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December 24, 2012

Every year stories of jackbooted thugs of the State dispensing the Spirit of Christmas warms my heart



Every year there are stories of government agents dispensing the Spirit of Christmas.  They never fail to warm the depths of my heart.

One story that caught my eye while scanning the headlines today was of Christian Critzer, a Christmas tree farmer in Waynesboro, Virginia.  Okay, technically these particular state thugs weren’t wearing jackboots, but they might as well have.

Christian Critzer wanted to raise money for the Martha Jefferson Hospital Cancer Center Foundation in nearby Charlottesville.   His wife recently won her battle with breast cancer and as his way of showing his gratitude to them, Christian wanted to give away Christmas trees in exchange for donations to Martha Jefferson Hospital’s cancer program.

Gratitude… it’s what Christmas is all about, right?

Only if you’re a tree farmer grateful that the scourge of cancer didn’t claim the life of your dear wife.  Only if you want to show your gratitude by raising money for the good people who helped save the life of your darling bride.

If you’re one of those many soulless cretins, one of those dastardly career bureaucrats who believes in, with whatever soul you might have, the great calling of Bureaucrat’s Rule #1:

The Rules are more Important than People

Waynesboro-Bureaucratic-Thug-183x250It’s a timeless philosophy, really.  Without rules we’re no better than the apes, for God’s sake!  Without rules… who knows what might happen?  The very fabric of society might unravel right before our very eyes!

Yes, there are rules that are for the betterment of society.  Thou shalt not kill comes readily to mind.  Thou shalt not steal is another.  Simple, really, like most good things are.

Rules designed to enhance the power of the State don’t really fall into that category, do they?  No, rules like the one Christian Critzer broke in his zeal to express his gratitude exist solely to make sure we mere citizens know our place and don’t stray from it.

We’re so unworthy, after all, for anything good and decent.  The Nanny State Ninnies absolutely must pounce on us the second we step out of line or, God forbid (Can I even say that any more?) the world might come crashing to a halt!

Christian Critzer’s sin was to perform what city officials classed as “retail activities” and he will be punished appropriately.  Repeatedly, if necessary, to gain compliance with Bureaucrat’s Rule #1.

Heaven forbid a man do something to show his gratitude… to help raise money for such a worthy cause!  Who does he think he is?

“This year has certainly been plagued with its fair share of Scrooges and Grinches disguised as government agents, threatening individuals with fines and arrest for such simple acts of kindness and charity as distributing free bottled water to the thirsty, giving away free food to the hungry and destitute, and making thermal shelters available to house the homeless during cold winter nights,” said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute.

The Rutherford Institute is coming to Mr. Critzer’s aid, and Thank God someone has the decency to do so.  Thank God someone has the decency to stand up to these moronic Waynesboro bureaucrats who deserve nothing other than our scorn and ridicule.

“It’s our hope that Waynesboro officials will focus on solving the many real and pressing problems plaguing their community rather than creating problems where there are none.”

Did you hear that?

That’s the sound of common sense being trumpeted from the rooftops.

Pity that bureaucrats are deaf to anything but the sounds of their own pathetic, mewling voices, screaming that the Rules are More Important than People.

NOTE: If you want to read the letter (in pdf format) sent to the morons at the City of Waynesboro, please visit The Rutherford Institute.


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August 7, 2012

When is your private property not your own? Whenever a bureaucritter of the Nanny State says so.

Michel Beauchamp and Josee Landry's front yard garden

We like to believe that when we make the most expensive purchase of our lives, our family home, we’re actually the ones who own it.  It’s a fallacy, however, as more and more homeowners, if I can even call them that, are discovering across North America.

When we buy a piece of land and a house, we believe we can do what we want with that land and home.

Oh, we’re such silly people sometimes, aren’t we?  The bureaucritters of the Nanny State, ever desirous of control over our every waking moment, continually come up with stupider and stupider rules to inflict their will on us and our property.

It wouldn’t be so bad if these bureaucratic buffoons did not have the full power and weight of the State behind them, but they do.  Submit or Die seems to be the motto these Nanny State Bureaucrats live by, and they aren’t particularly caring about which one we do, either.

