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March 5, 2015

Putting Our Money Where Our Conservative Mouths Are

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With the fall of Sun News Network Canadian conservatives lost the one friend they had on television. The only Canadian voice of liberty was lost… silenced because we Canadian conservatives failed when it counted most.

There is nothing we can do about that failure. Nothing we do today will bring back the Sun News Network. It’s done.  It is gone forever.

There is, however, something we can do to support the only known option to build something from the ashes of that failure, TheRebel.Media.

Ezra Levant has teamed up with fellow Sun alumni Brian Lilley, Michael Coren, Marissa Semkiw and John Robson to create TheRebel.Media, a new voice for conservatives.

Ezra and his team have managed, in just a few short weeks, to garner financial support for all the audio, video and computer equipment they need and even for have funding for social media marketing.

But what about the four individuals who do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes?  What about those four brave young people who today, right this very minute, are gambling their future on us, Canadian conservatives?

These four individuals remain almost entirely unfunded.

To me that says a lot, not about Ezra’s fundraising efforts, but about us, his supporters.

We’re willing to give tens of thousands of our hard-earned dollars to buy all the stuff they could possibly want, but we aren’t willing to support the people who actually do the work.

That’s just plain wrong.

If you feel I like I do, that is wrong, please follow the links below to financially support the individuals who support Ezra, Brian, Michael, Marissa and John so they can do what they do best: educate us and our fellow Canadians.

There comes a time when a person must simply do what is right; put our money where our loud mouths are, and be among those precious few who matter.

I believe that time has arrived.

If we want a truly conservative voice in Canadian media then we must each determine what that is worth to us.  We can’t rely on someone else to pay our way like we did with Sun News Network.  This time we must each pay our own way.

Me? I’ve already sent my check for $1,000.  I will be sending more shortly, as well, specifically tagged to support these four individuals.

Ezra and the rest of the on-camera talent already have a lot of options for making money.  These four brave individuals have bet their futures on both Ezra’s team and on us… conservative Canadians.

I think they’ve made a great bet and one that will pay off for them both now and in the future, and I’m willing to back that bet with cold, hard cash.

Will you join me?

Click on each of the four links below and contribute what you can to financially support each of these brave and talented individuals.

Hannah Vanderkooy


Jon Egier


Amanda Achtman


  Martin Gardiner



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March 2, 2015

TheRebel: Will conservative-minded citizens financially support a true conservative news outlet?


That’s essentially the question I posed in the February 14 issue of The Canadian Rights and Freedoms Bulletin.

Like so many others I was shocked to see nothing but a logo on the Sun News Network website and that all links to content on that site now returned nothing but a “404 not found” error message.

Friday, February 13, was indeed a terrible day for Freedom of the Press in Canada but it can also teach us a valuable lesson if we are willing to learn what the disappearance of Sun News Network actually means for conservative-minded Canadians.

We do not financially support those who support us.

That may be an truth to hear but it is one proven by the fact that Quebecor Media, the company that owns the Sun News Network, lost millions of dollars keeping the Sun News Network going.

Quebecor didn’t fail us… we failed Quebecor.

Sun News Network was the only Canadian voice speaking truth to stupid. Now it is gone. This is to our eternal shame, as now we are left with such bastions of a “free press” like the CBC who report that of which the Left approves and very little else.

That the Sun News Network failed due to massive financial losses means only one thing: we were happy to have SunTV, but only so long as someone else footed the tab. We conservatives did not put our money where our mouths are.

As I wrote two weeks ago:

We conservatives don’t back conservative media with our dollars. This is to our eternal shame, as now we are left with such bastions of a “free press” like the CBC who report that of which the Left approves and very little else.

Should the above efforts (or any others) to create a new conservative voice get off the ground we ought to do what we failed to do with Sun News: Support it financially this time…

At the moment there appears to be a single viable option for a new conservative media: TheRebel.Media. Along with fellow Sun alumni Brian Lilley, Michael Coren, Marissa Semkiw and John Robson, Ezra Levant dares us all to join these 5 proud reporters to create a true conservative media outlet.

