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December 6, 2014

Gamil Gharbi Day – Because blaming the millions of men who didn’t kill anyone is always in fashion!



Canada’s annual Man-Hating Festival is well underway, instigated and celebrated by such sharp visionaries and illustrious luminaries as Windy Wendy Cukier and Lying Heidi “I Was There” Rathjen. (Gamil Gharbi was never anywhere near her but Heidi Rathjen refuses to let that pesky little truth get in her way!)

The cause of “gun control” will never fade because these allegedly smart women refuse to accept one simple fact: it is human beings who kill each other.

Guns are merely one of many tools used to commit murder.

By refusing to face that fundamental truth “gun control” advocates remove personal responsibility from the equation and effectively reduce our society to one of little children who don’t know right from wrong; children who are transformed into mass murderers simply because a firearm is in the house unless Mommy and the Almighty Nanny State gets rid of the guns.


Absolutely, but that doesn’t stop these people from spinning their yarns to anyone who will listen, usually others with an equal or higher stake in reducing society to irresponsible children who must be “managed“.

Governments love “gun control” for equal and opposite reasons: they hate guns in the hands of “mere citizens” and love control over every aspect of our lives.

Until we teach our children about personal responsibility again and, more importantly, hold murderous criminals accountable for their actions, nothing will change.

Yours in Liberty,


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June 6, 2014

Moncton RCMP Shooting: Is the NFA’s wading into the fray the right thing to do?



As most already know, this past Wednesday evening saw 3 RCMP members shot dead, with more wounded.

The entire city of Moncton, put on lockdown until police finally captured their intended target late Thursday, finally resumed more normal operation. Government buildings and schools closed for the manhunt reopened. Residents,prevented from returning to their homes due to police barricades finally made it back to worried loved ones.

The alleged killer, identified as Justin Bourque, is according to the media a “gun nut” which all but guarantees a fresh wave of attacks on Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners.

With that context in place it is valid to question whether the NFA, which bills itself as Canada’s “largest and most effective advocacy organization representing the interests of firearms owners and users“, press release denouncing both the “clearly deranged individual” and Canada’s gun laws was prudent.

It is clear that Canada’s excessive firearms control system has failed again,” they wrote the day after the shootings and before Justin Bourque’s apprehension.

The largest and most effective pro-gun organization in history has one simple rule when mass shootings occur: Say Nothing.

The NRA’s policy of silence in the wake of these tragedies seems both wise and prudent.

The NFA chose the death of 3 RCMP members as a vehicle to complain about Canada’s gun laws.

In doing so they (unwittingly or intentionally?) danced on the graves of the dead for political points. We despise Windy Wendy and her ilk doing that. Now we’ve become her.

Is that really what we want?

Yours in Liberty,

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May 13, 2014

Stupid Toronto Star Reporters and Canadian Firearms Law



You can’t stop people from being stupid. You can, as a reporter writing about stupid people, base your story at least in the same universe as reality, if not on the same planet.

Jacques Gallant, a staff reporter for Toronto’s The Star newspaper, clearly doesn’t have a clue what he’s writing about in his article “Handguns Easily Resold to Potential Criminals” when he states:

There are no safeguards in Canadian firearms legislation to prevent people from purchasing a large number of handguns and then illegally transferring them to potential criminals.

Jacques Gallant isn’t much of a researcher either, as it takes all of 10 seconds and a search engine to come up with Section 23.2 of Canada’s Firearms Act, which reads:

Section 23.2 (1) A person may transfer a prohibited firearm or a restricted firearm if, at the time of the transfer,
(a) the transferee holds a licence authorizing the transferee to acquire and possess that kind of firearm;
(b) the transferor has no reason to believe that the transferee is not authorized to acquire and possess that kind of firearm;
(c) the transferor informs the Registrar of the transfer;
(d) if the transferee is an individual, the transferor informs a chief firearms officer of the transfer and obtains the authorization of the chief firearms officer for the transfer;
(e) a new registration certificate for the firearm is issued in accordance with this Act; and
(f) the prescribed conditions are met.

The law is quite clear about who may transfer handguns (classed as restricted firearms in Canada) and to whom.

Mr. Gallant is, at best, disingenuous with his assertion. At worst he is intentionally misleading the public, if not outright lying to them.

Mr. Gallant is not really a reporter of this story though, is he? He’s more the manufacturer of a press release meeting The Star‘s anti-gun bias, one shared by the astoundingly ignorant Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control, whom Gallant quotes favourably.

