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October 5, 2014

Sarb Gill, an Airdrie liquor store Clerk, turns the tables on would-be armed robber



An article in the Calgary Sun titled “Airdrie liquor store Clerk fights back during attempted armed robbery” shows there are still MEN in the world willing to stand up for what is right. When a would-be armed robber entered the store where Sarb Gill refused to be a victim.

Instead of handing over the cash like the thief demanded, Gill

unleashed a beating that sent the suspect, later identified as a 22-year-old Airdrie man Matthew Christopher Bleile, fleeing for his life and seeking treatment at a Calgary hospital.”


Two friends got robbed last week, and my friend got robbed in High River on Friday,” Sarb Gill said.

If we give them a lesson, next time someone will think twice before they think robbery is easy money.”

I doubt the freshly-beaten Mr. Bleile will be attempting to rob corner stores any time soon. He most assuredly will “think twice” before attempting to rob a liquor store again.

What is interesting about this case is that Sarb Gill is an immigrant. He didn’t grow up in Canada yet he possesses two attributes I would love to see in all our immigrants, indeed all Canadians everywhere, namely courage and honour.

From the Calgary Sun article:

Wednesday’s incident wasn’t the first time Gill resorted to force to thwart would-be robbers. Shortly after immigrating to Canada from India in 2008, Gill sent two armed robbers running after leaping over the counter and chasing them off with a baseball bat.

Clearly anyone attempting to rob any establishment where Sarb Gill works is both stupid and in for a very rude surprise. This is a man that simply will not give criminals the upper hand and for this I applaud him.

If we had more Canadians like Sarb Gill perhaps our criminals wouldn’t be quite so glib and carefree.

The RCMP, of course, doesn’t like anyone doing their job for them and made it clear they don’t want anyone fighting back against would-be thieves.

Airdrie RCMP said complying with demands and informing the police is the safest way to deal with robberies. Taking the law into your own hands is not a course of action encouraged by police.

“Taking the law into your own hands?”

Dr. Mike Ackermann took exception to that statement, as I would expect. Since his comments published on the Canadian Firearms Digest mirror my own I will let him have the last word.

When the police say they don’t recommend citizens taking the law into our own hands, I must ask:

In exactly whose hands do they think the law resides? It originates with the People, and remains with the People. It is always ours to respect and enforce. We just delegate some of that authority to our elected representatives and their hirelings because most of us are too busy to attend to it ourselves.

Make no mistake, what Mr. Gill did was admirable, his right, and his duty as a citizen.

These police talking heads would prefer him to meekly submit to the demands of his assailant. What then? Once you have submitted your life is in the hands of your assailant who may have bigger plans for you than just taking your money. Even if your money is all they want, it is still part of your life they are stealing, and I say to hell with that and to hell with anyone who demands the lawful should be ruled by the lawless.

We need more men like Mr. Gill. He truly is a man, after all, and we should try to live up to the example he sets, rather than promoting a culture of victimhood.

Well said, Dr. Ackermann.



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May 7, 2014

Welcome to the Firearms Community by Dr. Mike Ackermann

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The following is from a post on Facebook by Dr. Mike Ackermann in response to a question from a new shooter about what she should do before purchasing her first firearm. I believe it is a “must-read” for everyone, shooter or not.

1) All lawful shooters are our friends.

I support them all, even if someone else’s sport is something I do not personally like. For example, I don’t particularly like trophy hunting, but as long as it is done ethically and legally I realize that it adds financial value to maintaining healthy animal populations and ecosystems, creates jobs in otherwise impoverished areas, and huge injections of funds into local economies and conservation programs.

2) There is no such thing as a bad gun.

Guns have no volition of their own. They are just tools that will do what we ask of them. There is a huge range of interest in everything from single shot black powder antique muzzle loaders to fully auto, belt fed, crew served machine guns, and everything in between. All lawful gun use is good, even those activities I personally have no time for, interest in, or money for, and I support them all.

3) Guns are designed for a single purpose, and that is NOT “to kill”.

Guns are designed to launch projectiles in order to protect human and livestock life from predation, to provide food for the table, to help their owners win competitions, and to advance the engineering evolution of the industry. They are no more purposefully designed kill than are knives or baseball bats.

4) Assault is a verb, not an adjective.

There is no such thing as an “assault weapon“. That is a term invented by the anti-gun lobby to besmirch us in the minds of the non-shooters and to make them fear us. The proper terms are “modern battle rifle“, “personal defense firearm“, and “modern sporting rifle“.

5) Anything is a weapon when used to assault someone or some animal.

The anti-gun lobby has called our tools “weapons” for a couple decades now. We should not help them denigrate us. I call my guns “guns” or “firearms“.

6) Guns do not have morality.

Anything can be used for good, unintentionally misused to cause harm, or intentionally abused for evil. The gun has no morality and is vastly more often safely used than misused or abused.

7) Firearms are the Great Equalizer.

