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September 2, 2012

Since the RCMP won’t delete the long gun registry data like the law says, the CSSA wants to make the database completely useless


The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) is not impressed with the RCMP’s refusal to obey the law and delete long gun records from Canada’s useless gun registry.

With the passage of Bill C-19 and its Royal Assent on April 5, 2012 all of this data was to be destroyed, but the RCMP has yet to destroy a single record according to sources close to the RCMP.

In the meantime the province of Quebec, the City of Toronto, the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic and the Region of Waterloo have all attempted to get the courts to overturn the will of Parliament and thereby, the will of Canadians.

The drive-by media is forever willing to believe anything the RCMP says, even if it’s not true, as is the case for the destruction of long gun registry records.

Quoting the CSSA Press Release:

The CSSA is advocating that all owners of registered non-restricted firearms take part in the Great Canadian Registry Shuffle. The CSSA says anti-gun advocates are spitting in the face of Canada’s legal system by deliberately ignoring the will of Parliament in an attempt to preserve registry data for future use.

It’s hardly a surprise, really.

The RCMP Commissioner himself had to order every provincial Chief Firearms Officer to obey the law and stop recording long gun transfers.  As I wrote back on May 13, 2012,in my article “Police State: When the Police choose which laws they will obey

Canada sent soldiers to fight and die in wars in foreign lands so this bovine excrement would never reach our shores. Unfortunately those brave young men and women apparently died in vain for the Police State mentality has indeed taken root right here at home.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews made it very clear that the law no longer requires the registration of non-restricted firearms, and that forcing gun owners to provide this information is illegal.

Tony BernardoTony Bernardo, CSSA spokesman and executive director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA), had this to say:

The Schlifer Clinic is funded by four Ontario government ministries, so […]  governments and advocacy groups have forced our hand by suggesting the registry data is somehow useful. If they refuse to acknowledge the will of the people, we’ll do it for them.

Canada’s previously registered firearms are now changing location, so the registry is even more useless, if that’s possible. The registry was never a public safety tool, and we’re removing once and for all the myth that the data was valuable.

More than half of the firearms in Canada have never been registered and even anti-gun advocates admit that criminals won’t register their guns. As long as these nuisance court injunctions keep the registry data intact, they are maintaining a shopping list for computer hacking criminals to locate our firearms. That places gun owners in danger, so we are compelled to demonstrate that the registry is inaccurate by making it even less accurate.

Pro-registry advocates need to see that there’s no useable data to protect. We are simply showing them the folly of their own political posturing. The registry is dead.

The Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle negates the silly straw man attempt to protect the data. Shuffling previously registered firearms is totally legal, responsible and appropriate.

The number of guns shuffled to date is displayed on the news ticker on the CSSA’s home page (http://www.cdnshootingsports.org/) and is updated every Thursday.

Currently it states that over 6,600 long guns and shotguns have already changed hands, a pretty amazing feat given the CSSA only announced their plan 2 days ago.

Tony Bernardo went on to say,

This shuffle forces the obstinate anti-gun crowd to admit that the registry is not worth fighting for. It truly never was. The data is corrupt and outdated, and it never saved a single life.

It was never designed to make us safe. We have challenged anti-gun advocates to reveal how the registry can help anyone, and they have never delivered – not once. How could they? The registry doesn’t do anything.

The Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle makes the data transparently irrelevant. Perhaps now we can all get on with focusing on bona fide ways to increase public safety and protect Canadians against violence. We will do all we can to help.

If you’re considering joining in the party, i.e. swapping, trading, lending, selling, buying or borrowing firearms and want to keep the CSSA updated about how many firearms you’ve had change hands today, here’s a handy form that makes submitting this information to the CSSA very simple:

Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle Submission Page



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June 16, 2012

Pro-Gun Groups praise Vic Toews for ending “back-door” registry, but did he really?


After Bill C-19 passed and was proclaimed into law Canada’s so-called “Long Gun Registry” was officially dead.  Except that it wasn’t.