TheRebel’s is website is currently financed and operated out of Ezra Levant’s livingroom but it cannot stay that way.

Levant wrote an email to potential supports a few days ago. Here is just part of what he wrote:

Do you think Canada needs an alternative, independent, tell-it-like-it-is news source, especially now that Sun News is gone?

If you do, please help me. I don’t have enough personal savings to buy all the tools we need to execute my business plan. I’ve got the energy; we have an outstanding team that’s growing each week. And I believe our customers are out there — more than 15,000 people have signed up as casual users in just one week.

But I need help to buy the business tools to succeed.

Would you please consider helping me “crowdfund” the execution of my business plan?

We have one professional, high definition camera that I put on my credit card. It cost over $4,000. And we have a couple of laptop computers and some editing software. But we need to buy more cameras, and lights, and to build mini-studios in Toronto and other cities.

We need everything from wireless microphones to tripods. We need to pay a monthly royalty fee to companies like Associated Press, to have access to their TV footage of foreign news. We need to buy insurance. There are literally dozens of tools we need to do our job — tools we have to buy now, so we can create the great TV that will convince people to become members.

Will you help us do that? If you give us the tools, we’ll do the job!

We’ve set up a “crowdfunding” page on our website, HERE. We list many of the tools we need — including a few fun ones. Items range from $2 to $40,000 and everything in between. Would you consider helping us out? It’s like a wedding gift registry, really. But instead of giving a gift to a young couple starting out in life, it’s a gift to a young company starting out in life.

I know it’s unusual asking for help to start a company. But it’s reality. We’re not a massive media company like CTV or Global. We’re as grassroots as it gets.

Visit TheRebel.media online. Then send Ezra and the gang a check in support of their efforts or you can donate online.

As you will see when you visit their website, they have good financial support already but they need more, especially for their supporting and technical staff. Those four fundraising items are pathetically funded right now and that needs to change.

Ezra Levant.

Brian Lilley.

Michael Coren.

Marissa Semkiw.

John Robson.

Their past accomplishments prove one thing above all else: They deserve our financial support.

Will you join me in supporting a true conservative media outlet for Canada? Visit TheRebel.media and donate to whichever fundraising item strikes your fancy or mail your donation, payable to The Rebel, to

The Rebel
PO Box 1082, 31 Adelaide St E
Toronto, ON M5C 2K4

My check for $1,000 is already in the mail… with more to come.


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November 12, 2012

Why we must Support Marc Lemire’s Appeal of the Bizarre Federal Court ruling on Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act



As you no doubt already know, MP Brian Storseth’s Private Members Bill C-304, an Act to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, has passed the Canadian Parliament. However, it must still pass the Senate before this piece of freedom-crushing legislation will be gone for good.

Serial plaintiff Richard Warman is “Canada’s most offended man” according to Ezra Levant

Serial plaintiff Richard Warman is “Canada’s most offended man” according to Ezra Levant

In the meantime, Marc Lemire’s long legal battle with serial plaintiff Richard Warman continues. Warman is the man who Sun TV commentator Ezra Levant refers to as “Canada’s most offended man” because he is personally responsible for over half of all complaints before Canada’s Human Rights Commission.

Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley recently ruled in the case of Warman v. Lemire (view PDF of decision) and his decision was quite bizarre. It struck down the penalty clause of the Human Rights Act, Section 54, while simultaneously upholding the constitutionality of the freedom-killing Section 13.

If you think that is confusing, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Ezra Levant is also a little puzzled, and he’s done his best to explain what the federal court ruling means with some help from Chris Shafer of the Canadian Constitutional Foundation. You can watch that video at the bottom of this article.

It is important to remember that Marc Lemire is the only person to win their case in the 33 year history of the Canadian Human Rights Commission! He is the guy who finally broke their 100% conviction rate.

So far this case has eaten up 8 years of Marc Lemire’s life and the battle is still not over.

Since this is currently the law of the land until the bill to repeal Section 13 passes the Senate, Marc Lemire must continue his battle to have the law struck down on constitutional grounds.

