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September 3, 2012

Wendy Cukier’s dangerous fallacy that women can’t defend themselves


“Windy Wendy” Cukier

Women like Wendy Cukier are dangerous.

Wendy Cukier of Canada’s Coalition for Gun Control is one of those individuals who believe the entire world should be run to fit her personal desire, and that’s a very dangerous thing. Yes, to guys like me who happen to like guns, to be sure, but she is far more dangerous to woman than she will ever be to me or any other man and our guns.

While I don’t agree with Susan B. Anthony on a number of subjects, on the subject of self-defense she is definitely right on target.

I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.

A person is not protected by rendering them defenseless.

The paradox of Cukier’s position on “gun control” is that she actually achieves the exact opposite of what she claims she wants: women to be protected from violence.

In saying that self-defense is not a legitimate use of firearms, Wendy Cukier disempowers women the world over.

Instead of hating inanimate objects (firearms) perhaps Ms. Cukier ought to instead hate the human behavior that would subjugate women.  Instead of hating “violence against women” no matter how worthy that may appear on the surface, perhaps she ought to work on actually empowering women to defend themselves appropriately in the face of an abusive man.

Instead of stripping women of the very firearms they can handle effectively, short-barreled handguns that are now effectively banned in Canada thanks to Cukier’s efforts, she ought to be leading gun safety classes at the local shooting range.

The fallacy that we will ever disarm violent criminals and other evildoers is just that: a fallacy… a pipe dream… a false hope that can never, ever be realized.

Bad people will ALWAYS get guns if that’s what they want.  And who do the good people call when they’re confronted with some violent person with a gun?

Another person with a gun.  We call these people “police”. (more…)

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April 18, 2012

Wendy Cukier & Heidi Rathjen, Join The Gun Registration Certificate Burning Party!


That’s right… folks across the nation are having parties to burn their long gun registration certificates.  It’s the best way I can think of to celebrate one small step in the proper direction for the rights of Canadians when it comes to firearms.  I wish I’d thought of it before I received Mike Ackermann’s photos. All of mine apparently had an accident involving a shredder…

Dr. Mike Ackermann, pictured here, posted a series of photos of his own personal gun registry certificates bonfire on Facebook two days ago.  Along with the photos he has a running commentary of why he’s burning his certificates, along with a description of why he built a house of cards out of them first.

So I made this house of cards of my registration certificates, to represent the Firearms Act and its useless gun registry that provides only illusory security. Note that just like Allan Rock and his ilk who lied to parliament to fraudulently enact this house of cards, I have also cheated by using tape to hold it together. Without ever increasing amounts of red tape and sculduggery, this monument to political foolishness would never have held together as long as it did.

The latest party I’ve been made aware of is in Williams Lake, British Columbia.  The fine folks from the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association have decided to invite the world to join them as they celebrate Canada’s baby steps toward Freedom.

Being good-natured, they sent the following invitation to Wendy Cukier and her Coalition for Gun Control.  They have not yet heard back from Wendy, and I doubt she will be attending. (more…)

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December 6, 2011

Gamil Gharbi Day: a memorial to a lunatic and Canada’s dedication to punishing the people who did NOT commit the crime


As anyone following the mewling cries of Windy Wendy Cukier and the vitriol spewing forth from Lying Heidi Rathjen is already aware, today, December 6th, is the day we remember an insane madman and the 14 women he murdered in his misogynistic rage.

Rathjen, in particular, has clearly gotten her knickers in a very big twist.  Left-wing media outlets are, of course, helping fan the flames of her rage by giving her free and open access to their newspapers and television cameras.

Lest we actually forget that real people actually died on this fateful day in 1989, here are the names of the slain women for us all to remember:

  1. Geneviève Bergeron
  2. Hélène Colgan
  3. Nathalie Croteau
  4. Barbara Daigneault
  5. Anne-Marie Edward
  6. Maud Haviernick
  7. Barbara Marie Klueznick
  8. Maryse Laganiere
  9. Maryse Leclaire
  10. Anne-Marie Lemay
  11. Sonia Pelletier
  12. Michèle Richard
  13. Annie St-Arneault
  14. Annie Turcotte


These are the names that Windy Wendy and Lying Heidi never want us to forget, and that is commendable.  We shouldn’t forget them.

We should also never forget the names Ian Bush, Robert Dziekanski and Orion Hutchinson either, but I don’t see any memorials being offered to the men murdered by RCMP members, do you?

Or how about Doreen LeClair, Corrine McKeown or Janice Kinna? They all died after 911 was called. LeClair and McKeown called 911 5 times and couldn’t get anyone to come to their aid.  Janice Kinna died while police took their sweet time (over 30 minutes) getting to her home.