Of course you could have restrictions on how many firearms someone could purchase, of course you could take advantage of the inspection provisions that already exist but what we’ve seen in recent years is an erosion of the legislation and its enforcement” under the current federal government.

Cukier’s drivel is hogwash, of course, but Windy Wendy never met a firearms fact she wasn’t willing to overlook.

The repeal of the long gun registry had absolutely nothing to do with handguns and she knows it. But why get a little thing like the truth get in the way of some easy PR, right Wendy?

The only thing Mr. Gallant actually gets correct in his article’s opening statement is his assertion there are no limits to how many firearms a person may purchase.

There aren’t, and nor should there be, since every single firearm purchase must be approved by police, specifically the Chief Firearms Officer of each province. In Ontario that is Ontario Provincial Police Superintendent Chris Wyatt.

The case Mr. Gallant writes about is the unbelievably stupid Andrew Winchester, who bought 47 handguns and then resold them illegally to his high school friend, Nour Marakah.

Andrew Winchester passed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course for both non-restricted and restricted firearms. He then applied for and received a Canadian firearms license. This license was issued by Superintendent Chris Wyatt’s office. The same man whose office approved each and every one of the 47 handgun purchase Andrew Winchester made over a 5-month period in 2012.

Now I’m not for a second saying Wyatt’s office did anything wrong in this case. They didn’t.

Prior to approving Andrew Winchester’s firearms license Wyatt’s office is required by law to ensure there is no criminal record for the applicant and to check personal references. Since Mr. Winchester was not a criminal (yet) he passed these tests with flying colors.

The same goes for each one of the handgun purchases. Every time Mr. Winchester purchased one or more handguns his name was run through the system. An updated background check is performed each time a person buys a firearm. If there is a red flag the purchase is not approved.

Until guns purchased by Mr. Winchester showed up at crime scenes there was no reason to suspect anything was amiss. Again, just as it should be if we stand on the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Andrew Winchester is now serving an 8-year prison sentence for his gross stupidity.

How he thought he could illegally sell handguns legally registered to himself and get away with it simply boggles the mind.

One would think being paid $900 per purchase over and above the cost of the guns and ammunition might be a clue all is not legal. Not Andrew Winchester.

It’s almost as stupid as an [alleged] reporter writing such uninformed drivel as Jacques Gallant does and being paid good money to do so.

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September 22, 2012

“Windy Wendy” Cukier wastes no time in whining to the media about court loss

"Windy Wendy" Cukier

“Windy Wendy” Cukier

Windy Wendy” Cukier, ever the complainer, didn’t waste a second in getting her sniveling complaints out to the media in the wake of Ontario Superior Court of Justice Judge D. M. Brown’s decision to kill The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic lawsuit to keep the long gun registry data.

    “This decision is a setback but we will continue to fight for sensible controls on rifles and shotguns. Information about who owns what guns is essential to reducing the diversion of guns to illegal markets and the registry data has been shown to be useful in solving crimes. Destroying the data that has already been collected on 7.1 million guns makes no sense whatsoever, and is simply punitive. Quebec stood up to the gun lobby and, as a result, is still able to trace firearms. Outside of Quebec, rifles and shotguns are now completely untraceable. These guns are those most often used in domestic violence and when police officers are shot on duty. They also account for a significant proportion of the firearms recovered in crime.

As Dr. Mike Ackermann said,

   “If they truly wanted “sensible” laws, we would be on their side.
You’d think they would have figured this out by now.”

Very well said, Dr. Ackermann!

All of the arguments put forth by “Windy Wendy” have been proven to be, at best, disingenuous.  There are other words for it, such as propaganda, I suppose, but even someone as misguided as “Windy Wendy” Cukier is entitled to her opinion.  It’s just a shame that she’s not willing to open her mind up to the simple fact that criminals don’t register firearms and as a result her methods simply will never ever do what she says they will: prevent crime.

The only people who register firearms are law-abiding people.  What’s the point in tracking the people who are NOT the problem?  You’ll have to ask “Windy Wendy” as it makes no sense to me.

That said, the Minister of Public Safety had a very short rebuttal to the whining out of Cukier’s Corner.