But is it really necessary to appeal this ruling since Bill C-304 will inevitably pass the Senate?

Yes, it is, and here’s why.

First, at the moment there are dozens of Section 13 cases that are “on hold” pending the outcome of Marc Lemire’s case. Should Lemire decide NOT to appeal this ruling, then all those cases will be taken off hold and the unjust persecution of those Canadians will resume.

Second, we have no idea when Bill C-304 will pass the Senate, even though it’s practically guaranteed to do so. The problem lies, as I outlined above, with the time period between today and the day when the Bill C-304 is actually proclaimed into law. During this time period cases already “in the system” will move ahead, even though everyone knows the law will be repealed.

Marc Lemire

Marc Lemire

Since it is currently the law of the land, it will be applied as such, despite the impending repeal of Section 13.

As I see it, if for no other reason than supporting Lemire’s case prevents all these other cases from resuming, it is well worth supporting.

So I urge you to please join with me in supporting Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

You can donate online through PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to donate as long as you have a credit card) by using this link:


If you prefer not to use PayPal you can mail your donation directly to Marc Lemire at:

Marc Lemire
Attn: Free Speech Legal Defense Fund
762 Upper James St, Suite 384
Hamilton, Ontario L9C 3A2

But I don’t support what Mr. Lemire says,” you’re thinking.

So what? That’s not the issue, is it?

I don’t have to agree with what someone says in order to support their right to say it. That’s the whole problem with Section 13 of the Human Rights Act! It takes Free Speech and turns it into Approved Speech.

The problem with Approved Speech should be obvious. So long as you’re on the side of those who get to decide, you’re okay. But what happens when the political climate changes and you’re no longer on the side of the “approvers“?

Unless you are content to live in Orwell’s world, support Marc Lemire. He is the good guy in this fight and he has earned our support, if for no other reason than he is the first and only person to ever win a case against the Canadian Human Rights Commission! Their 100% conviction rate was secure until they went after him.


Ezra Levant and Chris Schafer of the Canadian Constitution Foundation discuss Federal Court ruling in Warman v. Lemire.


Ezra Levant: Good Riddance to Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

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June 29, 2012

Ezra Levant’s 5-Point Plan to eradicate the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council and Section 5 of the Canadian Television Broadcasting Regulations


On the June 18, 2012 edition of The Source, host Ezra Levant put forward his 5-point plan to rid Canada of the Canadian Censors Council, or as they like to call themselves, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC).

As I wrote last week, membership in the CBSC is 100% voluntary. If you do NOT want a television broadcast license, you have no need to “volunteer” to join the CBSC.  However, if you actually want to create a broadcast television channel then there is nothing voluntary about it.  You must join or your application will be denied.

Once you voluntarily join the CBSC you are required to abide by its Code of Ethics.

Ezra Levant was found guilty of violating Clause 6 of the CBSC Code of Ethics by the Canadian Broadcast Censors Board.

That clause reads as follows:

Clause 6 – Full, Fair and Proper Presentation

It is recognized that the full, fair and proper presentation of news, opinion, comment and editorial is the prime and fundamental responsibility of each broadcaster. This principle shall apply to all radio and television programming, whether it relates to news, public affairs, magazine, talk, call-in, interview or other broadcasting formats in which news, opinion, comment or editorial may be expressed by broadcaster employees, their invited guests or callers.

The problem is not that Levant violated this section; it’s that he actually exceeded its requirement and disclosed the full and complete facts about the Chiquita Banana corporation and their long history of paying off terrorists in order to produce their crops in third-world nations.

That was considered impolite by the censors, or as they prefer to be known, “impartial adjudicators” and they decided they needed to make Ezra Levant shut up.

Now, am I really saying these people specifically have it in for Levant and Sun TV?

No, I’m not.

What I’m saying is they are using the system put in place 30 years ago to their advantage.  That’s just human nature.  That’s also why the system needs to be changed, to be stripped of the power to censor someone simply for expressing an opinion they, the censors, don’t like.