Anyone who knows the story of Carl Drega knows exactly what I’m talking about.  (For the full story on Carl Drega’s decades long nightmare that ended with his death please read The Ballad of Carl Drega by Vin Suprynowicz)

Michel Beauchamp and Josee Landry's front yard gardenThe latest case of bureaucratic stupidity comes out of La Belle Provence and the town of Drummondville, where Michel Beauchamp and Josee Landry are learning all about “approved” gardening from the mindless minions of the State.

Welcome to their municipal bylaw nightmare, where growing their own food is a crime punishable by a fine of $300 PER DAY for every day they do not comply with a bureaucratic order to remove their garden.

And why must they remove their beautiful and useful garden, you ask?  It doesn’t comply with The Rules, you silly citizen!  And the Rules say every front yard MUST… yes MUST contain the prescribed amount of useless green grass or else!

Ah yes, I remember now… The Rules Are More Important Than People.  How silly of me to forget, even for a moment, that it’s the Minions of The State who are in charge of my life and not me, a mere citizen.


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June 27, 2012

Canadian Patriotism: Fly the Canadian Flag, get a fine, have a lien placed against your property

The Canadian Flag - the flag of the ENTIRE country, despite what Pauline Marois and her merry band of morons believe.

Did you know that Canadians have no right to fly the Canadian flag?  As shocking as that sounds, as unpatriotic as that sounds, this is the reality here in the land of True North Strong and Free.

Fly the Canadian Flag and you can be fined by your condo association and/or your municipality or both, depending upon where you live.

How incredibly… patriotic.

Imagine, if you will… that you are a Canadian veteran who has served your country faithfully and put your life on the line for Freedom and Liberty.  You return home to Canada and years later move into a condo in Edmonton, and because you are a Patriot you place a Canadian flag windsock on your balcony and fly it proudly.

Seems innocent enough, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

It’s a crime and the Aesthetics Police will hunt you down and make you pay.  Literally.

Bill and Franca Nienhuis were fined $250 by their condo association for the crime of flying the Canadian flag.  When Bill Nienhuis wrote “No Freedom” across the notice and posted it he was fined another $250 for littering.

You see, the good folks (read morons) who control the condo association are clearly proponents of Bureaucrat’s Rule #1:

The Rules Are More Important Than People.

It means nothing that Bill Nienhius served this country faithfully.  It makes no difference that he is a proud Canadian.

He broke the rules, therefore he must be punished.  It matters not that the rules are stupid.

For his crime of exposing their asinine rule for what it was he was fined an additional $250.

Is this the message we really want to send to Canadians as Canada Day approaches?  Serve your country, fly the Canadian Flag, be patriotic and we’ll fine you hundreds of dollars?

I would hope not.

I despise petty bureaucratic dictators like those who infest Bill Nienhius’ condo association.  They do nothing but suck the life force out of good and decent people all in the name of conformity.


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June 1, 2012

Union County police fine man for the “crime” of saving his son’s life

It sounds absurd, I know, but that’s the net result of police actions in Winfield Park, New Jersey, earlier this month.

Frank Roder thought he was doing a good thing when he took his son down to the Rahway River to feed the ducks.  No sooner had Frank and his son arrived at the parking lot when his young son jumped out of the jeep and ran directly for the edge of the riverbank and the 35 foot drop into the river below.

The horrified father jumped out of his vehicle as fast as he could and ran after his son.  Thankfully he managed to catch the boy just mere feet before he ran off the riverbank.

As he held his son close to his chest, young Aidan said to his dad:

“Um, Daddy…”

The two watched as Frank Roder’s jeep rolled down the embankment and into the muddy waters of the Rahway River.

Frank, in his rush to save his son’s life, had not put on the Jeep’s parking brake.

It’s an honest mistake and given the gravity of the situation one that any reasonable human being would forgive.

Unfortunately the Union County Police Department doesn’t seem to have any reasonable human beings serving as police officers… (more…)

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May 8, 2012

John Stossel on how everything, including common sense, has become illegal in America


Every day there is another asinine law passed, and every day there is another story of how some bureaucrat has abused a citizen because some rule buried in a regulation handbook says he can.

John Stossel has made a career out of exploring all of this stupidity, and his latest entry into the absurd is called “Illegal Everything.”

If you think you’ve seen every bureaucratic atrocity imaginable, think again.  Stossel has found some even I had no idea were happening!

