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April 29, 2012

Ted Morton, the destroyer of Albertans’ Property Rights, is booted from the Alberta Legislature


In what ultimately became one of the few bright spots on Election Night for Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party, Ted Morton lost his seat in the Alberta Legislature.  It was with great relish that I took in the news that Bruce McAllister had unseated the wannabe tyrant Ted Morton in the riding of Chestermere-Rocky View.

This is significant because Ted Morton was the architect of Alberta’s despicable set of laws that tossed Albertans’ property rights on the scrapheap of history.

Ted Morton, who has the audacity to call himself a conservative, led the charge against Alberta Property Owners when he created the set of bills that, when you read their actual function, give Alberta’s government the right to nullify almost all legal rights in that province, up to and including the ability to declare your marriage license null and void.  When taken to their logical end, they can even go so far as to declare any citizen’s Birth Certificate or Death Certificate null and void.

When the State has the power to declare you “not born”, and your land title non-existent, you are no longer living in a “conservative” province, or even a democratic one.  You are living in a totalitarian state far greater than anything even Joseph Stalin imagined.  While he certainly killed millions of his own citizens, he never attempted to declare them “not born.”

So while I am as shocked and horrified as anyone about how the polls could say one thing and the election results the exact opposite, I will take solace in knowing that Ted Morton will no longer be at the Cabinet table destroying what few rights remain for Albertans.


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April 21, 2012

Alison Redford: Just the same old political payoffs, not the “renewed party” she claims


Alison Redford will say anything to get elected on Monday.  Literally.  While she claims that she is the face of a “new Alberta” and the future of hope and change in that province, her actions say quite the opposite.

While saying on the one hand she would drop retirement pay for MLAs but in March it was discovered that retiring MLAs are set to walk away from the public trough with over $10 million in severance pay.

Speaker Ken Kowalski will walk off with $1.2 million, and former premier Ed Stelmach leave with $991,000.

Cindy Ady and Ray Prins will take away $784,000 between them, according to estimates from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Sadly, Alison Redford will tell anyone anything they want to hear so long as it wins her their vote on Monday, while ensuring the gravy train continues for her political chronies.

Sure, she said she’s against these massive payouts but she absolutely refused to table legislation that would get rid of it.

Actions, as the old saying goes, are louder than words.

Then despite a promise to make unions more accountable (the PC policy document page 30) she made a backroom deal with those very labour unions to make the whole thing go away as soon as she was elected.

Redford is not the face of hope and change… she’s the same old tired face of politics as usual in Alberta.

Really, what more would you expect from a former United Nations lawyer and bureaucrat?

Nothing, that’s what. Absolutely nothing.  (more…)

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April 20, 2012

Danielle Smith’s Speech about the Importance of Monday’s Alberta Provincial Election


Today I want to talk about the historic choice facing Albertans next Monday.

All political leaders talk about the future during election campaigns. It’s our job, to offer a vision of where we want to lead, and how we intend to get there.

Our Wildrose party has laid out a very clear, practical and affordable plan for Alberta over the course of the campaign.

We have pledged to balance the budget immediately without raising taxes or cutting front-line government services, and to begin rebuilding the Heritage fund from budget surpluses.

We have pledged to help families with new child tax credits and a ban on school fees.

We have pledged to distribute tax-free energy dividends to all Albertans from budget surpluses. We have pledged to improve public healthcare by guaranteeing timely patient access to necessary medical procedures.

And we have pledged to replace the old PC culture of corruption and entitlement with a Wildrose culture of honesty, democracy, and accountability.

Early in the campaign, on the second day in fact, Alison Redford laid out her PC vision for the future of our province.

She declared that Alberta today is quote, “a different community…a different society,” and described the election as an opportunity to, quote, “make some…long-term decisions that will change the character of our province.”

Ms Redford, you’re wrong. Albertans don’t want or need a change of character, they want a change in government to reflect the strong, noble and freedom-loving character of Albertans.

After a month of campaigning, we still don’t know what Ms. Redford thinks is wrong with the character of our province, what she wants to change it to, or how she proposes to do it.

She hasn’t addressed the character issue since day one.

Except to attack my character, and the character of my Wildrose candidates and supporters.

Today I want to address those attacks.

My roots in Alberta are as deep as they get.

My great grandmother Mary Crow was a member of the Cherokee Nation that had been forcibly relocated from the southeastern United States to the Oklahoma territory in the 1830s by the U.S. Government, a terrible stain on the history of America known as the Trail of Tears.

Eventually her descendants found their way to Alberta.

My paternal great grandfather Philipus Kolodnicki arrived here from the Ukraine around the time of the Great War.  A customs agent unfamiliar with the concept of multiculturalism renamed him – and therefore me – with the last name Smith. Alberta was good to him too.

So as a person of mixed race ancestry, I take it personally when accusations of racism and bigotry are aimed at me and my party. (more…)

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April 17, 2012

Danielle Smith and Wildrose’s “lack of experience” running deficits or voting themselves 30% pay increases…


During the Leadership Debate last week Alison Redford tossed out the fact that Danielle Smith “had no experience” governing a province as though that was somehow a bad thing.

It’s a bizarre statement but one that gains traction with the Chateratti across Alberta, since the drive-by media is always quick to parrot Redford’s blathering verbatim, as though it actually meant something.

News Flash: It doesn’t.

As Danielle Smith said,

“Ms. Redford’s implication is I don’t have experience. Well, I don’t have experience running deficits or bullying doctors and MLAs, or voting myself a 30-per-cent pay increase.”