Where are the monuments to these men and women who died directly or indirectly because of the failure of police?


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December 1, 2011

Heidi Rathjen: gov’t “will have blood on their hands”


When all else fails, Heidi Rathjen and her fellow anti-gun zealots always resort to one final cry:

You will have blood on your hands!!!

It’s as predictable as rain in Vancouver, drought in the desert and snow in Alps in winter.

It’s the final cry of those who have failed to ram their agenda down our throats by claiming that anyone who owns a firearm is just a killer-in-waiting.

The facts, naturally, never enter in to the debate for the likes of Heidi Rathjen or “Windy” Wendy Cukier.

Cukier and Rathjen scream that gun suicides will rise again after the so-called “successes” of the gun registry at reducing gun suicides.  They fail, of course, to tell the entire truth of the matter…

a) that suicides by firearm were already dropping long before the gun registry was implemented,

b) that the overall suicide rate in Canada hasn’t changed in decades, and

c) that the rise in suicides by hanging far outweigh any reduction in the numbers of suicides by firearm.

That’s not wishful thinking on my part, that’s the information from Statistics Canada, the folks who track this sort of thing.

But Windy Wendy and Lying Heidi are not about to admit anything that doesn’t further their own twisted agenda.


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June 9, 2011

Bringing the “administration of justice into disrepute”

I wandered around the Coalition for Gun Control’s website this morning, just to see what they were up to.  A headline caught my attention, because it’s a flat-out lie.

April 2011- The gun registry never killed anyone. Ending it may. Stand up for safety.

How can this headline possibly be a lie?  Do I have a crystal ball or something that let’s me see into the future? Nope.  I’ve got way better than that.

I’ve got the facts.

Clearly the Coalition for Gun Control either doesn’t have them, or wants to ignore them.  I suspect it’s both. Ignorance of the facts is a critical part of the mindset that insists on tools that don’t actually work.

Before we get to the facts, let’s clear the air so all those anti-gun fanatics like Wendy Cukier and Beverly Akerman can have a little something to chew on.

I am a firearm owner.  I like firearms.  They’re fun.  I have 1st place trophies on the wall from two different shooting disciplines, and I’ve spent considerable time and energy learning about how to use firearms responsibly.  I am a certified firearms instructor and range safety officer.

I am biased.  I like guns.

I also like facts.  I do my research.  I want to make sure that my position is on solid ground, not foundering in emotional quicksand.


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April 3, 2011

Every now and then I just need a dose of The Nuge to get me through the day.

There’s just something special about Ted Nugent aka The Nuge.  What I love about the man is that he has an opinion and he’s not afraid to share it with anyone and everyone.  What’s better is that he comprehends basic human truths that escape such “progressive thinkers” as Wendy Cukier, Diane Feinstein and that ilk.

He applies common sense to the problems he faces. I appreciate that. What I appreciate more is his leadership on the issue of our Rights and Freedoms. He gets it, and isn’t afraid to make sure you know he gets it. God love him!

The other day a friend of mine sent me a link to this video.  Yeah, I’ve seen it before.  I’ve even got half a dozen copies of it scattered around my hard drive, I’m sure.

But there I seem to forget to watch it when I need a dose of The Nuge.



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December 6, 2010

Our National Monument to Women’s Victimhood

Mike Ackermann, Ryan Steacy liked this post


I was going to write something about Gamil Gharbi’s insane killing spree that left fourteen promising young women dead in Montreal back in 1989. But after reading my article from 2008, I really didn’t see what I would say today that I could say any better than I wrote then.

Maybe next year I’ll find a new angle… So until then, for those who haven’t read it before, here is Montreal Massacre: Alternate Endings, originally posted on diarmani.com.



Gamil Gharbi single-handledly changed the face of Canadian gun politics. He became the embodiment of everything that man-hating feminists despise. In their horror and fear they lashed out at every Canadian male, and continue to do so today.

Someone said at the time, “The blood of these fourteen women are on the hands of every man”. Complete and utter garbage, but the national media lapped it up.

But what was the real problem in Montreal that fateful December day? Was it a lack of “gun control”? Not according to the Montreal Coroner Teresa Z. Sourour. She said quite clearly the exact opposite, not that anyone in government or the media noticed.

“The issue of firearms control has intentionally not been addressed. With the unlimited ammunition and time that Marc Lépine (Gamil Gharbi) had available to him, he would probably have been able to achieve similar results even with a conventional hunting weapon, which itself is readily accessible.”

