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November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day 2012



Remembrance Day 2012 – Honouring the Defenders and Protectors of our precious Rights and Freedoms

Here is a great video on Remembrance Day. Enjoy!

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November 10, 2012

Remembrance Day is Our Most Important Holiday



Remembrance Day is, I believe, the most important holiday we have. This is the one day we set aside each year to remember all of the brave men and women who fought to protect our Rights and Freedoms.

That includes both those veterans who returned home safely after serving and those who came home wounded and broken; those who now rest in graves in foreign lands after paying the ultimate price in defence of our Rights and Freedoms, and those who rest peacefully here at home.

More veterans pass away every year, and this year is no different. This year that sad thought hits a little closer to home for me, as a good friend and veteran of the Korean War died earlier this year.

Dick Herring

Dick Herring

Richard (Dick) M. Herring passed away on April 15, 2012, just a few days shy of his 81st birthday.

Dick was, like all veterans, a very interesting guy. He’d worked a lot of different jobs through his life, including forester, logger, prospector and consultant. He was passionate and knowledgeable about both military history and politics.

Once retired, politics became the primary focus of his life, and he worked tirelessly within his own constituency association to further the cause of Liberty.

Dick also loved food, and we spent many a lunch at one of his favourite eateries where he would regale me with stories of his Korean War exploits, his favourite guns and why he loved them, and his thoughts on politics.

What impressed me most about Dick, however, wasn’t any of that. It was the fact that he just never complained.

Even when his health was an issue, sure, he’d discuss what was going on, but there was never any feeling of self-pity. He always looked for a solution to the problems he faced, whether they be personal or not.

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Like so many of his generation, Dick Herring focused on others. He focused on doing what he could to make the lives of his fellow Canadians better, even though he was a transplanted American.

That didn’t matter. Canada was his home and he was devoted to making it a better place than it was when he arrived.

I respected and admired Dick Herring for many reasons, but first and foremost because of his unwavering dedication to serving others.

Sure, Dick liked good food and good company, but when push came to shove, his passion was doing whatever he could to make Canada a better nation.

While I’m very sad he’s gone, I’m also very grateful I had the chance to know him. This Sunday at 11am it is Dick Herring who I will be remembering.

Who will you be remembering?

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October 6, 2012

With Liberty Comes Great Responsibility


John Adams, back in 1765, wrote what came to be called his Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law. In that document are the following words:

“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers.”

While he certainly meant we were to know as much as possible about both the character and conduct of our “rulers”, or politicians in today’s parlance, I believe John Adams meant something far greater than this.

I believe he meant that each and every one of us bears the responsibility to be knowledgeable about both the people who want our votes, the nature and history of our Rights and the issues before us as a society.

We have collectively failed to properly bear that responsibility.

Today this failure manifests itself in a number of ways.

First, by politicians who will literally say anything in order to gain their seat at the government trough. Once seated, these politicians will do anything to stay there.

Next, it is manifested by special interest groups who demand government do more and more for us, despite the fact that government has no place doing any of those things.

Lastly, it is manifested by a populace who no longer comprehends that neither politicians nor government can give us anything it has not first taken from someone else by force or the threat of force: taxation.

Government is, of course, only too happy to indulge us with these entitlements, along with office towers bloated with bureaucratic paper-pushers to keep track of who received them.

It’s an endless cycle that seems unstoppable in the face of a populace who, for the most part, has long ago stopped caring about character traits such as integrity, honesty and decency.

I say “for the most part” because more and more Canadians and Americans are waking up to the statist nightmare that threatens to envelop us.

More and more Canadians and Americans are willing to educate themselves about both the character and conduct of their rulers, as John Adams said, and the issues that face us today.

This is as important as it is critical.

We must heed Adams’ admonishment and continue to educate both ourselves and our neighbours about what is truly important: our inalienable Rights and Freedoms.