The problem with career politicians is the same the world over.  They are out of touch with reality, out of touch with mere citizens, and they always feel entitled to the contents of someone else’s wallet.

Both Redford and the Chateratti ignore the fact that Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall had no experience before he was elected Premier either but that’s worked out incredibly well for Saskatchewan, hasn’t it.  He was returned to power with an overwhelming majority in the last election because the mere citizens of Saskatchewan knew a good thing when they had it and didn’t want to let it go.

The perfect example, and one that made me laugh as I watched the Alberta Leadership Debate, is the 30% pay increase Alison Redford voted for herself 4 years ago.  Redford will go to ANY length to not talk about that, will offer bribes to any and all special interest groups, and will say almost anything except, “It was wrong.  I’ll reverse it immediately.”

No, Alison Redford is, like most politicians who have sucked off the public teat for longer than a single election cycle, utterly convinced of her own self-importance.  The world cannot run without her and she is fully entitled to anything she wants as a result of that, including 30% pay increases at a time when most Canadians are grateful they don’t have to take a threatened pay cut just to keep their jobs.


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April 16, 2012

Freedom of Speech? Not for Christian Pastors in Alberta…


As the lunatic left tries desperately to find some way of slowing down the Wildrose electoral juggernaut, such bastions of tolerance as Warren Kinsella and the Edmonton Journal have declared that pastors have no right to actually write about what they believe.

This is hardly surprising from either source, both of whom believe tolerance should only be applied to their views, not anyone else’s.  Freedom of Speech rights only apply to left-wing ideas and pastors such as Edmonton’s Allan Hunsperger should, well, just shut up.

It’s typical of the left.  Tolerance is a one-way street, that one way being their way, of course.  Any opposing views are nothing more than hate.  The very title of Mr. Kinsella’s post, Danielle Smith defends hate, made that very clear.

Hating God is completely okay, but expressing the Bible’s (and God’s) viewpoint that sin will place you in Hell for eternity is somehow inherently evil and hate-filled, if the likes of Kinsella are to be believed.

It matters not whether the sin is homosexuality, adultery, lust or any other made clear in the Bible, any Pastor who would preach approvingly of that which God hates (sin) isn’t much of a preacher.

The line that seemed to so offend both Kinsella and the Edmonton Journal is this:

“You see, you can live the way you were born, and if you die the way you were born then you will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, hell, a place of eternal suffering.”

This statement is true of every single one of us despite the fact it was written specifically addressing homosexuality.  There is not a human being alive that can claim to be sinless and therefore un-deserving of that lake of fire.

Imagine that… a preacher writing about sin and salvation.

I’m shocked!


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April 11, 2012

Danielle Smith’s Unbridled Audacity: Making Alberta Politicians Accountable to Albertans


I’ve got to say… Danielle Smith has a heck of a lot of audacity.  Just who does she think she is, anyway?

Danielle Smith just put forward the latest plank in her campaign’s election platform that would make Alberta’s provincial politicians accountable to the citizens.

It’s all contained in her proposed Alberta Accountability Act.  It transforms MLAs from being Edmonton’s representative to the people into what they should have been all along: the People’s Representatives to Edmonton.

That’s pretty radical, even for Canada.

Politicians have, until this announcement, been pretty much untouchable.  They lie to their constituents, set their own salaries and hand out massive pay hikes to themselves when the rest of us are lucky not to have to take a pay cut just to keep our jobs.

Danielle Smith is going to change all that, and politicians in the rest of Canada ought to sit up and take note.

The proposed changes Smith intends to make are great, if you’re a citizen.  They’ll make the job of politicians much much more difficult because, instead of having to win their job once every 4 years or so, they’ll actually have to earn them with every single vote cast in Parliament.

Oh, those uppity Wild Rose folks… they’ve got a lot of nerve demanding that politicians actually represent the people who elect them, don’t they?

At long last the days of “All Hail the Party Chief” may be finally coming to an end and it looks like Freedom is about to return to Alberta.  Thank God!


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March 27, 2012

Albertans: Alison Redford stole your property rights. NOW is the time to take them back.


Most Albertans have no idea that the Progressive Conservative government, under the so-called “leadership” of Ed Stelmach and Alison Redford, literally extinguished property rights in the province of Alberta.  This was done in a deceitfully systematic and methodical way using Bill 50, Bill 19, Bill 36 and Bill 10.

The combined effect of these laws and the order in which a section in one Bill over-rides the so-called “protections” in another mean the Alberta government can literally declare your marriage null and void, can revoke your birth certificate and even your death certificate.  Land titles are meaningless as they too can be revoked at the whim of a minister.  You have absolutely NO recourse.

Rapists, murderers and child molesters ALL have more rights in Alberta than lawful property owners.  THEY all have the opportunity to defend themselves in court.  You, the honest home or business owner, DO NOT.  There is NO recourse to the courts and in most cases NO APPEAL PROCESS at all.

These are bold claims, but claims that can be backed up completely, and in detail.

Joe Anglin ( has spent considerable time and effort to unravel the complexities of these Bills and has a video presentation that clearly defines how a violent criminal has more rights in Alberta than a lawful property and business owner.  (See the links at the end of this article for the entire video series.)  If you are not outraged and furious after watching the very first segment, well… I don’t know what to say. Maybe you should check to see if you have a heartbeat!

What the government of Alberta has done is what you expect from Soviet Russia circa 1930, not Alberta in the 21st century.

Naturally, like all tyrannical and freedom-hating governments, they claim these powers will never be used.

There is only one sane response to that kind of stupid rhetoric: Why did you give yourselves the power if you have no intention of using it?  (more…)

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