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June 18, 2012

Freedom of Speech, Censorship, Ezra Levant, terrorist-supporting Chiquita Banana Company and the Cdn Broadcast Standards Council


Freedom of speech is such a tenuous Right.  Every individual wants to say whatever he or she wants, but invariably demands that everyone else only say what meets with their approval.  It’s hypocritical but it is the human way.  Or maybe it’s just the Canadian way, I don’t know.

Ezra Levant, on his Sun News Network show The Source, invariably pushes the bounds of Freedom of Speech.  That is his job and, given his history with such staunch persecutors of our God-given Rights and Freedoms as the Alberta Human Rights Commission, it’s no wonder that Levant takes the position he does with respect to our most sacred Right: Freedom of Speech.

I have never been prosecuted (persecuted?) by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for 900 days like Levant was, but I believe that level of abuse by the state is not required for me to understand where Ezra Levant’s zeal for freedom comes from.

It comes from a deep understanding of our Canadian cultural heritage, from the Magna Carta, and from the brave men and women who have died defending our precious Rights and Freedoms.

The problem for folks like me and perhaps Ezra Levant is that we live in a post-Trudeau Canada.  Personally, I much preferred the pre-Trudeau Canada but, unfortunately for us all, that commie jackass came along and did a very good job of ensuring the country would be destroyed and stay that way long after he was dead and buried.

But I digress…

As I said, Ezra Levant hosts his own television show.  He does a fine job of it, for the most part, and while I try and watch his show every day there are times where, frankly, he takes things a little farther than I’m comfortable with.  Those days aren’t very many, to be sure, but on those rare occasions where Ezra goes off the rails I am quite capable, because I’m a grown man and can think for myself, of just changing the channel or (gasp!) turning off the television entirely.

I don’t feel any need to go running to mommy and daddy (The Nanny State Censors) to make Ezra Levant shut up.  Running off to the Nanny State to force someone else to do what I want is just, well, that’s just plain un-Canadian.

So when Ezra Levant went on an extended rant about that terrorist-supporting company, Chiquita Brands International, for publicly stating they were boycotting Canadian oil in favour of oil from… well… terrorist and torturous regimes, I pretty much loved every word Levant had to say.

Yes, that even includes his Spanish epithet directed to the terrorist-loving (or at the very least terrorist-supporting) corporate official that Levant singled out at the end of his December 22, 2011 show.


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May 20, 2012

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!


According to Wikipedia, the first Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was held on May 20, 2010 in support of free speech and freedom of artistic expression of those threatened by violence for drawing representations of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

It began as a protest against censorship of an American television show, South Park, “201” by its distributor, Comedy Central, in response to death threats against some of those responsible for two segments broadcast in April 2010.

Observance of the day began with a drawing posted on the Internet on April 20, 2010, accompanied by text suggesting that “everybody” create a drawing representing Muhammad, on May 20, 2010, as a protest against efforts to limit freedom of speech.

U.S. cartoonist Molly Norris of Seattle, Washington, created the artwork in reaction to Internet death threats that had been made against cartoonists Trey Parker and Matt Stone for depicting Muhammad in an episode of South Park. Depictions of Muhammad are explicitly forbidden by a few hadiths (sayings of and about Muhammad), though not by the Qur’an.

Postings on RevolutionMuslim.com (under the pen name Abu Talha al-Amrikee; later identified as Zachary Adam Chesser) had said that Parker and Stone could wind up like Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was shot to death.

Here in Canada Ezra Levant’s magazine Western Standard was essentially bankrupted by a human rights complaint filed by a radical Imam after Levant published Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed.  Those cartoons had caused riots across parts of Europe and Levant wanted to show Canadians what all the fuss was about.

While the Human Rights Tribunal against Levant was ultimately dropped, the 3-year ordeal drained Levant’s and Western Standard‘s finances past the point of no return. (more…)

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January 1, 2012

Starting the New Year off Right (with a little help from Ezra Levant)


One of the best things to happen to the Canadian media landscape last year was the introduction of the Sun News Network.  Finally there was a voice that was different from any other voice on Canadian television.  What a treat for people like me and perhaps like you.

So, to start the year off right, I want to give you one of Ezra Levant’s best rants from last year.