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August 19, 2012

Corey Maygard: Harassed by Edmonton Police for the “crime” of videotaping them on a public street


Corey Maygard was arrested for recording Edmonton Police Service Constables

Corey Maygard was on the street on Friday, August 10, 2012 and saw what he thought were Edmonton Police Service constables physically abusing a man.  He pulled out his iPhone and started recording what he was witnessing.

One of the constables then came over and demanded that Corey stop recording them.  Fine.  The constable can make any demand he likes.  That doesn’t mean anyone has to abide by his whims, his badge and gun notwithstanding.

The good constable has absolutely no authority in law to order a citizen to stop recording on a public street.  The mere fact they don’t want their actions captured on tape is a pretty good indication they probably weren’t going “by the book.”  Cops who aren’t doing anything wrong shouldn’t have anything to hide, right?

If their actions were legitimate, then you would think they would welcome video evidence of that.  It would sure come in handy if someone filed a charge of police brutality, don’t you think?

Now I am NOT saying or even suggesting that the Edmonton Police Service constables that Corey Maygard captured on his iPhone were doing anything wrong.  I have no idea if they were or were not abusing their authority.

What I do know is they have no right to order a person to stop recording them while they are performing their sworn duties.  It is NOT a crime to videotape police.  Not even when the cops themselves don’t like it.

They had the one guy somewhat hog-tied behind his back,” Maygard said.And they were dragging him.”

Maygard says one of the officers approached and told him to stop recording. He refused.

He at that point turned me around, read me my rights,” Maygard said. “Took my phone. Turned the video off and arrested me for obstruction of justice.”

Corey Maygard then spent almost a full day in jail until he was released and all charges against him were ordered dropped by Crown Counsel the following Monday morning.

Big surprise! Recording police constables doing their job is not a crime.


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July 20, 2012

Ontario’s so-called “conservative” Tim Hudak claims to believe in Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is such an invaluable right, but like what happens with any one of our precious Rights and Freedoms when it is taken for granted, those of us living in the western world don’t appreciate its value.

We fail to understand what it is like to live in Iran or Egypt or China, where simply speaking your mind about the government can land you in prison for the rest of your life. Say something the party doesn’t approve of and you can pretty much kiss your life, your loved ones and your liberty goodbye. Forever.

Here in Canada we take for granted our ability to say what we think about our politicians before, during and after elections.  In fact we take it so for granted that we allow politicians to take that right away from us without so much as a single bleating cry of dissent.

Election spending limits are placed on what politicians like to call “third-party groups”, as though you and I have no real stake in the outcome of an election.  Federally and provincially, politicians do anything and everything they can to shut the rest of us up so they can have the “stage” all to themselves.

It’s atrocious.

Which is more shameful though, I wonder; our collective silence in the wake of our Right to Freedom of Speech being stripped from us piece by piece, or those self-serving politicians who, like Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, claim to support our Right to Freedom of Speech while simultaneously attempting to strip us of that very same right.


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March 30, 2012

Judge to RCMP: Citizens have Rights. You violated them. Case Dismissed.


In what is becoming a trend across Canada, judges are having less and less patience with police forces who illegally search a person’s vehicle, residence or person.  The latest case involves two people who [allegedly] have known gang affiliations in Burnaby, BC.

Damion Ryan and Theresa Latham faced a total of 30 gun charges after police searched their home after responding to a 9-1-1 call outside their residence in August 2010.  The Emergency Response Team was responding to a “shots fired” call when they forced their way into Ryan and Latham’s basement suite.

Police claimed to be searching to see if anyone was injured inside the basement suite, which is legitimate.  What is NOT legitimate is using that excuse, searching for injured people, to search the entire suite for anything and everything else, including hidden firearms.

“The critical issue regarding the lifting of the mattress is the reasonableness of that act to look for an injured person,” Provincial Court Judge Brian Bastin said.

“In my opinion, it was not reasonable to believe that a person injured or otherwise could have been under the mattress. There was no lump in the mattress.”

None of the firearms were in plain sight, which is the only way police would have a legal leg to stand on.  They weren’t searching for weapons, they were searching for injured human beings.  They did apply for a search warrant, but not until after they had already performed the illegal search, and that search warrant contained gross errors.

