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August 14, 2012

Sadly RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson is learning why his predecessor failed so miserably

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson is on record saying he wants to clean up the RCMP and get rid of the bad apples that are spoiling the barrel of decent cops.

It’s a commendable position to take, even if he’s not the first to attempt the monumental task of rebuilding the RCMP’s shattered image and lost confidence of the public.  His predecessor, William Elliott, also tried to clean up the RCMP and got absolutely nowhere.

At the time this failure was said to be the fault of Elliott himself because he wasn’t a career RCMP man and didn’t understand the culture.  Give that Paulson is hitting the exact same brick wall that Elliott did, I propose that the issue is not a lack of understanding of RCMP culture, but one of understanding it all too well.

Resistance to Change.  It’s the death-knell of any attempt to change a system from within, and the internal culture of the RCMP is highly resistant to change.

On an individual level, if you’re attempting to make positive changes in your life you can bet your bottom dollar that the people who will fight you most on that change are the people who that change affects most.

For example, if you’re finding that you’re drinking more than you ought and try changing that behavior, the folks fighting you hardest on that change will be your drinking buddies.  The reason is quite simple… if you think you’re drinking too much and need to stop, what does that say about them?

When you take that concept to the corporate level the resistance increases exponentially.

We are not all a bunch of screw-ups but it is evident we are all being lumped into that category and we are not valued and trusted,” BC RCMP Staff Sgt. Tim Chad wrote to Commissioner Paulson in an email in July.

Despite the complaints of Staff Sgt. Tim Chad, the entire world knows the RCMP isn’t filled with jackbooted thugs who drag their knuckles on the ground.  Even someone as critical of the RCMP as me can quite easily comprehend that simple fact.

For Chad to get so upset about the need to reform the internal culture of the RCMP only makes me question what it is he may have to hide or why he believes (presuming he believes he is one of the good cops) that he is being lumped in with the bad RCMP members.

Unless Staff Sgt. Tim Chad is “living under a rock”, as Commissioner Paulson suggested, then it must be blatantly obvious to him that the RCMP has some serious internal issues.

Staff Sgt. Tim Chad must be completely out of touch with reality if he can’t see the RCMP has an atrocious record with the public and, as a result, the public (that would be the very people he’s supposed to be serving and protecting) have absolutely no confidence or trust in the RCMP as a whole.

Studies have shown that confidence in the RCMP is lowest in British Columbia and is hardly a surprise given the public perception is that BC is the dumping ground for all the RCMP’s bad apples.

Cases of RCMP members using excessive force are so commonplace nobody is even surprised when another story breaks.  It’s become the norm.

That is, in a word, wrong.


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July 27, 2012

Justice for Orion Hutchinson and his family? Not a chance. Disgraced former RCMP Corporal Benjamin (Monty) Robinson plays the race card and wins

I was disgusted but not surprised that another piece of garbage in an RCMP uniform, Constable Geoff Mantler, walked free the other day, acquitted by Judge Takahashi.  I saw that one coming a mile off.

Reading the news, however, that arguably the most disgraceful person to ever wear an RCMP uniform, former RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson, will never set foot inside a prison cell for killing Orion Hutchinson and obstructing justice is, well, beyond disgusting.  It’s just a very bad joke on the Hutchinson family and our justice system as a whole.

The maximum sentence for obstruction of justice is 10 years in prison.  This is a very serious criminal offense.

Robinson’s sentence?

One whole month of house arrest, followed by 11 months on probation.  Oh, and he has to write a letter of apology to the Hutchinson family and pay a fine of $1,000 to Victim Services.

That’s not a sentence, that’s an utter abuse of justice!

That is the judicial system showing total contempt for the victims of crime and coddling a criminal who should spend a very long time in prison.

I don’t care that Monty Robinson is “aboriginal”.  He was an RCMP corporal who knew right from wrong and specifically chose to do everything in his power in order to NOT be held accountable for his heinous actions.

That B.C. Supreme Court Judge Janice Dillon had the gall to go looking for “mitigating factors” when sentencing this piece of human trash tells the world that Canada does not take criminal misconduct by career police officers seriously.

It tells us and the world that, compared to the lives of police officers, we mere citizens should just count our blessings that they let us live at all.

Robinson’s every decision from the time he started drinking  that fateful October 2008 night until the time he returned to the scene of where he killed Orion Hutchinson were deliberate acts.  Deliberate, criminal acts.