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November 22, 2011

Your “human right” NOT to be offended is about to be revoked.


Thirty-four years ago Canada passed one of the most absurd and Freedom-crushing laws in human history, granting Canadians the “human right” not to be offended.  The abomination that is 1977 Canadian Human Rights Act was rammed through Parliament by none other than that most Marxist of Prime Ministers, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

For many reasons I’ve never thought much of Trudeau, but making it a crime for anyone to “communicate” anything that caused someone to take offense to said “communication” has got to be near the top of my list.

There is no such thing as a human right not to be offended.  Creating such a right only makes a complete mockery of our legitimate human rights, such as Life, Liberty and Freedom of Speech.

Thankfully Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is about to be history, and not a second too soon.

Already on death’s doorstep thanks to the Marc Lemire case, Section 13 will be wiped from the face of Canadian jurisprudence thanks to a Private Members Bill, C-304. put forward by MP Brian Storseth (pdf of his introductory speech).

Can you imagine wasting half a MILLION dollars prosecuting the likes of Ezra Levant over some radical Imam’s supposed “hurt feelings”?

That’s precisely what the Alberta government did using the Alberta version of Section 13, taking almost a full three years to do so before eventually dropping the case because of all the lousy publicity they were getting.


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September 13, 2011

Our Canadian Prime Minister, Clarity and Sun Media’s Coverage of 9/11 Anniversary


Hello there, it’s me………again….. Don Laird…

I watched the Sun Media coverage of the 9-11 Remembrance in New York and was very pleased.

The points Ezra Levant made were quite relevant and should be made again and again in order to provoke debate and introspective thought.



The white washing of Ground Zero is obscene.

The eradication of evidence of one of the greatest crimes in the last century. What will be left for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to look upon in order to fully understand the depth and breadth of islamic madness?

Where would we be if we had allowed bulldozers to plow under Auschwitz?

Where would we be if, on the ground that soaked up the blood of thousands of men, women and children, there stood a convenience store selling snacks, refreshments and postcards making vague saccharin references to “a really, really bad time that had something to do with something rather a long, long time ago?

Let us speak plainly.

In Auschwitz, Germans gassed and murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. The Germans committed these monstrous crimes as part of their clearly stated goal of eradicating the entire Jewish race from the face of the earth. Complicit in these crimes, this genocide, were the German people who, largely, stood by, watched and did nothing.”

See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?

It’s what we have been doing for 8 decades and it’s what we should always do.

So, let’s use that same clarity of speech with respect to the events of September 11, 2001 in New York City.

“On this site, muslims, following the dictates of islam, flew two loaded passenger planes into the two towers of the World Trade Center, killing over 3,000 innocent men, women and children. It was the greatest act of islamic terrorism committed in the history of Mankind.”

See?  Clarity is such a simple thing to gain.  For clarity, we need only be willing to speak the truth.

For far too long we have allowed social engineers and socialist Liberal political-correctness to silence debate and discourse that is based on truth and reality.

For far too long we have abdicated our responsibilities as citizens to a lunatic fringe consisting of a corrupt socialist media, treacherous academia and an arrogant, malignant and derelict government.

We have lost the power of original thought and the ability to make decisions based on our own common sense and experiences. For far too long we have allowed our opinions and determination to be swayed by polls and surveys; we have, in essence, allowed our lives to be manipulated by the very mechanisms that determine the palatability of soda-pop and potato chips.

How utterly obscene.

However, as evidenced by recent events, we are slowly waking up and part of that awakening is a desire to speak plainly, a desire not to wrap madness and psychopathy in the robes of religious propriety and entitlement.

We must regain the power of direct, frank discourse and debate that rings of truth and clarity regardless of how uncomfortable the same makes us or the objects of our criticism feel. We must not be moved from our places by the treasonous, the seditious, the criminal and the foolish.

We must regain the power of original thought.

In the last few months there have been paradigm shifts in Canadian government and media that have been nothing short of cataclysmic.

We now have a Conservative majority government that has breathed new life into the cause of common sense and the competent stewardship of a nation. It is badly needed, long overdue and greatly welcomed.