Guns are the only tools that allow the old, the ill, the weak, the small, the female, and the few to effectively defend themselves against the young, healthy, strong, large, male mob intent on harming them.

8) Police have no Magic Abilities or Special Powers.

A cop is just a high school graduate who passed a security check, with 20 hours of firearm training divided into 15 hours classroom and 5 hours on the range. They have no special secret powers. Most never handle their firearms outside of mandatory annual qualifications that require them to hit a human sized target from contact range to 7 meters.

Compared to this, most lawful shooters will have much broader and deeper knowledge and experience with firearms than the police. The lawful gun owner is 1/3 as likely as the general population and 1/2 as likely as the police to ever be involved in criminal violence.

The public has no problem allowing the police to carry guns in public and yet for some strange reason the thought of one of us doing so has them, the police, quaking in fear.

When someone calls 911, what they want is for someone else to bring a gun to their aid; a gun that would be much more useful in their hand at the moment when they are in the act of being attacked than in the holster of a cop who is, at best, several minutes away.

The bad guy is always the one to choose the time, manner, and place of their attack, and they will always do so to maximize their chances of success, not yours or the police’s.

If all you do is call 911, you will wait the rest of your tragically prematurely truncated life for help that will inevitably arrive in time to gather evidence from your body for presentation in court later.

9) Concealed Carry of Firearms Saves Lives

Every jurisdiction that has gotten out of the way of lawful, trained, effective personal defense (AKA concealed carry) has seen huge declines in criminal violence.

All the mass killings are in “Gun-Free Zones“. 95% of violence in America occurs in 5% of the land area, and those areas are typically “gun free” inner city.

10) “If it just saves one life then it’s worth it” is a propaganda slogan.

The anti-gun lobby attempts to claim the moral high ground, stating that “if it just saves one life then it’s worth it” to destroy the rights of millions to effectively defend themselves in order to futilely abuse the legal process to try to stop a few murders, and at a huge cost in life and freedom.

The anti-gun lobby projects their own terrified self-image onto us. They are the ones who would be dangerous with a gun, who are filled with impotent rage, not us.

Thus endeth today’s lesson. I hope you find it informative.

Your homework, should you so desire is to read this:


Best regards, and welcome again!

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“Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst”.

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July 24, 2012

City of Toronto reverses decision to ban medal-winning sport shooters from Ontario Summer Games promotional event

Cockroaches and politicians have one thing in common. Both scurry for the shadows when the spotlight is on them.  In the case of Toronto politicians, that spotlight is public displeasure with their latest stupid decision.

As I wrote yesterday, gold-medal sport shooters Chris Baldwin, 18, and Sabrina Sergeant, 17, were told they were not welcome as Ambassadors to promote the World Record Camp Games.

Outrage was fast and furious once Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) made this asinine decision public.  Faced with intense public outrage, the cockroaches at Toronto City Hall did what they always do… they ran cowering for cover, but not before reversing their decision.

City of Toronto spokeswoman Deborah Blackstone said that Chris Baldwin and Sabrina Sergeant have now been “re-invited” to attend the ceremony for the World Record Camp Games, intended to promote the 2012 Ontario Summer Games to be held in Toronto Aug. 16-19.

Given the recent events in the city, city staff made a decision not to have the athlete ambassadors representing sport shooting participate in the on-stage welcoming ceremony component of the World Record Camp Games due to the very young audience expected to participate in the event,” Deborah Blackstone wrote in an e-mail Monday.

“Upon further reflection, and discussion with the Games organizing committee, the City of Toronto regrets the decision that was communicated to the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.”


So was it the decision to slap these two medal-winning athletes in the face what these cockroaches regretted?  Or was it merely that they regretted communicating that decision to Tony Bernardo and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association?


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July 23, 2012

Ontario Summer Games Committee to award-winning target shooters: You’re Not Welcome Here

Politicians and bureaucrats have an incredible talent for sending precisely the wrong message.

In this regard the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto have combined for a new all-time low: blaming two award-winning sport shooting youths for Toronto’s ongoing gun and gang crime problem.

Chris Baldwin, 18, and Sabrina Sergeant, 17, are both very accomplished athletes. They both devote countless hours every week to hone their skills so they can reach their current goal of winning the Ontario Summer Games in August.

They are perfect examples of what we should promote to young people everywhere: dedicated, focused, hard-working, goal-oriented and most importantly, law-abiding.

These two young athletes are also, according to Ontario government officials, to blame for all of Toronto’s gun crime.

That is logic that only a politician can comprehend.