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July 22, 2012

RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson finally quits in disgrace prior to sentencing hearing

RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson has finally done something honourable… if you can call quitting in disgracebefore you’re fired as “honourable”, that is, right before you’re about to be sentenced for obstruction of justice.

As regular readers of my columns will already know, Corporal Monty Robinson has been on paid vacation for the past 4 years.  His troubles seemingly started with his leading the group of men that murdered Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanksi in Vancouver International Airport on October 14, 2007.

Testifying before the inquest into the death of Robert Dziekanski, Robinson [allegedly] lied under oath to that inquest.  He and the rest of his murderous companions all face perjury charges for [allegedly] lying to that inquest.  Those charges have yet to be heard in court.

Then, as if he wasn’t in enough trouble already, while driving home drunk from a party Robinson in October 2008, almost a year to the day after he killed Robert Dziekanski, Monty Robinson smashed his Jeep into Orion Hutchinson’s motorcycle, killing him.

Instead of doing the right thing, i.e. rendering aid to the injured and possibly dead Orion Hutchinson, RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson did the one thing he knew would keep him from facing drunk driving charges: he ran home and slammed down a couple of shots of vodka so nobody could every prove beyond a reasonable doubt what his blood/alcohol level was at the time he killed Orion Hutchinson.

What is laughable is Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens’ assertion that he wishes he could have fired Monty Robinson instead of having the disgraced cop quit.

“While I have been clear that I was seeking his involuntary dismissal, the opportunity to discharge him from the organization this morning was one which eliminated further delays, costs and uncertainty.”

What a complete and utter joke.

The RCMP has protected Robinson from the very start and repeatedly refused to place him on unpaid suspension even after he killed Orion Hutchinson and obstructed all attempts to investigate his part in Hutchinson’s death.

The RCMP and Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens had plenty of opportunities to deal with Monty Robinson.  They simply refused to do so for over 4 long years.  It was the disgraced Mountie himself who finally took action and quit the RCMP.

All Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens did was sign Robinson’s discharge papers.  That’s hardly what I would call being pro-active.


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July 10, 2012

Thug RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler finally faces the first of two assault charges

Thug cop and Kelowna RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler is well-known to anyone who follows cases of RCMP misconduct.  In January 2011 he made international headlines after video surfaced of him [allegedly] brutally kicking Buddy Tavares in the face as Tavares knelt on the ground in front of him.

I hate having to preface that comment with [allegedly] but even thugs like RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law; the overwhelming evidence that he is nothing but a thug with a badge and gun notwithstanding.

On the evening of August 30, 2010 Geoff Mantler [allegedly] punched a crack addict named Manjit Singh Bhatti in the face while Bhatti stood, hands handcuffed behind his back, beside Mantler’s RCMP cruiser and posed no threat to anyone.

“I heard stomp stomp to the right of me and as I was turning, I got hit with either an elbow or a fist,” Bhatti told CHBC News. “From there, I hit the ground and my glasses broke. I had a cut above my eye and my nose was bleeding.”

When Bhatti asked the cop why he was struck, Bhatti says he was told, “Because you’re a stupid, crackhead Hindu”.

Constable Geoff Mantler appears to enjoy beating up citizens he comes across in the course of his duties.  There have been a number of police brutality complaints lodged against Mantler but none appeared to gain any traction with the RCMP until the video of Mantler [allegedly] kicking Tavares in the face gained wide coverage.

When Bhatti said he was going to file a complaint against him, Constable Mantler was completely unconcerned.

“He said, go ahead. This isn’t the first time somebody’s complained against me,” Bhatti said.

In fact, it seems Mantler had good reason to be unconcerned about another police brutality complaint against him.


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June 6, 2012

RCMP Cpl. Monty Robinson’s stunning lack of character


I saw a great response to news that RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson’s sentencing date for obstruction of justice charges had been postponed today.

It’s a letter to the editor of The Delta Optimist that perfectly echos my thoughts on this pathetic excuse for a human being.

re: Robinson’s sentencing postponed until July, May 30

Monty Robinson’s defence that his reaction to the incident, namely returning to his home to have a drink because he’s an alcoholic, is laughable and as transparent as his moral character.

After all, character is defined by what we do when no one is looking. He (Monty Robinson) left a dead youth on the road and attempted to cover up the fact he was impaired. Period.