The law said it was, but the RCMP is still dragging its heels when it comes to actually deleting the data contained in the registry database.   They claimed it will take months to work out the details of how to delete the data which is, to be blunt, garbage.

The database is specifically set up with a field called “Class”, into which one of three classes of firearms can be entered.  For example, if you have a registered handgun this field will say “Restricted”.  If you have a machine gun this field will say “Prohibited”.

For non-restricted firearms this field will contained, shock of shocks, “Non-Restricted”.

Anyone with the brains of a flea can simply select all database records where “Class” = “Non-Restricted” and then press the Delete key. It’s very simple, yet apparently far beyond the ability of the techs at the Canadian Firearms Program.

Okay, to be fair that might be a slight over-simplification, but not by much.  The Quebec injunction preserving data on Quebec firearm owners is one problem.  The anti-gun and anti-freedom mindset of some members of the RCMP bureaucracy is certainly another.

To make matters worse the provincial Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) in Ontario issued a decree that all firearm retailers MUST keep track of all non-restricted firearm sales, which includes recording all information about both the firearm and the person purchasing the firearm.

This information (exactly the same as what is stored in the federal database) is then stored in a ledger in the firearms retailer’s place of business.  The catch is that the ledger is not the property of the retailer, it’s the property of the provincial CFO.

This decree has also been issued by the CFO in every single province across Canada.

The additional catch to all of this is that the CFOs have tied this data recording requirement to the Business Firearms License (BFL) of the retailer.  Don’t want to keep gun registry data?  No problem.  The CFO will be happy to revoke your Business Firearms License and voila!  You’re out of business in a heartbeat.  Otherwise your business operates at the whim of the CFO and you will do whatever he tells you.

Since a firearms business requires a Business Firearms License in order to operate business owners were placed in an impossible situation.  The law says they don’t have to keep the information but the bureaucrat who issues their BFL says he’ll cancel their license if they don’t.  On top of that, regular firearm owners won’t purchase firearms from the retailer because the retailer is going beyond the requirements of the law and keeping information they are not entitled to.

It’s a lovely Catch-22 that annoyed Public Safety Minister Vic Toews so badly he issued a decree that this practice was to end, effective immediately, or else.  (more…)

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April 5, 2012

Finally… one small step away from the Abyss


It’s been a very long time coming, but we’ve finally taken a very small step away from the abyss.  As of midnight last night there is no longer a requirement to register non-restricted firearms (most rifles and shotguns) in Canada.

The RCMP posted the highlights of the change in law on their Canadian Firearms Program website almost immediately, with the caveat that the change in law does not affect Quebec residents due to a court injunction.  The Quebec government is attempting to implement a provincial gun registry but wants to start with the error-ridden records of the federal government’s database.

Yes, that’s stupid and useless, but then so are most Quebec politicians if they think solving gun crime is best handled by importing a database so flawed it can’t be used in court.

From the RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program website:

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April 4, 2012

Senator Daniel Lang speaks eloquently about the uselessness of gun registration


Senator Daniel Lang is opposed to gun registration, and for good reason. He comprehends history.

Senator Lang represents The Yukon, and was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2009.  He comprehends the issues that are important to Yukoners and indeed all Canadians.

He is one of the sponsors of the bill to end the long gun registry and, to quote him, he looks “forward to being actively involved in ensuring that this legislation is passed by the Senate quickly.”

He has remained true to that statement and has attacked the uselessness of the long gun registry at every opportunity.  His his latest speech on Bill C-19, currently before the Senate, is well worth reading.  While I don’t agree with everything Senator Lang says, I do agree with most of it.

This transcript is from the Hansard –  1st Session, 41st Parliament, Volume 148, Issue 66, Monday, April 2, 2012

Honourable senators may recall that when I spoke to the bill at second reading, I quoted the Spanish poet, George Santayana, who said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I went on to explain that, 93 years ago, the Canadian Parliament enacted gun control legislation requiring gun owners to obtain a permit for all firearms, including small arms, rifles and shotguns. Honourable senators, a year later this requirement was repealed.

