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June 20, 2014

One Miami-Dade Police Officer’s Negligent Discharge

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I’m sure it’s every cop’s worst nightmare.  Handling a firearm and it “just goes off”.  Except that’s not what happens.  A firearm doesn’t “just go off”.  Someone puts their finger on the trigger and pulls it.  Then the gun “just goes off” precisely as it is designed to do.

When this happens unexpectedly it is called a negligent discharge.  Someone was negligent in their attention to safe gun handling practices.  It is NOT an accident.

A police officer mistakenly fired his rifle Wednesday morning while in a Miami courthouse in front of a judge.

A Miami-Dade Police Officer, according to police, was demonstrating a scenario to a judge during a training exercise on the 30th floor of the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday when he accidentally fired a single shot from his department-issued rifle, an AR-15.

The bullet hit the floor, leaving a hole about the size of a fingertip in the carpet near a sofa in the hallway.

I’m sure everyone in the courtroom at the time this cop negligently discharged this rifle needed a change of underwear shortly afterward.

I’m not saying cops are the only ones who negligently discharge their firearms.  Far from it.

I’m simply pointing out that those who believe police are endowed with magical powers are thoroughly out to lunch.

A negligent discharge can happen to anyone, anywhere at almost any time.

That’s why we firearm owners insist on the basic rules of safe gun handling…. so that, as in this case, when things go horribly wrong due to our negligence nobody is injured or killed.

Thank God for that.


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February 21, 2014

With Concealed Carry Comes Personal Responsibility


A frightening story from Belize reinforces the responsibility we gun owners have when carrying our firearms legally, no matter where we are.

A man was in Brown Sugar Mall, a crowded area called “Tourism Village”, when felt the need to adjust his pants. Perhaps they were too baggy; perhaps his belt was too loose? Whatever the reason this man committed the heinous error of placing a digit inside the trigger guard of his holstered firearm and, as will happen when the trigger of a loaded gun is pulled, a bullet exited the barrel into the floor where it shattered.

bullet_holesBullet fragments hit at least two nearby people, injuring them. While the reporter calls this an “accidental” discharge that is a misnomer. This, like all “accidental” discharges, is a negligent discharge. The firearm holder was negligent. Period. Safe handling of a firearm requires a person be aware of themselves, their surroundings and their firearm AT ALL TIMES.

There are no exceptions.

If a bullet leaves the barrel of my firearm, I am responsible for whatever happens next. Just like every other firearm owner.

From Belize:

There were thousands of tourists today in the area of the Tourism Village when a pair of visitors narrowly escaped grave [injury]; they were wounded by the fragments of a nine millimeter round. The incident occurred inside the Brown Sugar Mall shortly before ten o’clock. A mother and her daughter were reportedly in the vicinity of the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi terminal when a firearm, in the possession of a licensed owner, accidentally discharged. The bullet, it is believed, ricocheted and grazed the women. Belize City police were immediately called to the area where they observed the injured persons. According to Superintendent Gualberto Garcia, the women were treated on site and subsequently released.

It is critical to remind ourselves we firearm owners bear responsibility for every bullet that leaves the barrel of our firearm, whether intended or not.

The story does not mention whether there were any legal repercussions for the firearm owner.

Thankfully these instances of negligence are extremely rare and I for one am grateful both these ladies were not harmed more severely.

And I’m sure the owner of this firearm is one heck of a lot more careful as a result of this near tragedy.


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June 25, 2012

Gun Safety Rules must be followed if you don’t want to shoot your penis off


While some people insist on calling this sort of thing an “accidental discharge” I prefer the vastly more accurate term “negligent discharge”.

It was no accident that an unnamed man in Birmingham, Alabama, shot himself in the penis on June 12, 2012 and was taken to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital.  Iit was because he was negligent and refused to follow the very simplest of firearm safety rules:

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Of course it didn’t help matters that he had his handgun stuffed down the front of his pants like some kind of idiot, either.

Police Commander Terry Kiernan explains:

“The bullet went through his private part and lodged in his leg,” Kiernan said.