Any person that consistently drinks and drives knows that is an age-old trick to avoid the breathalyzer test.

God knows, we cannot convict Robinson of alcoholism, but he should be prosecuted for his lack of character and obstruction of the truth.

L. McLaren

As I’ve maintained all along, an RCMP member with the moral fibre of a gnat would have at least checked to see if Orion Hutchinson was still alive.  Not Monty Robinson.  Alcoholic or not, there is this little thing called human decency… clearly something Robinson lacks.

And in case RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson thinks we’re no longer watching… we’re still waiting for you to stop paying RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson and fire him from the RCMP.

That we’re still paying this piece of trash his full salary over 3 years after he killed Orion Hutchinson is nothing short of a national disgrace.


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May 26, 2012

RCMP Commissioner Paulson says all the right things about the RCMP’s internal culture of covering up abuses

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson is saying all the right things about the RCMP’s internal culture and his desire to overhaul the RCMP’s disciplinary system.

Unfortunately that is not a job he can do on his own.  He needs our help.

But he’s the commissioner of the RCMP, you say… He’s the top dog… why does he need our help?

In order to change the way the RCMP deals with bad cops there must first be changes made to the RCMP Act so technically, it’s the help of Parliament that Paulson needs, not ours.

Politicians respond to the people who cast votes in elections. They respond to the people who ultimately decide whether or not an MP or a Prime Minister gets to keep their job.

That’s where you and I can help Commissioner Paulson… by making sure our elected Members of Parliament know we’re sick and tired of the way bad cops are pampered and protected under both the RCMP Act and the Police Act.

Right now police members who are charged with crimes are placed on paid vacation for the duration of their court proceedings. RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson, for example, is still receiving full pay over 3 years after he crashed into and killed Orion Hutchinson, and despite a criminal conviction for obstruction of justice in that case.

Robinson, instead of even bothering to check to see if Orion Hutchinson was still alive, ran home and downed a couple of shots of vodka to ensure he could not be convicted of impaired driving causing death.  Robinson then lied in court about how many drinks he had at the party and only admitted the truth when witnesses exposed his lies.

Monty Robinson could not be fired despite the fact he has repeatedly lied in court; he was the lead officer in the Robert Dziekanski killing; he then killed Orion Hutchinson while driving home from a party after having 5 drinks. Instead of so much as checking to see if Hutchinson was still alive, Robinson ran home and downed a couple of shots of vodka so he couldn’t be convicted of impaired driving causing death.

Despite all of this Monty Robinson still could not be fired from the RCMP.

That’s how hard it is to get rid of bad cops.

That needs to change.


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May 25, 2012

Constable Lee Douglas, facing theft charge, gets rewarded for his crime with a paid vacation


Constable Lee Douglas must be thinking it’s great to be a cop in Oshawa, Ontario… He [allegedly] broke the law and is now being rewarded for his thievery with a paid vacation.  What other career gives benefits like that?

Any normal business would fire an employee for theft or at least make it clear they will resign or face criminal charges, but not police forces in Canada.

Nope, here we prefer to reward thieving cops like Constable Douglas with a paid vacation until such time as they come to trial.  Sure, police forces call it a suspension, but they still pay him his full salary while he sits on his behind and ponders what he will do once he’s back on the job.

Constable Douglas’ criminal charge stem from a case about 5 years ago, where a family member passed away.  That family member owned a shotgun at the time of his death, so the family contacted police to have it disposed of.

Constable Lee Douglas was the policeman who took possession of the shotgun.  Only instead of taking it to the police station to be destroyed, he kept it for himself.

Ironically, if it weren’t for police efforts to crack down on those “evil, horrid gun owners” who let their firearms licenses expire (gasp!) Constable Lee Douglas would have gotten away with it.


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November 10, 2011

The worst of Mankind and the Best of Mankind


Human beings are, at best, disgusting and depraved creatures.  This was proven again (as if it needed to be) when dozens of people in China showed exactly how deeply depraved we human beings can be.

On October 13th, on a busy street in the Guangfo Hardware Market in China, a toddler walks across the road and is struck by not one, but two vehicles, neither of whom could be bothered to stop check on the child they had just run over.

That isn’t even the worst of it, as horrifying as that thought is…

The worst of it is the dozens of bystanders that just carried on as if nothing at all had happened… while a two-year-old girl, Yue Yue, lay dying in the middle of the street.