It is important to note that the Minister of Justice of the day, Charles Doherty, stated:

“There has been very general representation that the existing law operated too rigorously, lent itself to abuses and subjected citizens to unnecessary annoyance.”

Here we are today repealing similar legislation, yet it took 17 years, even though we had the Internet. (more…)

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March 4, 2012

Proof Handgun Registration Works! Toronto Teen robs store with loaded handgun


Yes, the title is sarcastic.  The handgun registry is every bit as useless as the long gun registry, something this teen armed robber proves for me.

This is the second time Canada has dropped long gun registration.  Most people choose to forget that we tried this stupidity once before and finally dropped it when law-abiding Canadians refused to register their rifles and shotguns.  The original long gun registry was dropped just after World War II.

With all the uproar over the impending demise of Canada’s current long gun registry and its uselessness at preventing or solving crime, I’ve been amazed that so many politicians continue to support the registration of handguns.  The very same logic they use to tell us how useless the long gun registry has proven to be is twisted to explain why the registration of handguns “absolutely must continue.”

Canada began registering handguns in 1934, yet despite all those decades, the police cannot give a single example of where the registry aided them in solving a single crime.  Anywhere else in life we would call that useless.

Canada, like the rest of the world, has a severe debt problem.  We as a nation are spending our grandchildren’s earnings yet we think nothing of it.

We wasted well over 2 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money registering guns and tracking law-abiding firearm owners, and this is just the amount we’ve tossed on the trash pile and burned in the past 15 years.  There is no accurate calculation of how much money has been wasted since we started registering handguns in 1934.

This is ludicrous, of course.  But the word “handgun” or “gun owner” is used and all critical thinking immediately stops for the majority of people, including police and politicians.

We continue to insist that spending over 100 million dollars per year to track law-abiding citizens is a “worthwhile public safety measure” while convicted criminals with firearm prohibition orders against them are not tracked at all.

François Pepin, the man who murdered Constable Valérie Gignac, had a firearms prohibition order against him at the time of her murder.  Despite that prohibition order, not only was he able to obtain the firearm he used to murder Constable Gignac, he still had two firearms in his possession that should have been removed under his firearm prohibition order, but were not.

Again, useless is the word that comes to mind.


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February 24, 2012

Bill C-30’s invasions of privacy and warrantless searches are outrageous, but all the other Acts are just fine?


Bruce Cockburn wrote a famous song that contained the line “The trouble with normal is it only gets worse.”

The same can be said for governments.  They always get worse, too.  The current so-called Conservative government is a perfect example of this, and Vic Toews unwittingly tried using this to his advantage.  He quickly discovered, much to his dismay, that Canadians weren’t quite as dumb as he had hoped.

Speaking to Ezra Levant on the Sun TV show “The Source” Vic Toews said with a straight face,

“Well, right now regulatory authorities have the power to do warrantless searches. That is very standard practice.”

Vic Toews is absolutely correct.  It is standard practice in numerous laws on the books:

  • The Firearms Act,
    the Fisheries Act,
    the Wheat Board Act and I’m sure many others.

Vic Toews clearly believes that it SHOULD be standard practice to have Canadians subjected to warrantless searches whenever it suits him, despite the so-called “conservative” nature of his government.

Unfortunately we do not actually have a conservative government in Canada right now.  We haven’t had one for a very, very long time.  The last truly conservative Canadian government probably predates the existence of anyone alive today.

You see, a truly conservative government would place the sanctity of our Rights and Freedoms ahead of any momentary and passing “need” of government.

A truly conservative government would repeal the laws that place the burden of proof on Canadians to “prove a negative”, something Ian Thomson is being forced to do right now in an Ontario courtroom.