Indeed it wasn’t until 2004, a full fifteen years after the event, that we were finally able to get the government to translate her report into English. (Montreal_Dec_6_1989_Coroners_Report.pdf)

Was it the failure of mental health officials? I doubt it. We did not have “thought police” in 1989 (and thankfully do not today either), and until this event, Mr. Gharbi apparently didn’t exhibit much in the way of abnormal psychology.

Was it the failure of police responding to the scene? Ms. Sourour said yes.

I disagree. Sure, they formed a perimeter and sat outside waiting until Gharbi offed himself, but that is not the root cause of the high death toll.

The failure that day was with our manhood. Or more to the point, our lack of one. For thirty years or more, men had been “trained” to be obedient, to do what they’re told, to be more “feminine”, less “manly”.

So they did exactly what the lunatic with the gun said. They abandoned their sisters to a sure and horrific death.

They left the room.

I pray that the faces of those fourteen dead women haunt every single male who did as Gharbi ordered, every single night for the remainder of their spineless lives. They were there when it counted. They could have saved the lives of their fellow students and they chose not to. Shame on them all. They failed the woman, they failed themselves, and they failed Canada.

Let’s imagine, for a moment, two alternative endings to Montreal on December 6, 1989.

Let’s imagine that a single one of those men had the courage to say “No!”

Imagine if he had gathered his thoughts and his courage, and simply stormed Gharbi. Sure, he might have been shot, even killed. But his actions would have showed clear leadership, and surely one or two other men would have joined the battle. Gharbi would have been taken down in the very first classroom, with perhaps three or four wounded or dead.

That’s a far cry from 14 dead & 29 wounded.

But wait! you say, That’s never going to happen! Who in their right mind is going to confront an armed madman in a school shooting?


Are you sure?

Because there are 7 young men at the Thurston High School in Oregon who are living proof you are wrong.

Yes, the young man leading the counter-attack, Jacob Ryker, was shot multiple times. He didn’t let that stop him. He continued on until the man with the gun was disarmed, and he lived to tell about it. Not only that, he was awarded the highest honour in the Boy Scouts of America for his bravery and leadership. (http://www.nytimes.com/1998/05/23/us/shootings-in-a-schoolhouse-the-hero-wounded-teen-ager-is-called-a-hero.html)

Now let’s look at another scenario, one that seems to disturb so many Canadians today.

Imagine our laws were different.

Imagine that, instead of doing their best to disarm every Canadian, our government believed in our inherent right to defend ourselves. Imagine they had the common sense and the decency to promote lawful concealed carry for any law-abiding citizen that can meet the same proficiency with firearms and use of force training as our police officers.

It’s not that difficult a threshold.

Had there been a single law-abiding citizen with a concealed handgun in Montreal’s l’Ecole Polytechnique that fateful day in 1989, the outcome would have been different. It would have been swift and effective.

Gharbi pulls his rifle out of his duffel bag and points it at someone. He might even get a shot or two off. Then some man or woman with the foresight (and the training) to carry would have stopped him dead.

We wouldn’t be holding candle-light vigils for fourteen dead women, believing that if we just blame enough men for the tragedy, it won’t happen again. The cold, brutal reality is so completely the opposite.

Look at every school shooting in North America and what do they all have in common? “Gun-Free Zones”. Every school has, as its published policy, no legal firearms permitted.

It didn’t help in Columbine. It didn’t help in Tabor. It didn’t help in Virginia Tech. It didn’t help in Dawson College. And it didn’t help in l’Ecole Polytechnique in 1989. Nor will it help the next time some unbalanced individual with a gun goes on a shooting rampage in the next “gun-free zone”.

The time has come to stop pretending we can light a candle to stop the violence. The time has come to focus on solutions that work.

Guaranteeing the death of our young people is not something we should be proud of, yet that is what we do every time we legislate another “gun-free zone”.

The only people who obey the rules are the law-abiding. People like you and me.

We do not walk into a school or a mall and start shooting people.

Yet we are the very people the state demands be defenseless in the face of evil.

It’s time that changed. It’s time our politicians paid attention to us and the real solution we offer.

It’s time concealed carry was made accessible again.

Yes, I said again.

It wasn’t so long ago that concealed carry was a realistic option in Canada, and obtaining a concealed carry permit wasn’t a big deal.

It’s already legal. The law is on the books. Our bureaucrats simply deny every application that doesn’t meet their “criteria”. (read every application)

Let’s tell our elected politicians we want them to take control of the unelected bureaucracy and make concealed carry accessible to ordinary Canadian Citizens.


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