One newspaper said a total of 18 people ignored the child as she lay bleeding and battered in the middle of the road. She died this week from her injuries and I doubt anything would have changed that outcome, sadly.  Being run over by two vehicles causes a lot of damage to the human body, and even more so to a child’s.

Lest anyone be so ignorant as to believe this is a Chinese problem, rest assured it is not.

Here in Canada we have serving RCMP members acting equally depraved.

RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson, for example, walked away from the scene of the accident where he killed 21-year-old Orion Hutchinson, and later claimed he was concerned about getting his kids home.

Any man with a shred of character in his body would render first aid to the man that lay dying in the street, but not Corporal Monty Robinson.  Getting his kids home and downing a quick couple of shots of vodka was far more important than attempting to save a man’s life.

So no, we Canadians are hardly the sort of people that can lay claim to being “superior” to anyone.


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September 19, 2011

Suspension with pay for killing a man, suspension without pay for not going to a pro-Islamic meeting?


In this tale of two police forces, I’ll be delving into two cases of police suspensions and examine what constitutes grounds for suspension without pay in an American city police force, and then what constitutes grounds for suspension with pay in the RCMP.

First up, the Oklahoma City Police.

I was horrified a while back when I read about the case of Oklahoma Police Captain Paul Fields, who was suspended from duty without pay for refusing to order the men and women under his command to attend a religious event at a local mosque.

Under the politically-correct name of “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”, the Islamic Society of Tulsa was hosting the event ostensibly to thank Tulsa police officers for their handling of a threat against the mosque.

While describing attendance at the event ‘voluntary”, Deputy Chief Daryl Webster said “but should voluntary response not be up to task, assignment would be the next alternative.”

Voluntary just doesn’t mean what it used to, does it?

I remember with fondness the days where it meant, just like Webster’s Dictionary defines it as:

1. proceeding from the will or from one’s own choice or consent;
2. unconstrained by interference;
3. done by design intention
4. having power of free choice


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July 13, 2011

Buddy Tavares sues RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler and I hope he wins

Send RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler to prison

Buddy Tavares, the man [allegedly] kicked brutally in the face by RCMP thug… I mean constable Geoff Mantler, has filed a lawsuit against Constable Geoff Mantler, Mantler’s female partner, the Attorney General of BC and the City of Kelowna.

Fantastic!  If there is any common sense left in our justice system, this lawsuit should be a slam-dunk, especially considering that senior RCMP members apologized to Buddy Tavares personally.

Send RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler to prisonNow I have to say that the thug, Geoff Mantler, [allegedly] kicked Buddy Tavares in the face because even though it was caught on video for the whole world to see, the thug cop has not been convicted of the crime in court.


When the case first made national and international news, Constable Geoff Mantler was initially placed on what I like to call a “paid vacation.”  Once the Abbotsford Police Department completed their investigation and recommended charges against Mantler, that paid vacation was converted into a suspension without pay, like it should have been in the first place.

What’s shocking about cases like this is that Geoff Mantler is one of the very few who have actually been placed on an unpaid suspension.  There are currently a number of RCMP members on paid suspension that have been collecting paychecks and even raises for NOT going to work for over three years.

As bizarre as it sounds to me and perhaps you, Geoff Mantler is actually going to plead not guilty in court later this month.  Apparently this pathetic excuse for an RCMP constable (and for a man) actually believes he did no wrong.

Everyone on the planet is ashamed of Geoff Mantler’s actions except, it seems, for Geoff Mantler himself.  This isn’t the first time (or even the second) that he’s been accused of using excessive force against civilians.  He absolutely disgusts me.

His denial of reality also tells me the RCMP is in desperate need of revamping the RCMP recruiting process, as I wrote about the other day.

The current RCMP recruitment process, if judged by recent news stories, would seem to go something like this:

  • Are you willing to beat the shit out of someone for making rude comments about police?  If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  • If an inmate talks back to you, is that cause to beat him so severely he has to be sent to hospital? If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  • Are you willing to lie in court to cover up your violation of the Charter Rights of a civilian?  If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  • Are you willing to drive drunk, even doing so kills an innocent civilian? If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  • Do you believe cheating on your wife with a street prostitute is a good idea? If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  • Will you use the CPIC database for your own personal ends even though doing so is a violation of the RCMP’s own rules?  If yes, please continue with questionnaire.