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December 6, 2011

Gamil Gharbi Day: a memorial to a lunatic and Canada’s dedication to punishing the people who did NOT commit the crime


As anyone following the mewling cries of Windy Wendy Cukier and the vitriol spewing forth from Lying Heidi Rathjen is already aware, today, December 6th, is the day we remember an insane madman and the 14 women he murdered in his misogynistic rage.

Rathjen, in particular, has clearly gotten her knickers in a very big twist.  Left-wing media outlets are, of course, helping fan the flames of her rage by giving her free and open access to their newspapers and television cameras.

Lest we actually forget that real people actually died on this fateful day in 1989, here are the names of the slain women for us all to remember:

  1. Geneviève Bergeron
  2. Hélène Colgan
  3. Nathalie Croteau
  4. Barbara Daigneault
  5. Anne-Marie Edward
  6. Maud Haviernick
  7. Barbara Marie Klueznick
  8. Maryse Laganiere
  9. Maryse Leclaire
  10. Anne-Marie Lemay
  11. Sonia Pelletier
  12. Michèle Richard
  13. Annie St-Arneault
  14. Annie Turcotte


These are the names that Windy Wendy and Lying Heidi never want us to forget, and that is commendable.  We shouldn’t forget them.

We should also never forget the names Ian Bush, Robert Dziekanski and Orion Hutchinson either, but I don’t see any memorials being offered to the men murdered by RCMP members, do you?

Or how about Doreen LeClair, Corrine McKeown or Janice Kinna? They all died after 911 was called. LeClair and McKeown called 911 5 times and couldn’t get anyone to come to their aid.  Janice Kinna died while police took their sweet time (over 30 minutes) getting to her home.

Where are the monuments to these men and women who died directly or indirectly because of the failure of police?


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December 1, 2011

Heidi Rathjen: gov’t “will have blood on their hands”


When all else fails, Heidi Rathjen and her fellow anti-gun zealots always resort to one final cry:

You will have blood on your hands!!!

It’s as predictable as rain in Vancouver, drought in the desert and snow in Alps in winter.

It’s the final cry of those who have failed to ram their agenda down our throats by claiming that anyone who owns a firearm is just a killer-in-waiting.

The facts, naturally, never enter in to the debate for the likes of Heidi Rathjen or “Windy” Wendy Cukier.

Cukier and Rathjen scream that gun suicides will rise again after the so-called “successes” of the gun registry at reducing gun suicides.  They fail, of course, to tell the entire truth of the matter…

a) that suicides by firearm were already dropping long before the gun registry was implemented,

b) that the overall suicide rate in Canada hasn’t changed in decades, and

c) that the rise in suicides by hanging far outweigh any reduction in the numbers of suicides by firearm.

That’s not wishful thinking on my part, that’s the information from Statistics Canada, the folks who track this sort of thing.

But Windy Wendy and Lying Heidi are not about to admit anything that doesn’t further their own twisted agenda.


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October 28, 2011

The Big Lie and Canada’s Doomed Long Gun Registry


With all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over the impending demise of Canada’s failed (and useless and error-ridden) long gun registry, there is a “Big Lie” being spouted off by Windy Wendy Cukier and lying bureaucrats like Belleville Ontario Police Chief Cory McMullan.

I say lying because if anyone should know the truth about Canada’s “gun control” system it should be the chief of police of a major metropolitan city.

“If (the registry) is lost, my officers aren’t going to have all the information they currently have available to them to ensure safety. There is a loss of information and it could jeopardize public safety.”

And so enters “The Big Lie“.

If information is lost about how many guns are registered to someone, it jeopardizes that all-important factor in policing… “Officer Safety.”


That is a flat-out lie aimed at protecting their little fiefdoms.  Bill C-19 does no such thing.

When police on the street query the Miramichi database they are generally asking one of two questions:

1. Does John Doe own firearms?, or

2. Is anyone living at this address a firearm owner?

Believe it or not, neither one of these questions require a gun registry for an answer.


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