“Had the true state of affairs been presented to the Judicial Justice of the Peace, it is my opinion that the search warrant should not have been issued,” Judge Bastin said. “I have found that police exceeded their powers both in entering the basement suite in question and in the manner in which they searched the suite thereafter.”

Thankfully we have judges like Judge Bastin willing to protect our Rights when nobody else will.  He even went so far as to call the actions of police to be “serious collective carelessness by the police officers involved.”


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March 27, 2012

Albertans: Alison Redford stole your property rights. NOW is the time to take them back.


Most Albertans have no idea that the Progressive Conservative government, under the so-called “leadership” of Ed Stelmach and Alison Redford, literally extinguished property rights in the province of Alberta.  This was done in a deceitfully systematic and methodical way using Bill 50, Bill 19, Bill 36 and Bill 10.

The combined effect of these laws and the order in which a section in one Bill over-rides the so-called “protections” in another mean the Alberta government can literally declare your marriage null and void, can revoke your birth certificate and even your death certificate.  Land titles are meaningless as they too can be revoked at the whim of a minister.  You have absolutely NO recourse.

Rapists, murderers and child molesters ALL have more rights in Alberta than lawful property owners.  THEY all have the opportunity to defend themselves in court.  You, the honest home or business owner, DO NOT.  There is NO recourse to the courts and in most cases NO APPEAL PROCESS at all.

These are bold claims, but claims that can be backed up completely, and in detail.

Joe Anglin (http://joeanglin.ca/) has spent considerable time and effort to unravel the complexities of these Bills and has a video presentation that clearly defines how a violent criminal has more rights in Alberta than a lawful property and business owner.  (See the links at the end of this article for the entire video series.)  If you are not outraged and furious after watching the very first segment, well… I don’t know what to say. Maybe you should check to see if you have a heartbeat!

What the government of Alberta has done is what you expect from Soviet Russia circa 1930, not Alberta in the 21st century.

Naturally, like all tyrannical and freedom-hating governments, they claim these powers will never be used.

There is only one sane response to that kind of stupid rhetoric: Why did you give yourselves the power if you have no intention of using it?  (more…)

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February 26, 2012

Unless you have a Government Permission Slip to break the law (a licence) you’re going to jail


What is a licence?  It is nothing more than a Government Permission Slip (GPS) to break the law.  Just because you may choose not to believe me doesn’t make it any less true.

It is a crime to do a myriad of things in Canada today; things that should not be a crime, yet are. Politicians mistakenly believe they must always be doing something when the very best thing they could do for our nation is to do absolutely nothing.

I would happily help fund their outrageous paychecks and even more outrageous pensions if they would only leave Ottawa, comb through every Act and Regulation that’s been passed and find all the items that can be repealed.  One month a year they could converge on Ottawa solely for the purpose of repealing everything that is needless and wasteful.

I know, it’s a fantasy that will never happen.  I get that.

A politician’s primary job, once elected, is to get re-elected.  Period.  I get that too.

Doing what’s right for their constituents happens only to the degree to which it will get them re-elected.

So instead of politicians ridding Canada of all the unconstitutional laws, regulations and statutes on the books, we get something far more useless.  We get endless reams of legislation that panders to one voting block or another and is generally destructive to the Rights and Freedoms we’re all supposed to enjoy.

We get more legislation making more things illegal…. requiring more government bureaucrats to manage more government programs, issue more licences to individuals who the government deems worthy of breaking all of these laws.

You see, every time the government makes something illegal, they have to create a regulatory body filled with bureaucrats to issue permission slips to some part of the population.

Most people don’t comprehend what a Government Permission Slip, or licence as we commonly know it, really is. A licence is, as I said at the beginning of this article, nothing more than permission from the government to commit a crime.

Yes, it really is that simple.


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February 25, 2012

Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense = Zero Justice


The case of Jessie Sansone and his ordeal at the hands of the Almighty State should sound the alarm bells deep inside every Canadian’s brain.