    (September 21, 2012) Today, the Ontario Superior Court dismissed the motion from the Barbara Schlifer Legal Clinic which sought to stop our government from destroying the data contained in the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry.  Justice Brown described the arguments put forward against our legislation as “weak” (paragraph 167).We were very pleased that the Ontario Superior Court has ruled in favour of law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters. This is an absolute victory for the rule of law.The will of Parliament and Canadians has been clear. We do not want any form of a wasteful and ineffective long gun registry.The NDP has consistently said that if given the chance they would try and use this data to target law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters.Our Conservative Government will always stand up for the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

While the Conservative Government has a long way to go in defending the rights of Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners, such as removing sections 91 and 92 from the Criminal Code of Canada, it’s nice to see him putting some of our money where his mouth is.


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December 23, 2011

Maurice Corriveau: Gun Owner Licensing and Firearm Registration System a proven failure. Again.


A case coming out of Noelville, Ontario, is once again proving the utter uselessness of Canada’s entire “gun control” system.

On March 18, 2011 Maurice Corriveau was arrested and charged with three counts of unauthorized possession of a firearm after police searched his home.  By his own admittance he had tried to apply for a firearms license but when his application was returned to him for more information he just let it drop.

That in and of itself is no big deal, and  I’m sure this happens all the time.  People, frustrated with the bureaucratic red tape involved with legally owning firearms in Canada, simply give up on the system.

Unfortunately for the likes of Windy Wendy Cukier and Lying Heidi Rathjen, Maurice Corriveau unintentionally went on to become the poster-boy for everything that is useless about Canada’s firearms laws.

You see, despite the news reports spouting off to the contrary, everything Maurice Corriveau did only proves that the system does not work, and that mere possession of a firearm does not make one a danger to society.

For example, the Sudbury Star article starts off like this:

A Noelville man learned a $6,000 lesson about the importance of being a properly licenced owner of firearms.

That’s a nice lead-in line, but it leaves out the most important aspects of this case, namely that a man without a firearms license was able to purchase a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun, all without any government-mandated paperwork.


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December 4, 2011

Poking fun at the NDP “elite”, who clearly know nothing about guns or gun laws


The NDP is trying to make a name for themselves by protecting that most sacred of Sacred Cows in Canadian Politics, the gun registry.

NDP Leadership Hopeful Nathan Cullen Gun Registry Hater turned Sacred Cow Defender

It’s failed on every front imaginable, yet even NDP leadership candidate Nathan Cullen, who voted FOR scrapping the registry before, is now “seeing the light” and wants to save the miserable cow.  Apparently his constituents have now given up all their firearms and support their MP’s total about-face on this issue.

Yeah… I doubt it.

Someone came up with some fun parodies of the NDP ads that couldn’t get their facts right.

Here they are with some fun commentary from me to ease your way into a fine Saturday morning.



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October 30, 2011

Quebec wants a provincial gun registry but doesn’t want to pay for it


Quebec is leading the charge to have a provincial gun registry, but in typical fashion, doesn’t want to pay for it.

“Quebec should lead the way on provincial registries,” Universite de Montreal law professor Stephane Beaulac said.

But a Quebec registry is unlikely unless Ottawa lets the province have the data, he said.

“It’s too cost-prohibitive to start from scratch.”


Either all of the reports about $2 billion cost overruns in Miramichi, New Brunswick didn’t get translated into French or Professor Beaulac has  had his head stuck somewhere it really doesn’t belong for the past 15 years.

S0-called intellectuals like the good professor really ought to listen to themselves before yapping off to reporters like this.

“It’s too cost-prohibitive to start from scratch.”

That’s exactly what all of us who are willing to look at this logically and truthfully have been saying for 15 years.


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October 28, 2011

The Big Lie and Canada’s Doomed Long Gun Registry


With all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over the impending demise of Canada’s failed (and useless and error-ridden) long gun registry, there is a “Big Lie” being spouted off by Windy Wendy Cukier and lying bureaucrats like Belleville Ontario Police Chief Cory McMullan.

I say lying because if anyone should know the truth about Canada’s “gun control” system it should be the chief of police of a major metropolitan city.

“If (the registry) is lost, my officers aren’t going to have all the information they currently have available to them to ensure safety. There is a loss of information and it could jeopardize public safety.”

And so enters “The Big Lie“.

If information is lost about how many guns are registered to someone, it jeopardizes that all-important factor in policing… “Officer Safety.”


That is a flat-out lie aimed at protecting their little fiefdoms.  Bill C-19 does no such thing.

When police on the street query the Miramichi database they are generally asking one of two questions:

1. Does John Doe own firearms?, or

2. Is anyone living at this address a firearm owner?

Believe it or not, neither one of these questions require a gun registry for an answer.


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