Michael Fusco of the Ontario Summer Games (who can be reached at 2012 City Hall 8th Floor, West Tower, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2  phone: (416) 338-5721, email: mfusco@toronto.ca ) wrote to the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (who sponsors these two athletes) the following message:

Unfortunately due to the untimely shootings that have taken place in Scarborough and the City recently, we have received a directive that we can no longer have the Sporting Rifle Athlete Ambassadors present on stage at the World Record Camp Games event. This is unfortunately something that has been handed down to us out of our control and we deeply apologize.   We realize that gun violence has nothing to do with the sport of Sporting Rifle or any of your Athletes and that your sport promotes the safe and responsible use of rifles.  We appreciate your understanding of this matter and apologize to both the CSSA and your Athlete Ambassadors sincerely.  Should you have any questions, please contact Cathy Vincelli at 416-397-5349.

If Michael Fusco, Cathy Vincelli, Ontario Summer Games and World Record Camp Games event organizers, the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto comprehend “that gun violence has nothing to do with the sport of Sporting Rifle or any of your Athletes and that your sport promotes the safe and responsible use of rifles” then they should be plastering the city with billboards of these two athletes, promoting them as role models for other young people across Ontario.

Instead what do these politically-correct, anti-gun, mind-numbingly stupid cowards do? They tell two gold medal-winning sport shooters are not welcome as Ambassadors to promote the World Record Camp Games.  They paint two highly successful young athletes with the same filthy brush as criminal gang members who murder people indiscriminately in crowded shopping malls and block parties with illegal firearms.

Disgusted doesn’t even begin to express how I feel about Michael Fusco, Cathy Vincelli, Ontario Summer Games and World Record Camp Games event organizers, the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto.


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July 9, 2012

Self-Defense: A Tale of Two Police Forces and how they deal with citizen self-defense


The response to armed self-defense in the home during a home invasion is so different in Canada and America that it borders on the bizarre.  I’ll use a recent example of the case of a 14-year-old boy in Phoenix, Arizona to make my case.

First I will explain the facts of the case, then I’ll delve into the response of the Phoenix Police Department and then, finally, explain what the Canadian police response would be.

First, the facts:

On June 22, 2012 an armed intruder broke into a family home in Phoenix, Arizona.  Both parents were out of the home, leaving their oldest son, a 14-year-old boy, in charge of taking care of his three younger siblings.  An unknown woman rang the doorbell and attempted to gain entrance to the home.  The boy wisely refused entry to the woman since he did not know her.

The boy then heard loud bangs against the door and while that was happening he ran upstairs, grabbed his father’s handgun from its place in his parents’ bedroom and returned down the hallway to the top of the stairs, where he saw an armed man break the front door open and point a weapon at him.

The boy promptly shot the 37-year-old intruder with his father’s handgun, wounding the home invader severely, but not fatally.  The man survived and is in hospital recovering from his wounds under police guard.

Thankfully the armed intruder never fired a shot.

That’s what happened in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, June 22, 2012.

Next, the response of the Phoenix Police Department to these facts.


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April 18, 2012

Wendy Cukier & Heidi Rathjen, Join The Gun Registration Certificate Burning Party!


That’s right… folks across the nation are having parties to burn their long gun registration certificates.  It’s the best way I can think of to celebrate one small step in the proper direction for the rights of Canadians when it comes to firearms.  I wish I’d thought of it before I received Mike Ackermann’s photos. All of mine apparently had an accident involving a shredder…

Dr. Mike Ackermann, pictured here, posted a series of photos of his own personal gun registry certificates bonfire on Facebook two days ago.  Along with the photos he has a running commentary of why he’s burning his certificates, along with a description of why he built a house of cards out of them first.

So I made this house of cards of my registration certificates, to represent the Firearms Act and its useless gun registry that provides only illusory security. Note that just like Allan Rock and his ilk who lied to parliament to fraudulently enact this house of cards, I have also cheated by using tape to hold it together. Without ever increasing amounts of red tape and sculduggery, this monument to political foolishness would never have held together as long as it did.

The latest party I’ve been made aware of is in Williams Lake, British Columbia.  The fine folks from the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association have decided to invite the world to join them as they celebrate Canada’s baby steps toward Freedom.

Being good-natured, they sent the following invitation to Wendy Cukier and her Coalition for Gun Control.  They have not yet heard back from Wendy, and I doubt she will be attending. (more…)

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September 17, 2011

Victoria Police Department Constable Mike Russell needs to learn the law


A recent news report in the Victoria Times Colonist showed just how incompetent Constable Mike Russell, and indeed the entire Victoria Police Department is.

Instead of commending a man for removing firearms from his home during a dispute with his roommate, the police arrested him, seized his firearms and threatened to charge him with firearm offenses.

The problem with this entire scenario is, of course, that the police don’t even know the law when it comes to firearms.

Constable Mike Russell’s asinine statement to the press that the man “did not wait to get the proper permit” before transporting his firearms is complete hogwash.

There is no “proper permit” required for transporting non-restricted firearms.  The only documentation required is a firearms license and registration certificates for each firearm.

The facts don’t seem to get in the way of Constable Russell’s moment in the limelight, of course, and neither does the reporter’s blind obedience to whatever garbage spews forth from Constable Russell’s mouth and that’s a problem.


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