If you have answered YES to all of these questions, please report to RCMP DEPOT in Regina immediately.

We’ve had so many cases of RCMP misconduct surface recently that the issue would appear to be systemic, not just a series random thug cops.

My favourite RCMP Poster-Boy for everything wrong with the RCMP is, of course, Corporal Monty Robinson.  He epitomizes everything that is wrong with the RCMP.  He killed two men.  He lied about killing the first one in court.  He was [allegedly] drunk when he killed the second man, and then ran home to pound back a couple shots of vodka so he couldn’t get nailed for impaired driving.  He refused to cooperate with investigators.

To top off the obscenity that is RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson, he’s been on a paid vacation for the past three years.  He’s even getting pay raises while he doesn’t go to work.  How’s that for disgusting?

Robinson, sadly for us all, is not alone though.  There is a long line of men wearing the RCMP’s uniform that should never have been allowed near the service.

The list of morally-bankrupt RCMP members seems endless…  Constable Geoff Mantler, RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu, RCMP Constable Gerry Rundel, RCMP Constable Bill Bentley, RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson, RCMP Constable Kwesi Millington, RCMP Sergeant Douglas Smith, RCMP Constable Todd Glasman, RCMP Constable Matt Wright, RCMP Constable Nick Sharma, RCMP Constable Desmond Sandboe, RCMP Constable Andy Yung, Constable Allan Douglas Roberts (illegal search) are just the ones that come easily to mind.

One commenter on a story of RCMP misconduct said,

“BC seems to be the RCMP’s dumping ground for bad cops.”

It’s hard not to agree with that comment.  BC does seem to have a much higher proportion of RCMP misconduct than any other province… a topic I’ll be writing about more in the days to come.  I’ve found some interesting research that shows how atrocious the RCMP is at getting rid of their bad apples.


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July 11, 2011

BC RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu’s lack of moral character…

Police Lights

BC RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu is the latest in a long line of examples of RCMP constables with no moral backbone whatsoever.  Constable Ramlu’s drunken blowjob with a street prostitute shows with stark clarity that the RCMP’s pathetic recruitment process is in serious need of repair.

For those not aware of Constable Ramlu’s “indiscretions”, here’s what happened according to files obtained by the Ottawa Citizen:

RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu works in the Langley Detachment where, on December 12, 2009, he left a retirement party in a cab because he was too drunk to drive.

Well, too drunk to drive HOME, at least.

Once home, he hopped into his car and went looking for a prostitute.  He found one without too much difficulty.  She gave him a blowjob and either during or shortly thereafter the deed, stole Constable Ramlu’s wallet and RCMP-issued Blackberry.

Constable Ramlu is married. Clearly his marriage vows don’t mean that much to him, judging by his actions that fateful December evening, at least.

If an RCMP Constable is willing to lie and cheat on his wife, the person he’s supposed to love and cherish, I really have to wonder what a cop like that is willing to do to one of us regular citizens?

Would he lie and fabricate evidence if it served some purpose of his?  I don’t know, but it’s certainly a question that has to be asked, isn’t it?

The current RCMP recruitment process, if judged by recent news stories, would seem to go something like this:


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June 28, 2011

RCMP who killed Robert Dziekanski face Perjury Charges


RCMP Constable  Gerry Rundel, RCMP Constable Bill Bentley, RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson and RCMP Constable Kwesi Millington, the four men who killed Robert Dziekanski in Vancouver International Airport, have now been charged with perjury for lying about their actions to the inquiry into Robert Dziekanski’s death.

Thank God for that.

These four men took all of about 15 seconds before killing Dziekanski and then refusing him medical aid until it was too late.

At the time of the killing these men lied, only to have their lies refuted by video evidence filmed by one of the bystanders in the airport at the time.

That video was immediately seized, and it wasn’t until the rightful owner of that video threatened to sue the RCMP that the video was returned.

It was then released on YouTube and the whole world watched in horror as these trained policemen killed a man in under two minutes.

While many believe these four are getting away with murder (me included), for at least one of this foursome, it’s not the last time he’s gotten away with killing someone.

RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson, about a year after he took part in killing Robert Dziekanski, decided to have a few too many and then drive home.

Unfortunately for 21-year-old Orion Hutchinson, his path fatally crossed with that of [allegedly] drunken RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson.


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