The worker was carrying a .40 Glock handgun in his waistband when he arrived at the house on Wimbleton. Kiernan said as the man pulled out the gun to leave inside the van, it accidentally discharged.

“His partner asked him if he shot himself,” said Kiernan. “I guess the guy stood there for almost 15 seconds looking absolutely stunned. He then told his buddy to take him to the hospital.”

Despite having shot himself in the penis the man may still have another issue to deal with: criminal charges for unlawfully discharging a firearm.

That’s the thing about owning firearms…  Part of the price of ownership is responsibility and that responsibility can never be taken too lightly.

Is it mean to charge him criminally? I mean, hasn’t the guy clearly suffered enough?

Well, he’s clearly suffered as any male who has been kicked in the cohones can well attest to, but being in pain, being humiliated by one’s own stupidity, however momentary, does not absolve us from being held accountable for our actions, and nor should it.

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January 19, 2012

DEA Agent Lee Paige loses case centering around his shooting himself during a gun safety demonstration


Lee Paige, the DEA’s poster-boy for how NOT to handle a firearm, is apparently still a Drug Enfrocement Agency (DEA) special agent stationed in Orlando, Florida, according to a report found online.

You may recall the 2004 video of DEA Special Agent Lee Paige shooting himself in the leg mere seconds after claiming

“I’m the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry this Glock 40.” 

Needless to say, the video (see below) went viral and because DEA Special Agent Paige’s gross stupidity and arrogance was captured on video, it ended his undercover career.

It should have ended his entire career, but federal agents are, it seems, an endangered species so he was protected at all costs, including common sense.

I had to laugh when I stumbled on the news report of DEA Special Agent Paige’s court follies because I was searching for this video just a couple of days ago to include here on the site as an example of what happens when arrogance gets in the way of firearm safety.

I guess he was trying to salvage some of his lost dignity when he sued his employer for releasing the video to the public.  The thing is, the video wasn’t created by anyone in the DEA. It was created by one of the parents of a student in the class.

Such trivialities were of no concern, of course, since the DEA has much deeper pockets, right?

He even went on television to try his case in the court of public opinion (video below) , but I don’t think that gained much traction.


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August 11, 2011

Firearm Safety Advisory: You’re NOT one of the Sons of Anarchy…


Chandler, Arizona:

On August 2nd, Joshua Seto failed the Stupid Test. Many people who fail the Stupid Test never get a second chance to get it right.  Seto is a very lucky man and he is lucky to be alive.

Firearms can be dangerous, especially when they are not treated with the respect they deserve.  Joshua Seto learned this the hard way when he managed to shoot himself in the penis while trying to stuff a pistol into the waistband of his pants.

According to police reports, here’s what happened:

Joshua Seto and his fiancee, Cara Christopher walked to a Fry’s Food Store on the 900 block of West Elliot Road for refreshments around 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 2nd.  Cara had her pink .380 pistol in her purse.  Yes, pink.  It’s a special edition breast-cancer awareness firearm, apparently.  That interesting tidbit aside, as the pair neared the front of the store, Joshua took the pistol from Cara’s purse and attempted to stuff it down the front of his pants.

That’s when he failed one of the most critical firearms safety rules:

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, he thought stuffing the pistol down his pants was a better place for it than in his girlfriend’s purse.


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April 9, 2011

Canada’s Two-Tier Justice System is Alive and Well… one for the RCMP, one for the Rest of Us

Gotta love Canada.  Where RCMP constables commit crimes with impunity that would land any of us lowly civilians with a lengthy prison sentence.

Take, as today’s example, the case of RCMP Constable Andy Yung.  For his crime, firing his service pistol and launching a round through the ceiling into the room above him while he was providing security at the 2008 Conference of Defence Ministers of Americas, he’s been sentenced to… wait for it… zero jail time, an absolute discharge, NO firearms prohibition and will be docked a whopping 5 days pay.

One more time, the RCMP disgusts me.

Here is a moron constable who gets drunk, takes his service pistol and in complete disregard for the safety of anyone else in the hotel, fires a round into the ceiling of his room and into the room above him. (more…)

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