Three government agencies, all now abdicating responsibility for the fiasco, combined for a perfect storm of abuse upon Jessie Sansone, all because his 4-year-old daughter drew a picture of her dad holding a gun.


Owning firearms is legal in Canada! (IF you have the correct permission slip from the Almighty State, that is.)

Not that Jessie Sansone owned any firearms, of course, but who cares about a pesky little detail like that?

A parent should not be arrested by three cops, hauled away in handcuffs, strip searched and locked in a cell simply because his kid drew a picture.

Is there absolutely NO common sense left in this nation???

Reading the rationalizations of the Forest Hills Public School staff, Family and Children’s Services mouthpieces and the Waterloo Regional Police leave me utterly astounded that so many theoretically smart people can act so stupidly. That they’re now scrambling to rationalize their atrocious actions comes as no surprise at all. (more…)

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February 24, 2012

Bill C-30’s invasions of privacy and warrantless searches are outrageous, but all the other Acts are just fine?


Bruce Cockburn wrote a famous song that contained the line “The trouble with normal is it only gets worse.”

The same can be said for governments.  They always get worse, too.  The current so-called Conservative government is a perfect example of this, and Vic Toews unwittingly tried using this to his advantage.  He quickly discovered, much to his dismay, that Canadians weren’t quite as dumb as he had hoped.

Speaking to Ezra Levant on the Sun TV show “The Source” Vic Toews said with a straight face,

“Well, right now regulatory authorities have the power to do warrantless searches. That is very standard practice.”

Vic Toews is absolutely correct.  It is standard practice in numerous laws on the books:

  • The Firearms Act,
    the Fisheries Act,
    the Wheat Board Act and I’m sure many others.

Vic Toews clearly believes that it SHOULD be standard practice to have Canadians subjected to warrantless searches whenever it suits him, despite the so-called “conservative” nature of his government.

Unfortunately we do not actually have a conservative government in Canada right now.  We haven’t had one for a very, very long time.  The last truly conservative Canadian government probably predates the existence of anyone alive today.

You see, a truly conservative government would place the sanctity of our Rights and Freedoms ahead of any momentary and passing “need” of government.

A truly conservative government would repeal the laws that place the burden of proof on Canadians to “prove a negative”, something Ian Thomson is being forced to do right now in an Ontario courtroom.


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August 5, 2011

Saskatchewan dumps its Human Rights Tribunal. That’s 1 down, 13 to go…


Saskatchewan has officially dumped its Human Rights Tribunal.  What a momentous day for our cherished Rights and Freedoms!   This is the day we’ve been anticipating since Saskatchewan’s Justice Minister Don Morgan announced the proposal about a year and a half ago.

Anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years will know all about such stellar examples of Human Rights Tribunals in action as the Ezra Levant case, where he was put through a 900-day kangaroo court process before the lunatics running the Alberta Asylum finally came to their senses and dropped the case.

Just the other day I was fascinated to read that Ezra Levant’s book, Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights about his ordeal with Alberta’s Human Rights Tribunal, won Best Political Book of the Past 25 Years.

Exra Levant: ShakedownKudos to Ezra, not only for not caving in to the demands of this anti-freedom government agency, but for his staunch and public defense of both himself and our Right to Freedom of Speech.  He deserves a lot of credit for the seeming demise of these tribunals across Canada.

Where some are not actually being disbanded yet, they are widely being shown for the joke that they are.  In British Columbia, for example, the latest round of idiocy from the BC Human Rights morons was to fine a comedian for dealing with a lesbian heckler who was making out wth her girlfriend in the front row of the establishment where he was performing.

Truth, of course, is no defense in these Tribunals, and these unaccountable judicial wannabes are the sole arbiters of what defense a person will be allowed to enter, if any.

I had a great time watching Ezra on Sun TV yesterday as he discussed the award and what he thought about why the message of his book resonated so deeply with Canadians.

Freedom of Speech needs great defenders, and Ezra Levant is definitely one of those.  We’re lucky to have him.

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