We now have media agencies, like Sunmedia, whose focus is plain speech that is inclusive of fact, truth and reality. This willingness and unswerving determination to speak the truth gives Canadians what they desire and it gives politicians a boost of confidence that their opinions and courage will be rewarded with fair play and equal time. It is badly needed, long overdue and greatly welcomed.

Evidence of that change can be found in the words and conduct of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In a recent interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC, Prime Minister Harper spoke directly to the terrorist threat of islamism that has hung like a malevolent and murderous cloud over Canada and the United States of America for the past decade.



In speaking clearly and directly to the threat of islam, Prime Minister Harper acquitted himself in a most spectacular and unprecedented fashion; one of the responsibilities inherent in the role of Prime Minister of what is arguably the greatest nation in the world.

That acquittal serves two purposes:

1. to shame an American President whose love of the Muslim Brotherhood is only shadowed by his incompetence and cowardice, and

2.  it will stand as an example to the rest of the political leaders in the free world of the intestinal fortitude required to eradicate islamic terrorism and threat.

In closing, to the Conservative Party, to the Canadians who had the guts to vote for the Conservatives and to Sun Media, I say thank you.

Because of you, for the first time in too many years, I am immensely proud to be Canadian.


Don Laird
Edson, Alberta, Canada

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August 5, 2011

Saskatchewan dumps its Human Rights Tribunal. That’s 1 down, 13 to go…


Saskatchewan has officially dumped its Human Rights Tribunal.  What a momentous day for our cherished Rights and Freedoms!   This is the day we’ve been anticipating since Saskatchewan’s Justice Minister Don Morgan announced the proposal about a year and a half ago.

Anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years will know all about such stellar examples of Human Rights Tribunals in action as the Ezra Levant case, where he was put through a 900-day kangaroo court process before the lunatics running the Alberta Asylum finally came to their senses and dropped the case.

Just the other day I was fascinated to read that Ezra Levant’s book, Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights about his ordeal with Alberta’s Human Rights Tribunal, won Best Political Book of the Past 25 Years.

Exra Levant: ShakedownKudos to Ezra, not only for not caving in to the demands of this anti-freedom government agency, but for his staunch and public defense of both himself and our Right to Freedom of Speech.  He deserves a lot of credit for the seeming demise of these tribunals across Canada.

Where some are not actually being disbanded yet, they are widely being shown for the joke that they are.  In British Columbia, for example, the latest round of idiocy from the BC Human Rights morons was to fine a comedian for dealing with a lesbian heckler who was making out wth her girlfriend in the front row of the establishment where he was performing.

Truth, of course, is no defense in these Tribunals, and these unaccountable judicial wannabes are the sole arbiters of what defense a person will be allowed to enter, if any.

I had a great time watching Ezra on Sun TV yesterday as he discussed the award and what he thought about why the message of his book resonated so deeply with Canadians.

Freedom of Speech needs great defenders, and Ezra Levant is definitely one of those.  We’re lucky to have him.

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May 8, 2011

Ezra Levant on Bell Canada’s Business Practices

Bell Canada is refusing to carry Sun TV.  They’re afraid of the competition for their own CTV network, and with good reason. People want to watch Sun TV, and that will cost them viewers.

Their short-sighted and protectionist attitude, however, will be costing them and their resellers, like Telus, a lot of customers.

Shaw carries Sun TV, and is happy to do so.  Shaw understands that their customers want the channel.  Pretty simple market economics really.  It’s kind of surprising that the honchos at Bell don’t comprehend that.

But, in the end it’s their business and their choice to carry whatever channels they want.

It’s also the customer’s choice to choose a service provider that is willing to provide the services we want.

As Ezra rightly says in the video clip below, if you get your television service from Bell or Telus, switch it to Shaw.  Switch your internet service while you’re at it.

And if you have a cell phone with Bell… now might be a really good time to give the honchos at Bell a call at 1-888-759-3474 and let them know why you’re canceling your cell phone account with Bell and switching it to someone else.

Vote with your dollars.  It’s the only message Bell Canada will hear.


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