of a great number of people, people the law is supposed to be protecting. Turning its own citizens into criminals overnight. We are the ones who should be trusted, not you.

Caleb Geauvreau:

This man is responsible for constantly bullying law abiding firearms owners. I cannot support the RCMP or their pink shirts as long is this man is allowed to remain in his position. Please resign and do everyone a favor.

Al Yasinski:

he should stick to bullying and leave peoples guns alone….he is the bully !!

Stephen Weese:

Perhaps you should ware you handguns at the next meet with the prime minister like you do with your daughters boyfriends. See what intimidation gets you from him. Don’t bully gun owners.

Eric Yule:

The RCMP are deleting negative posts on here…. confiscate weapons without government consent, controlling social media, while still presenting an anti bullying campaign.

John C Corden:

Delete all the posts you want but angry gun owners aren’t going to quit posting until you go after the real criminals and quit unfairly targeting us. You some anti-gun Liberal from Quebec or something? Oh and resign. Did I say resign?

Is always the need for non-white toilet paper when in the field.

Referencing a year-old video interview where Paulson is positively gleeful while he recounts stories of bullying his daughter’s suitors by answering the door wearing his duty firearm in a variety of holsters, Ryan Lobson writes:

Isn’t intimidating your daughter’s boyfriends with your “device” bullying? Get your head on straight Bob.

No, it’s not. It’s just another day in the RCMP… where hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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