From criminalizing children for setting up a lemonade stand, to the Midway police chief’s absurd justification for attacking the children, to fining a man $2,000 per day for having the wrong type of tree on his property and demanding a couple holding a home bible study to have a Conditional Use Permit.

Then there’s the man who was sentenced to 8 years in prison for the crime of importing lobster tails in bags instead of boxes.  Sound absurd? It is, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

As I’ve said many times before, Bureaucrat’s Rule #1 says “The Rules are more important than People.”  When governments take that to an extreme, all of society suffers.

When bureaucrats believe they know what’s best for you and me and wish to impose their believes upon us, nothing good can come from it.

C.S. Lewis once wrote something very profound on this subject:

“One of the marks of a certain type of bad man is that he cannot give up a thing himself without wanting every one else to give it up. That is not the Christian way. An individual Christian may see fit to give up all sorts of things for special reasons—marriage, or meat, or beer, or the cinema; but the moment he starts saying the things are bad in themselves, or looking down his nose at other people who use them, he has taken the wrong turning.”

Indeed.  Both America and Canada have definitely “taken the wrong turning.”

I was horrified by some of the examples John Stossel cites in this program.  I’m sure you will be too. (more…)

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January 27, 2012

Alberta Sheriff Thomas Bounds: Taking Insensitivity to an All-New Low


Thomas Bounds is a sheriff with the Alberta Sheriff’s Service.  He requires, at a bare minimum, a severe reprimand and retraining to learn how to act like a human being, since he clearly has no clue at the moment.  For his blatantly abusive and potentially life-threatening treatment of Bill Berry, a 52-year-old deaf and mute cancer survivor, Sheriff Thomas Bounds should really be fired.

Does that sound harsh?

Perhaps, but it’s certainly an apt punishment for almost killing Bill Berry for the dastardly crime of trying to pay a parking ticket.

That’s right, Bill Berry was attempting to pay a parking ticket on December 9, 2011 at Red Deer’s courthouse when Sheriff Thomas Bounds became enraged that the deaf man wouldn’t follow his orders.


Photo Credit: JEFF STOKOE, Red Deer Advocate staff

Bill Berry, as you can see, has some serious health issues.

He is deaf, mute, survived cancer and now breaths through his neck through a tube.  He has a feeding tube that runs into his nose.

It is instantly apparent that Mr. Berry is

a) absolutely no threat to anyone and
b) seriously in need of help.

Instantly apparent, that is, to everyone except a mindless bureaucratic thug like Sheriff Thomas Bounds.

Sheriff Thomas Bounds, unlike Bill Berry, has some serious mental issues, first and foremost being his utter devotion to what I like to call Bureaucrat’s Rule #1.

For the benefit of those visiting this great site for the first time, Bureaucrat’s Rule #1 is simply this:

The Rules Are More Important Than People.

It’s a simple rule, and we mere citizens had better learn our place before encountering such all-powerful bureaucrats (at least in their own eyes) such as Sheriff Thomas Bounds.


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December 17, 2011

Tom MacLachlan: Bureaucrat’s Rule #1 sucks, doesn’t it?


Tom MacLachlan was just doing what I’ve personally done numerous times…  he was dropping coins into parking meters to prevent a couple of total strangers from getting a parking ticket.

I must admit, there is an odd pleasure that comes from knowing you’ve prevented someone from getting a parking ticket.  That feeling is enhanced, even more strangely, by the knowledge that the person you just saved from that ticket has no idea what you did, or even that you exist.

I, however, don’t believe I was ever the victim of Bureaucrat’s Rule #1 when I was dropping coins into meters for strangers, unlike Vancouver’s Good Samaritan, Tom MacLachlan.

For those poor souls not familiar with it, The Bureaucrat’s Rule #1 is simply this:

The Rules Are More Important Than People

City of Vancouver bureaucrats have managed to take this rule to new heights, or, as I would prefer to characterize it, they’ve taken it to new depths of bureaucratic stupidity.

Tom MacLachlan’s bizarre story began with one Vancouver City employee who was obviously having a bad day and felt the need to vent his ill temper upon anyone in his path.

Despite the meters in his path having time left on them, in part due to Mr. MacLachlan’s kindness, the miserable city employee ticketed at least one of the vehicles anyway.

Enter Bureaucrat’s Rule #1: The Rules are More Important Than People


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