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February 26, 2012

Unless you have a Government Permission Slip to break the law (a licence) you’re going to jail


What is a licence?  It is nothing more than a Government Permission Slip (GPS) to break the law.  Just because you may choose not to believe me doesn’t make it any less true.

It is a crime to do a myriad of things in Canada today; things that should not be a crime, yet are. Politicians mistakenly believe they must always be doing something when the very best thing they could do for our nation is to do absolutely nothing.

I would happily help fund their outrageous paychecks and even more outrageous pensions if they would only leave Ottawa, comb through every Act and Regulation that’s been passed and find all the items that can be repealed.  One month a year they could converge on Ottawa solely for the purpose of repealing everything that is needless and wasteful.

I know, it’s a fantasy that will never happen.  I get that.

A politician’s primary job, once elected, is to get re-elected.  Period.  I get that too.

Doing what’s right for their constituents happens only to the degree to which it will get them re-elected.

So instead of politicians ridding Canada of all the unconstitutional laws, regulations and statutes on the books, we get something far more useless.  We get endless reams of legislation that panders to one voting block or another and is generally destructive to the Rights and Freedoms we’re all supposed to enjoy.

We get more legislation making more things illegal…. requiring more government bureaucrats to manage more government programs, issue more licences to individuals who the government deems worthy of breaking all of these laws.

You see, every time the government makes something illegal, they have to create a regulatory body filled with bureaucrats to issue permission slips to some part of the population.

Most people don’t comprehend what a Government Permission Slip, or licence as we commonly know it, really is. A licence is, as I said at the beginning of this article, nothing more than permission from the government to commit a crime.

Yes, it really is that simple.


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February 24, 2012

Bill C-30’s invasions of privacy and warrantless searches are outrageous, but all the other Acts are just fine?


Bruce Cockburn wrote a famous song that contained the line “The trouble with normal is it only gets worse.”

The same can be said for governments.  They always get worse, too.  The current so-called Conservative government is a perfect example of this, and Vic Toews unwittingly tried using this to his advantage.  He quickly discovered, much to his dismay, that Canadians weren’t quite as dumb as he had hoped.

Speaking to Ezra Levant on the Sun TV show “The Source” Vic Toews said with a straight face,

“Well, right now regulatory authorities have the power to do warrantless searches. That is very standard practice.”

Vic Toews is absolutely correct.  It is standard practice in numerous laws on the books:

  • The Firearms Act,
    the Fisheries Act,
    the Wheat Board Act and I’m sure many others.

Vic Toews clearly believes that it SHOULD be standard practice to have Canadians subjected to warrantless searches whenever it suits him, despite the so-called “conservative” nature of his government.

Unfortunately we do not actually have a conservative government in Canada right now.  We haven’t had one for a very, very long time.  The last truly conservative Canadian government probably predates the existence of anyone alive today.

You see, a truly conservative government would place the sanctity of our Rights and Freedoms ahead of any momentary and passing “need” of government.

A truly conservative government would repeal the laws that place the burden of proof on Canadians to “prove a negative”, something Ian Thomson is being forced to do right now in an Ontario courtroom.


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June 4, 2011

RCMP Sergeant Douglas Smith appeals conditional discharge for illegal handgun

Welcome to the world of the double-standard when sentencing police for committing crimes that would send the rest of us mere citizens to prison.  RCMP Sergeant Douglas Smith kept a handgun that was turned over to him for destruction by a citizen in 2004.  By all accounts it was not registered to Sgt. Smith, and nobody knew he even had the unregistered handgun.

Why he kept it, of course, is not something he wants to answer, although he’s more than willing to appeal his joke of a sentence on the grounds that his trial was somehow unfair.

RCMP Sergeant Douglas Smith is the former detachment commander in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.  As the head of an RCMP detachment, surely the man knows right from wrong, doesn’t he?

Well, it sure doesn’t look that way from where I sit.


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May 30, 2011

BC Wildlife Assn writes PM Harper about Firearms Act promises

Kudos to the BC Wildlife Federation for writing a great letter to the Prime Minister reminding him of his promises to freedom-loving Canadians everywhere.  I’m trying to get a copy of the actual letter from the BCWF, so at the moment all I have to go on is what was contained in their press release. I’ll add a link to this article when they send that letter to me.

One of the highlights of that letter, taken from the press release, is:

  • shifting the focus to criminals and addressing violent crime and not Canadians who happen to own firearms.


That is, of course, the single biggest problem we Canadian firearm owners have with both the current legislation AND the way law enforcement applies that legislation.

Like it or not, the men and women making up our police forces across the nation are made of up flesh-and-blood human beings.  We place very high expectations on these men and women (as we should), and in the process we often forget that they, like us, will usually take the path of least resistance when doing their jobs.

A small percentage of these men and women, just like a small percentage of the general population, are of questionable character and morals.  Power goes to their heads and they think they can do anything they want without consequence.

This blog is filled with my thoughts on those cases!


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May 25, 2011

Valley Rifle Club writes an Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Don Klein is a friend of mine who is very active in Alberta, both on the firearms issue, and on the broader issue of our God-given rights and freedoms. He has written a letter to Prime Minister Harper asking him to keep his many past promises on the Firearms Act, and specifically the amendments it made to the Criminal Code of Canada, sections 91 and 92, which make the mere possession of a firearm without a “permission slip” (a firearms license) a crime punishable by jail time.

He also echos my call for the Prime Minister to keep his promise in killing the per-vote subsidy to political parties, which is a burden to us all.

Here’s Don’s letter:


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May 16, 2011

Thank God we’re safe from dangerous 72-year-olds!

The Canadian Border Services agency and the RCMP are crowing over their ability to protect Canadians from the dangers of 70-year-old Americans, as well they should.

It’s not every day that such dangerous and violent men as Fred Rodolf cruise into Canadian waters, you know.   Who cares if he was just stopping briefly on his way to Alaska?  The law is the law!

So says the latest shining light of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Cpl. Linda Simpson, currently working with the Outer Gulf Islands Detachment, according to the Victoria Times-Colonist article.

“They carry handguns around in the pockets like Smarties. To them, owning guns is commonplace. It’s a fundamental right and their beliefs are deep-rooted. But we’re very different,” said Simpson.

It’s a quote more suitable to a politician during election time, than to a member of our supposedly-venerable national police force.

It’s also very wrong, and highlights the RCMP’s bias against firearms and firearm owners.


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